Friday, 15 March 2019

Dog tricks in maid's costume

This Sunday saw my return to maid duties after more than a week's break that was due to different infractions: visits, stomach illness etc.  However W/we both had also a work assignment on Sunday, and Mistress insisted W/we go to gym also so the time was a bit limited.

i prepared a duck breast gourmet meal for U/us. She was happy with the results and i got to eat with Her at the table.  For supper She wanted me to find a good recipe for shrimp sandwiches, and if i satisfied Her appetite i would get a treat.  i went through O/our recipe archives, there i have a lot oftested and assessed recipies Mistress likes. i found a good recipe and prepared the shrimp sandwiches to Her liking.

As a reward She took a licorice candy from the jar and held it in Her hand like you hod a treat to a dog. A series of commands ensued. "Beg!", "Roll over!", "Beg!" etc. i went through the required tricks and finally the candy was my treat - my only treat for the night.  Itwas fun being made the serve as a maid again!

Friday, 8 March 2019

Waxing and waning dominance

Happy pet asked about the stability of Mistress's dominance over me in a comment to an earlier post. As i still don't know how to answer in comments, i answer here.

Yes,Her dominance waxes sand wanes.  W/we still have different modes.  Basically when i am put into maid's uniform i am in slave mode, otherwise W/we are in relaxed mode which means She might make me run some errands and serve somewhat, but no strict rules are in force.

Sometimes i'm Her maid most evenings, sometimes much less, depending on Her whims, and other circumstances. At times i put on maid's dress each evening right after work, unless i have had a late shift. Visits, illnesses, deadlines may occur and break customary patterns. For instance this week W/we are experiencing down time because of my stomach illness and my late shifts. It means there has not been a possibility to have a full slave mode evening even once this week.  Life gets sadly in the way.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

A chance to cum

It has been nearly 4 months since my last (ruined) orgasm. i couldn't find my post about it, but it was after the time W/we had piv sex for the la(te)st time, and i was tied to the post kneeling, and She compressed my clitty eith the wand from behind until i started cumming.

After that i have been confined in my metal prison and even no full erection has occurred in 4  months.  Mistress does not normally offer even any edging, She really keeps me in a servant mode.  i did have a dry nocturnal orgasm though.  Like a good masochist, when i cum in my sleep, it is always during a nightmare, in a stressful situation. In my sleep i came when i realized i had missed a deadline in school exams.

Well, now Mistress had been hinting during the weekend about the possibility of some kind of play.  And so, before the scheduled cleaning of my cb in Sunday evening She told me to get the electro gear.

She wanted to test a scenario W/we had talked about: could She make me cum with electro while i was belted.  A sticker electrode was planted i the middle of  the steel chastity shield and i had to pus the largish electrode plug in my anus. Both were used monopolarly, e.g. power went from my anus to my crotch area.

i was told to place a towel on the floor, remove my panties and get on all fours in my maid's dress on the towel in front of the sofa where She sat and operated the power box, keeping the settings secret from me. When She went away, She covered the box with a cloth.  This time She used the pleasurable programs only, and kept the rhythm very slow all the time, so that the waves of power were very, very long.

Gradually she increased the power, until my genitals flt like they were grilled. A long time i coud remain silent and motionless as i was played with, but slowly i had to start moaning. i also rotated my butt and arched my back as if offering my naked nates to the ghost fucking my ass. All the time my sissy clit remained bent backwards and limp.

Although much of the power went through my clit, the power spread over my whole genital area because of using the chastity cup as an electrode, and i just could not get to the final stage and cum.  The final addition of power made me plead not to increase it any more, as my asshole just couldn't handle any more power.  MIstress told me that it sems i have missed my chance, and told me to clean and put away the parts.

She opened my cb now, and i had to wash my cb and clit with toilet door open and then sit on a white paper, put efficiant spotlight over my crotch and start pulling hairs from my sissy clit and around it with tweezers. Some hair was found also behind my balls.

