Friday, 18 January 2019

Sissy belt mended

Mistress degreed yesterday that the 45mm cage is too small for me.  One day in the cage, and i had developed an edema in foreskin which bulged through the bars, and another smaller at the other end on the tube.   i have a slightly longer cage which is now my official backup chastity.

i had to mend the belt first thing as i got home.   i was sent to clear the snow free of chastity to let the foreskin heal a bit, and then it was back to chastity.

i like so much to be back in my sissy belt, i don't even notice it, i am so used to it now. Here i am today morning, the look is also so much better. The belt is like metal panties! i like also the old long peach undershirt i am wearing now.

With the panties, no one would suspect anything.

Thursday, 17 January 2019

The belt surprise

So the chastity belt broke down yesterday at bedtime.  It's not that We/we expected it to last, as it is a cheap Chinese knockoff.  And it is repairable,  there was not just time for it yesterday. The screw-shackle sets that hold it together re just becoming loose, they can't take the pressure the tight belt creates, they open up on themselves and the parts get loose.  i have ordered spare parts from the Australian Fancy Steel to check if they work with the knockoff. i'll keep you updated.

You might wonder why i am so interested in getting the sissy chastity belt fixed? Well when it breaks up , Mistress puts me immediately in a tiny cage, 45mm long. Now She even wanted meto start using the smallest base ring, 40mm wide. This is the model. The urethral inserts of these cheap Chinese devices as it can damage the urethra, so W/we use it without the insert. i've heard from one such case.

The tiny cage is so much less comfortable tan the belt i had gotten used to. There is no room for any tumescence. It basically pushes the clit half way inside my body, so any swelling happens within my body, i can feel it with my fingers. The foreskin pinches easily as it bulges through the bars. Well i slept in it well last night. i have got used to having no more nightly erections.

Well there is more room, actually unlimited room for balls when using the cage, but i hate the look of my cage in my panties. i much prefer my blls tucked in under the visually stunning crotch shield. i prefer my clitty to be bent back between my legs.

i have found critical to tie the clitty cage to a waist belt back and front, That prevents nightly erections from pushing the cage away from your body. It also makes the chastity more secure, i have been searching for a full belt inegrated clitty cage but have found none.

Before the belt broke up W/we has a fun night. Mistress pinned the hem of my dress to my apron ties at the back. She likes to see my full round bubble butt as i toil. Mistress has wanted me in maid's  dress every night besides the evening when i hand washed it.

Besides running various errands for Her She made me do the pool maintenance thus clothed, prepare Her an omelett for supper, with hand squeezed orange juice (Her new favorite She wants every night) and read Her book for Her aloud the rest of the evening.  This book was about the Jaanese concept of ikigai, which means something like callin, and i think i have found my ikigai serving Her!

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

The plug surprise

Mistress had listened to some sort of ProDomme podcast today, She mentioned as i got home. She said that most of the clients want to be taken anally and asked if i would like that too.  i said i would.

i think this is correct behavior, not topping from the bottom. i have not been pesting Her with pleas to be yaken anally, She does Her own research and i initiates new practises. my anal department has been left alone since the episode with the online Dom in the autumn, who made me video Him some ass play.

Anyway, She was very dominant, making me say "i deserve all i get today because i was a pile of shit during the weekend". That was because Mats was visiting, and i got lazy as She couldn't openly domme me.  That was punctuated by making me put my fingers onthe back of a kitchen chair and She gave a through thrashing on my knuckles with a spoon. She made me continue kneeling and punched also my face (chins and top of the head). Once i removed my right hand from the chair and She shouted to put it back.

Next She ordered me to clear to snow. It had snowed a lot so O/our driveway had to be cleared, and also vaious paths She wants cleared. i was quite sweaty as i got back in. She probably guessed that as he told me my service uniform for tonight was stockings and an old men's shirt rom the laundry basket.  Btw. today i got permission from Mitress to use Lidl offers and purchse mascara and a white women's shirt that can be used publicly in sissyboi mode.  Moderate use of mascara is also something for my new public look. i am not allowed to show my face here, but Mistress says i have long natural eye lasehes and thick lips that look feminine even without lipstick. She will give me also lipstick and some other makeup fro Her old stuff.

