Saturday, 28 February 2009

A typical Monday

Monday morning comes with a command to check that our son has woken up, followed by preparing sandwich for Mistress. She explicitly forbids me from eating hamburgers for lunch, so i go and eat in a Chinese restaurant instead. i phone home and get the family’s wishes from grocery store, and by 3 bags full of food. Also i need to find some special blankets for kids. Mistress already has them, so only i will continue using an old, thin blanket.

At home Mistress is on phone, so i wait cleaning the kitchen which is no longer tidy (even though i left it clean), take the garbage out and pay the bills (accepted by Mistress). As the call still goes on, i choose the oldest leftovers and put together a dinner for myself. She ends the call and orders me to put the clean laundry in place, it is fun to handle Mistress’s knickers.

Mistress walks me in the garden, i follow without orders. In sauna i again massage Mistress thoroughly, and She really enjoys it. She gives me a T&D handjob for approx. one minute, no edging, as children are swimming in the pool nearby.

i leave to make supper for everyone according to their wishes. Mistress’s agrafe drops below the stairs, me and Lina nearly compete for the right to pick it up. In the evening i run Mistress’s errands, fetching Her pills, Her knitting… We have a new portrait of Mistress i’m hanging on the wall, i dare not do it without exact orders how She wants it. We discuss possible new chores: cleaning the cars, cleaning dog poop from the garden etc. A new standing order: no McDonalds for me, only in the presence of Mistress.

In the evening i have to read Mistress’s book again and do push up’s, no masturbation permit tonight.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Sunday surprises

On Sunday i wake up (without the alarm, as always on weekends, not to disturb Mistress) and make breakfast for everyone, fetch her the paper and some herbs from our garden, epilate, until i hear sounds from the bedroom. i stop and switch the water boiler and coffee machine on.

i eat with Mistress and Lina (my daughter), offer the unopened paper to Mistress, who starts to read it looking sleepy. Then i am asked to put our bicycles in order. i wonder where She will take me and to do what. She even takes a bag with Her – to carry some equipment? i may not ask of course. i pump up the tyres, grease the cables. W/we leave with Her taking the lead, when we go downhill i will need to use brakes not to pass Her. Then She stops and makes me dig up some plants growing on a hill. That was why She needed the bag… However She implies that some-times we make take a hike in the nature and do some naughty stuff as well.

These surprises bring on a wonderful feeling of not being in control of one’s life. At home i am pro-grammed: do the Sunday lunch (from the weekly menu), then one hour free time including coffee break and 2 minutes of masturbation, then mowing the lawn with a small strap about my balls. i start to cook up, She knits in the living room, so i will have to run or walk quickly to Her every now and then to ask for details: how big a salad, will i slice or split up the tomatoes etc. As i ask for that, She wants a report on the lunch: the main course is ready after 30 minutes, salad ready. Get a condom, She orders. i scurry upstairs to get one, and do the bed while where. As i return She goes to our big bathroom, i follow. There She washes Her pussy, orders me to take my clothes off and put on the condom. Then She makes me fuck her with my fingers and lick Her pussy. i lie on the floor and She straddles me, put doesn’t lower herself down, i need to stick my head up to reach Her. i start to lick the clit and stick my thumb in Her pussy, push it in and out and grab her buttocks with the fingers of the same hand. She makes sensuous noises, until She orders me to fuck her from behind while She leans against the sink standing, then on all fours and finally She cums on or Her side, lying on our clothes on the floor, her slave a little acrobatically half behind Her, half on top of Her. i don’t have a problem holding back my orgasm this time. Then wash up, finish the lunch, get kids to eat.

After food i make the coffee, read the paper, go sit on the floor by Mistress to get myself excited for the promised masturbation session. Then i say i would like to go the loo, and ask about a stop-watch. i may use my own wrist watch. i have been really wet all the time since Mistress said i will be allowed to masturbate in the afternoon. My knickers are full of pre-cum stains, but not near the waistband, like i am used to, but down in the middle. As i was making lunch i felt a few times my penis leaking big gobs of precum without me being hard! That’s why the stains are down between my thighs - new to me. i take all my clothes off in the loo, look at my penis in the mirror, look at the watch to find a suitable moment to start and put my hand ready around my penis without touching it. my target is a ruined orgasm, to leak out a little cum without losing my sexual energy.

i decide to start at a certain moment, and grab my dick, start with long strokes. it feels like 120 seconds is enough for anything, and at 30 seconds i grab my bald penis head and start to rub it. but time flies, and even i am trying hard, i cannot reach the edge in 2 minutes. i use up all the time, wash up, and continue reading the paper, and go to my laptop for the rest of the time to translate best parts of a nice femdom story i found.