As i was ready She told me to get the cb to lock it on. When i returned with it, She told me to get the towel back, put it again on the floor and sit on it facing the tv She was watching. A romantic drama was playing, featuring the handsome Peter Franzen and the beutiful Irina Bjorklund.  i was still in my maid's dress without panties and cb.

"Masturbate!", She told me. What a mindfuck! i was flabbergasted and started fondling my dick i had not pumped for half a year.  During the enforced chastity in a metal tube it has got more tender,and the foreskin a little tight, so normal masturbation felt a bit painful. Instead i placed my hand over clit tip so that my fingertips touched my clit on all sizes by the frenum - corona area, and started masturbating with my fingertips, my clit pointing towards my palm. It felt wonderful and in a few minutes i started nearing the edge.

i was forced to look at the characters of the drama series while i pumped. Looking at Irina felt really nice, but her mother and boyfriend also appeared on the screen. i told Mistress i was close to cumming.  "you may cum but you must ruin it well".

i started pumping away. Irina's mother replaced Irina on the screen and then Peter. i felt so humiliated looking at the handsome actor while masturbating on my Wife's command  after 4 months chastity, sitting on the floor before my Wife.  As i got past the point of no return i removed my hand and my sissy clit pulsed a little leaking cum on the towel.  Then it was back to the sissy cb for maybe another 4 months!

On Monday i was told to serve in this set of underwear only

Monday, 25 February 2019

A strict weekend

W/we woke up together this morning, and i tried and was allowed to kiss Her neck and cuddle with Her. It caused my sissy clit to try to erect in its prison, but for no avail as it remained tightly pointing to my asshole. i was told to prepare Her breakfast first, and epilate only after that.  She told me not to put on the corset, as She was going to take U/us to the gym.

W/we had not been to the gym much lately, and only with the corset.  Without the corset i noticed my back musles had atrophied  somewhat, i had to take 30% smaller weights on some machines.

i had been without corset on Saturday too, according to Mistress's whim, and i am now so accustomed to wearing the corset from morning till bedtime that i was really missing the support the corset provides.  Even so that i expressed my wish to be back in corsets as W/we got home. This was of course not good, Mistress got so angry from my "constant whining", that the first command when i reported to Her in my maid uniform was "Bring the cane!"

She marched me in the bedroom, pointed at the bed, and i knew to kneel by the bed and lower my now strictly corsetted stomach on the bed, and pull the hem to my waist. i had only a violet thong thingy on, so my ass, which is growing a little both in size (circumference now 100cm) and tenderness due to the pm treatment, was vulnerably and easily accessible by Her cane. As She caned me, She told me to, besides counting and thanking, apologize for my whining. She was quite rough, stepping on my back and pressing me tightly against the bed. i get so confused nowadays when She gives me the cane that i sometimes missed either thanking or apologizing, but She stopped at 10 anyway.

She was quite dominant during the whole weekend. Normally i have the courage to drink when i am thirsty but now She demanded i ask permission for that too, and always She ordered that i first keep kissing Her woollen socks (She never wears anything fetishy) until She orders me to stop and sometimes complete some chores before letting me drink - and water only, i got no alcohol for the whole weekend, not even one beer for the sauna, diet coke instead.  She always chooses my drinks. On Saturday i was made to suggest different trips, and She chose one with a restaurant lunch, and chose my dish there too.

my maid's duties lasted until evening, with a break during which i had to go through the saved movies W/we had and  describe them to Her until She found one She wanted to watch and i was allowed to watch with Her. 

Before that i had prepared lunch and tidied the kitchen, afterwards i was made to try a new cleaning approach on O/our shower cubicle. i was told to use an old toothbrush and toothpaste to shine the edges and the tiles of the shower cubicle.  i took a little of vid of myself doing it.  i was told to report back to Her every 30 minutes about the progress, and it took me 1,5 hours to complete the cubicle and wash Her copperware collection that had been collecting dust on an upper shelf.


Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Candy control

The next day was a continuation, but so far in regular clothes.  i had to eat my breakfast standing up, while preparing Her choice of breakfast, porridge and tea.  She gave curt commands again, making me also clean the kitchen before sending me outdoors to remove snow and work the compost.

Back in the kitchen i was told to kneel, while She chewed my ears, a habit of Hers. It hurts so much i cannot help but whine all the time. She said She has not forgotten the poor job i did with the cleaning, (again!), and only the fact that O/our cat was sleeping in O/our bed saved me from being spanked right away (The cane is kept by the bed and She did not want to disturb the cat).

i don't rmember the rest as i had not time to write down more at the time.

i took a photo of the candy shelf.  W/we always have unopened candy in the house. i know it is there , but i am t authorized to eat it. Instead She gives me one or two of these small , old and dried licorice sweets when She feels like it.
Yesterday She made me kneel and pushed something in my ears - like hard plugs. Then She pushed a third one in my mouth. It was one of those dried licorice sweets. i had to serve with tose "plugs" in my ears most of the evening, even read and sing for Her. Then She took one out and pushed it in my mouth and finally also the other one.

Sunday, 10 February 2019

It's like a lotttery win

During the week i had to do overtime at work a couple of nights, and Mistress made me serve Her in regular clothes some evenings, so it was not much use for the maid costume during the week.

On Saturday it was a different tone. Mistress was pissed off that i had forgot my epilated hair in the sink Friday morning, and She bossed me around very aggressively. Curt commands, Master/servant style all day.

Right  after W/we had shopped i was told to put on the maid dress, and take the carpets out. i was allowed to put on an overcoat outside, but it went to my knees, and stockings was all i wore in my legs. i made a mistake as i didn't take out also the non/slip pads under the carpets, so She told m to get the cane, go to the bedroom, lie on the bed on my tummy with my knees on the floor. i put my hands behind my neck but She told me to put them under my neck,  and gave me 5 stinging blows on my knickered bottom, which i could hardly count and thank for, they were so severe.

My Saturday went with the weekly cleaning, getting firewood from the shed showing my legs again, vacuuming, washing floor with steam cleaner, cleaning toilets (She was not happy with the cleaning quality i used last time), rug shaking, running dishwasher. As i was ready, She did an inspection, and found stains on the kitchen floor! She was furious again, and i had to rub was off on my knees with a rag, as well as other stains near the cat's cups, and She told me i was to get a spanking for this. i was told to make fresh orange juice before that and kneel at Her feet. There i had to give Her feet a good rubbing and read Her book aloud.

After a good while i was told to improvise some good supper for U/us.  Before i got mine i was to lie on the floor and roll, one way and the other, finally told to settle at Her feet, and She crushed my head against the floor with Her feet before allowing me to eat. Then W/we watched a movie.

In bed W/we noticed that the big lottery win had been won. Mistress said She wouldn't need it as She already has a slave to cater to all Her needs!  i was happy. i think i have won in lottery too. And She had forgotten to give me the spanking!

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

A random Monday night

W/we had O/our grown up kids aying over all through the weekend, but on Monday it was back to dresses - maid's dress that is. First Mistress ordered me to thoroughly clean kitchen  and fry chicken for Her next day lunch. Washing machine and dishwasher needed to be run, and She also comanded me to go through the house as a whole and put everything in place.
I have got into sheer transparent stockings now that i am nearly hairless. No pockets means keep your hankie under the stocking tops.

Suddenly She called for me and ordered me to sit at Her laptop and go through and sugest improvements to a critique She was making. She approved most of the corrections i had made and at down in the sofa, odering me to make suggestions fo a light snack (for Her). She settled for a sharon and grapes whic i washed and prepared for Her. She also wanted a liquor candy and again spit the hard crust in my mouth as i knelt and tilted my head up. She now remembered i had done a poor job last week with one of the toilets, so She slapped my face stingingly.

She told me to go to the nearly dark tv room and wait for Her kneeling there. after a fairly long time She put the lght on and told me to read a book for Her. It was actually my Christmas present, the book, but this is the way i am reading it: fir Her aloud. But sometime She reads it so i get only fragments.