The pic that won me purchase permission for €8.99

Thus dressed i was first ordered to squeeze fresh orange juice for Her (i got to chew the empty halves as She drank it). Then i got a multitude of mostly minor orders, bringing and taking away stuff,  removign the rest of Christmas stuff, cleaning the kitchen including completely emptying and washing certain cabinets, hand washing my maid's dress . It has been worn so much that it was difficult to get the collar completely white again. i guess tomorrow i will have to iron it!

Now She told me to get my inflatable butt plug, and insert it. i nervously lubricated it in the bathroom and returned to living room, knelt on th floor and started pushing it in. It is always so difficult for me to insert t as i have so little experience. i got it in little by little, and as the widest part was entering my sphincter, i had to make three tries to finally ram it in. She didn't make me hurry this was good, i didn't bleed this time.

She thanked me with circling a candy in my ass crack, spitting on it and pushing it in my mouth. With the plug in She made me to continue chores, making Her sandwiches, and then She gave me some free time and i was allowed to try the blouse too.  She took hold of me in the kitchen, yaked my neck down and fucked me with the plug. Wow, that was something i am not used to!

She told me to get something to eat too, but as i sat down on the sofa to eat, She was furious: "Did I allow you on the sofa?" She yelled. i tred to sit on the floor but She ordered me to get the cane.  "On all fours". i got 18 of the best on my buttocks and thighs, partly over the stockings.  However, they did not leave big marks. i yelled, but also counted and thanked, if i had enough time between the strokes! The plug was removed for bed only

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Hormone surprises

Even though i have never had a hormone prescription in my life, i have gone through a surprising amount of bodly and mental changes. i have female-looking 90B tits with large aureolas, thin waist and round buttocks, not fleshy but nice anyway. Mistress has felt me up a few times lately in bed, and was impressed by the smoothness of my thighs. my skin is very sensitive which makes punishments hard to bear.

With mental changes i mean for instance that if Mistress is truly angry to me, i nearly always get weepy.

One morning i got really surprised. i am used to daily epilating the upper half of my thighs (as well as tits, chest, stomach, pubes  and crotch). The lower thigh and face get shaved. i have not shaved my lower legs, so i have not paid much attention to them.  That morning i took a closer look at my shins. There was no hair on my feet and none on the lower half of my shins! The inner sides of my shins were hairless nearly up to my knees! i had not removed the hair. The hair had stopped growing and vanished there on its own!

Well, i just welcomed this newfound smoothness, with no effort on my part. But how is this possible?

Surely the pills i have taken something to do with it.  i have taken a few batches of e-pills prescribed to my Wife.  Those i took some 6-7 years ago really started my boobs out. This autumn i took one batch of Her menopausal estrogen pills.  The only prescription i have myself  is dutasteride for hair loss (i never had much hair loss, but yes, you canget a prescription also for hair loss threat). It works as an antiandrogen, inhibiting testosterone to turn into DHT which is a strong male hormone working in prostate and scalp. i am sure i have a nice small prostate also as a side effect..:) When testosterone doesn't turn into DHT it partly turns into estrogen, and breast grwth (gynecomastia) is a common side effect, desired by me.

i have also studied herbal supplements, so calleed phytoestrogens. i decided the evidence supporting good effects of pueraria mirifica (pm) are so convincing i ordered a big load of them and have been eating them a long time now. It is powder i have on my breakfast sandwiches. i take about 3 measuring spoonfuls daily.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Exercises under cane & pleasure surprise

Mistress has gotten really fond of maid services, i think, because She orders me into maid's dress practically every day as i get home. She says i obey well only this way.

Thursday evening She wanted me in maid's dress right away. i had to make supper first, and open a bottle of wine.  After eating She continued to drink while i was ordered to prepare carrot soup for Her next lunch.

i filled Her glass a few times and She must have got a bit tipsy which is not usual. After one refill She told me to get the cane - an order i always fill extra swiftly not to get Her any cause to use it

"Upstairs", She ordered as She got the cane.  As i leaped up the stairs i remembered She had said She forgot to get the cane when She supervised the first "get fit" workout.