Then i go get the little strap for my testicles, and start mowing the lawn as if i had just come to think about it. She commands me to drink some water and diet cola while at it. Then She leads me to her kitchen garden, makes me do some harvesting of the onions. i run Her errands while Her works with the onions. She uses Follow- and Stay-commands to make me follow her down to our pool and back. Then i need to work in the garden according to Her orders, collect apples fallen from the trees. Next i need to look for and present to Mistress winter holiday choices that She might like. In the evening She makes me read Her book aloud again.

Monday, 23 February 2009

A busy Saturday

In the Saturday morning She wakes up as i rise, and orders me to start with moving the soil. i make breakfast sandwiches for everybody and at 7.00 i start with the soil loads. After six loads Mistress visits outside. i run to Her and get a morning hug. i need to do rest of the loads and report inside. As i report, i get a morning kiss, i kneeling before Her, She towering above me. Kids have not awoken, so i may eat my breakfast kneeling by the table beside Mistress. I’ll have to use the fireplace to burn up some trash along with eating. She dictates the menu for the weekend, i draw up a shopping list based on that. Then i need to take out garbage and compost. i report, and may epilate and wash my glasses, which i don’t remember to do often enough. I epilate and pull out all hairs from my balls again. i have a nice Braun silk epil xelle epilator. When i started to use it, i thought it was way too painful, but worked gradually, extending the epilated area daily. It took maybe 2 weeks to be able to epilate around my penis and all of the perineum and around my ass hole as well as around my nipples which is the current level. Now i need to epilate only a few new hairs that have emerged each day, And it is only a little painful anymore. maybe i also got used to the feeling of pubic hair being pulled out. Now i’m proud i can take it, and the smooth feel without any stubble.

A new standing order: clean up the bathroom after epilating and shaving. There’s a lot of hair in the sink afterwards. i need to also wash the floor before the sink, on my knees, with a washcloth. some of the hair end up on the floor also.

Mistress leads the whole family into a cultural event in the city. i have been getting so little sweats lately, that even the red currant berries taste wonderful in the yard. After the event She sends me to shop for groceries, bring away the recyclables, and daw out cash, as They go to a café and to the other shows. i run a long way to our car, do the chores quickly, and hurry back to the event’s gate to wait for them as a chauffeur.

At home i make food, Mistress helps me. After coffee it’s time for more soil loads. Then She asks me to weed the gravel paths, and later to empty the ready, hot, stinking compost and move it to a post-compost. That is really unpleasant job, because i must do a big part of it by digging the smelly compost with a little shovel from below so that fresh compost is dripping on my hands as i do it with my head and shoulders down to the ground.

Next She orders me to play a board game with my son, and still later to make a wafer dough with him. Still i have to heat the sauna, and after sauna we eat the wafers, i clear the table, clean up the kitchen, fill and switch on the dishwasher. Then to the bedroom naked, and She orders me to read a book there.

i need to grease Her with moisturizer. i do my best. She is laying on the bed, and i leap around the bed to reach her sides, hands, legs, feet. i guess She was happy with my performance. i get to masturbate under supervision, kneeling by O/our bed. She asks me for exact time, aiming to give me a certain amount of time to masturbate without cumming. She doesn’t tell me how long time i get. i am so hot, i start wildly kneading my flesh, then move on to rub penis head when it become slick. Mistress stops me. One minute has passed. She says i looked like i was nearing orgasm. i remind Her i am due some exercises: 25 and “go to sleep”.

What a wonderful day, i hope i would have enough strength to be so useful every Saturday.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Making love the D/S way

I wake up early, and prepare sandwiches also for Mistress, even though She will stay at home and i will go to work. She wakes up and we discuss the time i need to epilate my crotch each morning. It takes something like 30 minutes to epilate and to pluck ball hair with tweezers.

In the evening i may eat and then i need to carry 10 louds of mold to the garden with a hand truck. After tenth loud i sweat a lot and it keeps on pouring when i eat the mini ice cream cone Mistress awarded me as a reward with a soft drink even though our daughter heard it. i fold all the laundry without being ordered to and then i fill and switch on the dishwasher. Mistress orders me to kneel on the floor, She raises Her foot on my extended knee, and keeps it there even as kids come by. She orders me to warm up the sauna and then i need to hurry make supper: porridge, and also sandwiches for Her. i empty the dishwasher. As i wait for the porridge to be ready, i sweep all the kitchen surfaces and the doors of the cupboards. As the porridge is ready and the table is laid, i help the chair under Mistress with our daughter seeing. Eventually i clear the table, clean up the kitchen and put every-thing in the dishwasher. Mistress kisses me and says She may use me later, i get excited. She orders me to put the children in bed which i do. i write this down while wearing only briefs in the bed.