After a long while She got tired of this and told me to fetch Her tablet and run a serach for sea view apartments on sale and browse them for Her. She is considering a new apartment instead of O/our house!

Friday, 1 February 2019

Back from the business trip

O/our great run of D/s activities was brought to a halt as i had to go to a business trip that lasted a week. i took my cb in the luggage and put it on first thing in the hotel room. i had the key so i could take it off for further flights, but Mistress sent me whatsapp messages at random times, ordering me to take a certain pic of the belt on me, so i couldn't cheat.

Back at home it was straight into the maid costume, and chores, preparing Her snacks, bringing and taking away stuff, cleaning kitchen and the toilets.  i was made to read to Her also, prepare hand made orange juice etc. what She favors.

The theme was my underwear was today "Be a man". No frilllies, no pink. Grey and black. 

So is it about lace and panties?

No its not. 
My boy-briefs say "Man"

But sheer stockings now, as my leg hair is almost gone

This look might suit to an early stage boi-to-a-gurl
Finally a maid again

Then i heard "Get the - whatsit - cane". She told me to get on all fours, raise the hem, facing away from Her. She was lying on the sofa under a blanket and reading. Of course no fetish clothing, She never uses it. She wore a black hoodie, woollen socks, sports pants. She even had curlers in Her hair.

"Why this modesty?" She said, as i still had on the man-briefs i was allowed to wear today. She had not ordered me to remove them, but now i lowered them to my knees. my round naked butt was no facing Her. She kept me waiting. Each move She made, each noisy intake of air made me wince. Then suddenly the cane hit my left thigh. i startled, but counted "One, thank you Mistress"

"A bit further", She said, adjusting Her position on the sofa. "Not more", She said as i moved. Another blow, another command to move. Then W/we got into rhythm, She beating my ass, me counting "3, Thank You Mistress..."

Now She started to pick up the rhythm, so i had time only to say 5, 6, 7, 8. Next blows were so severe, in such a rapid succession and hurt so much i could only squeal, not count, until She took a short break, and i got abreast, at "12, thank you Mistress".

Now She told me i had been naughty, forgetting all about Her while i was away. i felt the tip of the cane find it's way in through the pee opening in my sissy belt, and after a few tries She got it right inside the tube, and started fucking the tube with the cane, rubbing my sissy clit in the process as i panted.

Soon She pulled it out, and started caning anew. Similarly i could count the next few blows, but after 16 She made me just squeal, until 20 was full. She told me to make Her a mixture of ice cream and quark, and oh boy did i get going fast!  The beating always does that to me.

The chores continued with a now striped butt.  She said She wanted liquor candies W/we got for Christmas. However, She only likes to swallow the liquor, so She told me to kneel and look up, as She ate it standing up, and then pushed the remains into my mouth with Her tongue. It was nice to get candy, as She controls my candy eating!

Monday, 21 January 2019

Hormone surprises cont'd

When male breasts grow, they get tender. Mine were tender when they grew, and as the growth stopped, the tenderness diminished too. Now i noticed them becoming tender again, so aother growth spurt may be in order.

And that's not all. i examined my hands closely, and also showed them to Mistress. She agreed with me: the once hairy forearms, which i have no shaved ever, had much sparser hair now.  The underside was nearly hairless, and the upper sides are turning hairless on their own! (with the help of the hormone regimen of course). my upper arms have been hairless always, and my armpits are shaved.  i have started epilating my lower legs too, to help diminish the hair growth there too. i assume most of the hair is not growing back!

The weekend was dull as Mats was visiting U/us. i was not let out of the sissy belt.  This time, however, Mistress had revised a chore list for me, including washing all toilets, vacuuming, getting firewood, preparing all meals etc. so i was kept mostly busy.

Sunday evening, right after Mats keft, i was put into maid's dress, but Mistress just wanted to watch a few episodes of Her new favorite from the good old Norway, "Lykkeland", and i got to watch it too after making fresh juice and cleaning up kitchen.