Upstairs She told m to strip, and i knew what was to come - but i didn't! First She caned my tits lightly but a long time, which was a really intense feeling.  i knew what was next, walking bowlegged with dumbbells like the last time, and She followed me, yielding Her cane on my butt if my ass didn't drop low enough each step, or if i faltered.

Then i had to get on my back, and keep my feet a little in the air. i did that well. But i failed the next exercise, still on my back, then legs totally up, and lowered little by little to the ground. i did it too slowly and could not keep my feet stumbling on the floor, though She specifically told me not to let them tumble down. She told me to turn my ass up, and She gave 6 punisment blows, really severe on my naked thighs and butt.

Next the same exercise was repeated a few times and now i got it right. i was allowed to rest between exercises on the carpet, but She poked my nipples hard with the tip of the cane while i rested.  At this point i needed the towel again under me, as juices started flowing. i luckily caugh the first squirt of precum with my hand before i stained the carpet.

Next was sitting down legs straight, and trying to reach my feet with knees straight. First i reached only past my knees, but She placed the tip of the cane at my ankle and tolf me to reach it. Having a clear target helped, and i could soon touch it. Now She placed it even further. Finally i could touch my feet, surprising myself!

Next i had to stand one one foot, and press the other heel against my buttock. No She put Her hand in front of my crotch shield and told me to push with my hips, make my crotch shield touch Her hand.  i had to painfuly strain myself to humiliatingly push my shining, emasculating pubes shield against Her waiting hand, where the shield fit well. She commented how warm the metal was.

Then i was made to carry the weights bowlegged again, driven with the whip until i was exhausted. Even in the end i made deep dips to avoid strong blows on my butt, though i was eventually close to collapsing from fatigue.

After working me out until exhaustion Mistress told me to lie face down on the carpet, and She started beating me with the cane. It seemed She was doing it just for fun, but the cuts were heavy, alternating buttocks and thighs. But then she pushed the tip of the cane in through the pee drainage hole into my chastity belt. The tip met deliciously my clit tip, and She started poking it, making me pant from a surprise pleasure: it had been more than a month from the previous edging.

Mistress alternated between whacking my ass and poking my clitty. Clearly She wanted to associate pain with pleasure and only edge me while i was suffering from severe pain. She sat on my back, crushing me against the floor, poking again my clitty and then whacking my thighs that were easiest reachable in that position. Mistress is turning out quite the sadistic Domme after all these years!  It has got to do what i quoted her saying in the erlier post: As She has less sexual needs She can express Herself better by D/s.

i had quit the flow of precum after the ordeal, my thighs were a mess!
Right after the ordeal, i had to stay naked until bed

Mistress has given me all Her old sheer stockings, She's not using them any more. Many have ladders. This is Friday morning.

Mats arrived for weekend so there will be not much to report about the weekend.

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

The wish, and surprises

In my previous post, Mistress told me to make a wish as a reward for good service during weekend.  On Sunday She told me to tell  Her the wish and i said the wish was licking Her pussy etc, like i mentioned in the earlier post. She was interested how i came to that wish and said it was a cute wish. She did not want me to give other wishes.

On Monday She messaged me saying something extra was due as i get home, besides serving, so i had high hopes i get a treat now. However, the surprise was a "get fit for summer" training program! She made me strip to my belt, go upstairs and wait standing up. As i stood there naked at attention, i still thought this could be a strange prelude to me licking snd maybe fucking Her.

But no. She made me grab 5kg weight in both hands and start taking steps, bending knees deep at every step. From one end of the hall to the other i went, gaining a semierection in my belt, as big as it could get, thinking how ridiculous i looked and how mindfucked i was. Each time i lowered my ass midstep, the belt yanked my semierection tighter against my crotch. i was quite exhausted until She told me to stop.  