She orders me to stand naked in attention while She removes Her make-up. I get a hard-on. As She moves to bedroom i follow silently. “Lock the door, open the box” We have a lockable box full of SM gear in our bedroom and i open it. She sits on the bed, orders me to kneel before Her. She turns me head down, ass up. She bites painfully each of my buttocks, i bite a corner of my pillow not to cry out. She likes biting my buttocks, She has been doing it a long time. She puts on stockings and a black corset which leaves Her tits bare. She orders me to put on wide leather straps with D-rings on my wrists and ankles. i am leaking precum, need to wipe it off the floor. She orders me to fetch a condom, and put it on. She looks awesome, truly a dream come true. She orders me on my back in the bed, and straddles me, lowers Her sex on my face. i start to lick clit and pussy, sucking, making rounds with my tongue. She changes place and gives me Her tits to suckle. I do like She usually likes: in turns i suck, do little love bites, and circle my tongue around Her nipple. Next She lowers her sex again on my mouth for me to lick and suck, and then She settles on my penis, takes it in Her, fucks me and lets me move also. i fuck Her and arch my back so that the thrusts would meet Her in an angle he likes best. She rises on all fours and orders me to fuck her from behind. Normally she cums only that way. i’m not allowed to penetrate Her, She always guides me in Herself. Now it doesn’t feel good, orders me lie down behind Her. We are on our sides, i continue fucking the best i can, but i get on the edge, have to stop. She notices. i try to think about my work, i continue, penis seems to get smaller, but gains strength again, and She cums. i continue thrusting, until She commands me to stop. i don’t cum. i may remain inside Her, we talk, and i begin to move my penis a little. She decides to give me a supervised masturbation session. i rise up, ask what position i should take. She orders me lie on my back in the bed, with my feet on my pillow. i get my glasses so i can look at Her, and i start to masturbate frantically. i try to get even a ruined orgasm. i get to continue about minutes, but i am not able to edge myself. “That is enough for you”. i rush my hand off my penis. i remind Her of my evening workout. i need to do 20 push ups now. Mistress is tired now, so i hurry to wash my penis, take the condom to the kitchen garbage.

Short story - the orgasm day

My husband used to masturbate watching Femdom-websites, so I decided to further increase My dominance over him by ordering him a CB2000 which he has now used for a year. He is unable to open it and I have the only key in My purse always. He has been taught over the years (we have been married for 12 years) not to cum while I am fucking him. He cries out when he is near cumming so I know when to stop. He makes me orgasm with his penis, while also giving me a lot of oral stimulation. After I started to use CB2000 on him, he is only allowed one orgasm in 2-3 weeks. He is totally hairless from the neck down.

The orgasm day is a special one. It is a great one for him of course, and I train him to love all the other things he has to do that day, too. Firstly, humiliation. He has to be extra good houseslave that day, for instance he is not allowed to walk, he must run to fulfil My orders. Otherwise he gets a punishment and the orgasm day is postponed with 3 days. His orgasm is associated with wearing a corset, sheer stockings and high heels. He has to wear these for the entire orgasm day. He doesn´t have to use the highest heels so that he can run. Besides he has to wear dog collar, a leash, a gag and have his hands attached to the dog collar with short chains. In the morning he has to do some intimate chores, cleaning up My entire collection of sex toys, for instance. He makes My meals and does other personal things to me during the day, and uses rest of it for doing humiliating tasks like cleaning toilets, washing floors by hand etc.

At midday he prepares and serves My meal and before eating the plate he has made for him, we´ll watch together his orgasm day video, a video of an old orgasm day, with his submission, bondage and supervised orgasm in stockings and corset, raising his naked bum in the air to welcome the whip. This makes him always extra horny for the latter part of the day, and makes him come with little actual stimulation. Then he has to lick his plate empty on the floor.

In the evening I have him bend from the waist down and spread his legs so that I can insert a butt plug (nowadays the largest from our collection) and lock it to his corset with a Y-shaped chain. I also gag him with a penis gag. This way orgasm doesn´t mean for him the “normal” way of him penetrating something, instead he is being penetrated by two large intruders. I draw a tight leather hood with nose openings and eye zippers on him. I let him see himself from a mirror for humiliation and then I remove his cock cage. Of course the removal of the cock cage is not to make him have fun, but for My amusement. I usually make him lift weights with his balls for My amusement. I close his eye zippers and attach a weight carrier strap to his ball sac. A chain with one larger ring in the end dangles down from the strap. I put a weight on the floor somewhere near him, and he has to feel himself where by crouching down and trying to get his chain hit the weight. I love to watch him crouching in his humiliating attire. If he instead hits the weight with his foot, I may move the weight into another location. It is not easy and it may take 15-25 minutes before he locates the weight. Then he has to make the ring fit into a small hook on top of the weight. He has to do it by trial and error. He tries to do it, when lifts himself, and if does not feel the weight with his balls, he has to crouch and try again. After a few tries he succeeds and raises himself to stand in rigid attention, with his feet spread like he has been trained. His ballsac becomes very narrow and long, and the nuts are drawn far from his body. He has to torment himself this way, to avoid much worse punishment. This is most amusing for me to watch.