Other gym exercised followed. While doing stomach exercises i felt so humiliated as my juices started running and she had to put a towel under my ass.  

i was finally told to put on maid's dress and start preparing Her sandwiches and a cup of hot chocolate, then another similar set.  She was feeling a bit cold so She told me to get Her a blanket and lie beside Her under the blanket on the sofa.  However, nothing sexual happened.

Later She decided to do a vocabulary test on me which She found somewhere, with the motivation of each mistake equaling one with the cane. This was the first time She arranged such punishment test on me. i got 8 wrong, even though i thought i answered quite cleverly. 

i had to get Her the rattan cane. She told me to face away, kneel and put my forehead to the floor. Again no ropes were used, She just told me to draw the hem to my waist where it stayed in that position. She gave me the 8 while wearing flimsy panties. She wasn't as hard as usual, and the marks did not stay till this morning.

EDIT: i forgot to mention She toyed my ass with the cane after the caning, even sitting on my ass and nudging my crotch with the tip of the cane. That fet awesome!

She might have liked my nudeness, as yesterday She again told me to strip as i entered home quite late in the evening. This time i made Her supper in the nude. For dessert She wanted grapes. As i knelt up by Her as She ate, which is something i routinely do, She told me to tilt my head up, close my yes and open my mouth. She started practicing Her aim, throwing grapes in my mouth. First hit my face and fell on the floor. "Fetch", She said. i rummaged after it, and ate it when i found it. "STUPID", She said, "I didn't tell you to eat it yet" After that i knew to bring Her back those that landed on the floor, and She threw them again at me. when they landed in my mouth, i waited with my mouth open until She told me to eat them.

After that She took me to help Her shower, to wash between Her toes and Her asshole and to dry Her up. i got very wet of course, but that was not a concern of Hers, even though She said while i was drying Her that She very much dislikes getting wet Herself.

She was driving me very fast whole evening, i had to be very quick serving Her, and i had to check often that my outfit was spotless, the dress had not pulled itself up etc.

Late in the bed She told me very interestingly that, despite Her menopause hormone treatment, Her libido is very low, BUT THAT THUS SHE CAN DOMINATE ME MORE EFFECTIVELY AND ENJOY IT MORE AS HER SEX DRIVE DOESN'T DISTURB HER. Maybe that is what is going on! That was also a comment on my wish, She said She is still considering it.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Maid's cleaning day

Saturday was the first time in *ages* i was told to wear the corset and sissy maid's dress right from the morning.  Mistress had a board meeting to attend and She told me to run an errand for Her in the town first, thenn get back, dress as maid, clean the toilets and the rest of the house, in that order.  Friday evening i had preapproved the menu for the day, so if it takes time with Her meeting i was also supposed to start preparing that. She also told me to prepare 4 *well-motivated* outdoors hike plans for U/us for Sunday for Her to choose from.

i was so productive. i wanted to surprise Her. i looked in the net for a solution to get hard mineral buildups removed that have stained all our toilet bowls. i didn't find any good hint, so i decided to try my old favourite for removing calcification:  the traditional razorblade.  Using it in a slight angle has turned out to remove calcification but not scratch enamel. i also noticed it sometimes turns the calcification into a dark obscure stain, but found out it can be in turn removed with universal stone.

Having toilets cleaner than ever, i quickly took out carpets in the balcony (in the maid's dress, yes, it is very secluded), and cotinued to vacuum the whole house which was an hour or more in itself. i still had time to pile the dried laundry and start preparing pike-perch for a gourmet lunch before She returned.

She examined my work, and said that maybe i have deserved a little treat. i was so thrilled! Her praise alone is a treat. After the meal which She also liked, She asked about my hike plans. i had done a lot of research on that too. i had checked menus and opening hours of restaurants, and founf which was closed on Sunday and revised my plans accordingly.  She said all four plans were good and plausible, and that i had been a good boy. What a bliss! She also let me give Her cheek and neck a kiss! But She did not say which of the plans She chose for today!

Now She made me to prepare tea for Her, and have coffee with Her, kneeling on the floor, in candlelight. She also told me to play Adiemus. It was a great moment of relaxation on Her terms.  A nice touch was that She then told me to have a pee without me asking.

Next due was a walk. It was cold and i am recovering from a flu so She told me to wear ski overalls on top of my maid's dress for the walk. It was nice walking in the neighbourhood feeling the dress gainst my skin.

After walk it was time for me to warm up the sauna. It's heated with wood, and it happened the ash-pan was full. i asked Mistress what to wear, and where to deposit it. She told me certain parts of O/our garden that need ash, and told me to wear my coat on top. She didn't mention about the maid cap, so i wore, but chickened and took it off as i got near neighbour's house and it was lit.  i am quite used to walking in the garden with a coat over my dress, especially in the dark, my black stockings showing from mid thigh to ankle. Luckily the whole garden is very secluded and dark.

She told me to take diet coke, not beer for the sauna. In the sauna She was prepared with the key for the sissy belt for the weekly cleaning and tightening. However, She said it is too odorous when i remove the belt, so She made lay in sauna with Her with the belt on, and then watched through the glass wall from the sauna as i washed myself and the belt in the bathroom.
The belt makes funny imprints on my skin!

After sauna She told me to make Her sandwiches, and a Finnish style apple pie, with freshly squeezed orange juice for Her (and the empty halves to be chewed by me).  She like the pie very much and ate 3 portions.  i had a big portion too.  And She chose some tv series for U/us to watch.

My reward came only in the bed, while She told me i am allowed to make *one* wish for Her tomorrow.  Ony one, and is She wants an other one, She will ask for it. Now i wondered the wholw night what i would wish.  i am thinking my first wish would be being allowed to make oral and manuak sex to Her, and if I get Her hot, i am allowed to try piv sex with Her, using my Emla-greased and condomed sissy clit.  And if She does not allow this, i will ask to be tied ass up, and being electro'd to orgasm with one electro in my ass and the other on my crotch shield! (i am known to have cum from electro alone, tied up)

Friday, 4 January 2019

Back as a maid

Mats stayed a long time this Christmas, making U/us keep D/s in a stealth mode.  Of course i was responsible for the Christmas Eve big dinner, served to all family including mother-in-law and Lina's bf. The number of dishes was so big i was quite stressed in the end and needed some minor help to be able to handle it.

Now that W/we were left alone, it was back to maid's dress each evening ater New Year. It means the whole evening at Her beck and call after my usual working hours.

Yesterday i even got a punishment caning! The eason was something as trivial as it can be: She had ordered me to follow and i got distracted and went to pat the cat. She sent me to get the cane immediately and kneel facing a window in the middle f the living room floor.  No ropes were used, She just told me to raise my hem to my armpits, and keep it there. She gave me 5 as the offense was not big, but in an intensifying order, and the last one was maybe the hardest i have got, and my cry was a long and howling one.  i am very interested in marks, so i took a pic. It will stay for weeks i'm sure. It is not sore any more though.

my Wife is using Her power more brutally now.  She didn't hesitate to send back a fruit cocktail i was serving Her, and have it remade into smaller bits. She also likes to have Her freshly squeezed juice every night, and even did order it loudly one evening when Mats, O/our son was still with U/us. i just made it and served it, silently, with mo excuses to Mats.

Two latest evenings She did let me watch a movie with Her both ebenins. Of course it was selected by Her,  and i had to sit on the floor, and run errands for Her, but anyway it was so nice and relaxing. Well, i like maid chores also, and She likes me doing those, so everything's fine here!

Review cont'd

Blogger does not allow me to comment for some reason so i answer Happy pet's further question here.

The rear cable can be pulled aside a bit (or more, depending on hoe tight you have it), enough to use anus for natural and sexual purposes. i have used bide shower more for cleanup, but tissue can be used too.

There are models with anus hoe, but i am afraid they can cau even more hygiene or chafing problems,

On New Ywe's Dau i tightened the cable with another centimeter, still no chafing.Tail bone wil be the first place to hurt if it is really tigtht