Now he has to entertain me. I make him dance (not always can-can) or I just lead him around. If he was slow getting ready (like he always is), I give him a whipping on the bottom, so that I get the weight swinging between his legs. Then I unattach his hands and start making him more restricted. I like to see this boy always cumming with his elbows tightly bound together behind his back. Sometimes I just tie them up, but then his hands will be on top of his bottom, so I´ll tie them that way only if I plan to raise his hands up in the air behind his back or if I tie him in bed on his back (so that his legs, hairless crotch and ass may be raised in the air and tied up for display, punishment or/and penetration purposes). As I have other plans now, I make him cross his elbows behind his back so that his right hand shows up at his left side and vice versa. Then I cuff each wrist and connect them with a chain that goes up over his belly. So his hands are tied behind his back even though the connecting chain is before him.

Then I take a condom and grab his cock. This is My most intimate touch on him. I roll the condom on his penis so that his cum doesn´t get far. Then I take a ruler and snap his penis head a few times. The tightness of the pants and the slapping make him cum if he has been denied for a very long time. He doesn´t have the permission from me that he needs to cum, yet, so I take off the gag so that he can warn me if he is nearing cumming. Once he said he was near, and I stopped, but he came anyway. The other time he just managed to say that he is going to cum, and spurted his semen in the pants. Both times the play ended after this in thorough whipping punishment.

I like this accidental orgasm, because it is very humiliating for the male. The less effort and direct stimulation to the penis, the better. Perhaps in the future he will always cum for something which cannot make him come now. I love to change him gradually. Also, accidental orgasms can be used to find the suitable way for the slave´s orgasm. For instance if the slave gets an accidental orgasm while in his chastity device, and being taken with a dildo, his supervised orgasms should be administered the same way. But this time he didn´t say anything just grunted and minced a little as I flicked the penis with force.

He was ready for action. I lead him to the bed and made him lie there face down and spread his legs. Then I put ankle cuffs on his stocking-clad ankles. Then I tie a spreader bar between his legs. Then I put the penis gag back into his mouth, and from the sides of his head I stretched ropes to his upper arms which I bound together tightly. I made him raise his head from the bed and tied the ropes tightly. When I order him to raise his bum for the whip. Obediently he lifts his buttocks clearly in the air. Now I admire My handiwork for a moment: My intention is to completely reverse the normal circumstances a male gets his orgasm. Normally he would undress with his partner, use his hands to caress her or to get his prick up and she would caress him, he would penetrate her, and fuck her actively for getting as much stimulation to his cock as possible. Now he is dressed like a girl in a corset and lingerie, while his partner (or Mistress actually) is not going to undress at all. He is not going to be active and get a lot of stimulation to his dick by thrusting his penis in and out. He is not going to use his hands for anything, especially not for masturbation, and I am not going to caress him - foreplay was whipping of his ass and cock. He is not going to penetrate anyone, but his ass and mouth have been penetrated and remain full all the time. He is restricted so that he cannot move a muscle - only hump the bed a little. Controlled by me, keeping his butt in the air as I order him to do so. Waiting to get his orgasm as a by-product of being whipped by his Mistress

I start with the bull whip, let the whip land on the plastic-glad buttocks. Only when his buttocks get it, he knows that he is allowed to hum the bed once and raise his naked bum again in the air. I keep long intervals first between lashes, totally controlling his humping with My whip. I give him permission to ejaculate after three strokes. It takes a long time however, as I beat his buttocks slowly. But as he is very horny, he gets an orgasm with very little actual stimulation. He knows that only complete obedience will reward him with an orgasm, the smallest rebellion would end his fun. Later he will be licking the contents of the condom from the bathroom floor, and licking the condom clean too. By that time his penis will be locked away for another two weeks.

In summer I may order him to fill the plastic pants all over with nettles before starting.

My other favourites are

-making him cum in his own mouth, restricted tightly so he rests on his his upper back, bum up in the air, while being fucked with a dildo, crotch shaved, in corset, stockings and women’s shoes

-making him hump the floor, restricted like above, but without pants, and arms in back prayer position. Ankles tied to upper arms, knees bent, but spread wide. Head tilted up and tied back from the top of the helmet

-lying on his back on the floor, legs spread, elbows tied together behind his back, me straddling him, and pressing his penis to his stomach by My boot and commanding him to hump My boot sole

-his genitals tied to the ceiling so that he must stand on tip toes, with corset, stockings and leather helmet. Penis flicked with whip, when left arm released for masturbation and left leg tied to thigh

-making him hump a tree with a coarse bark, hands and feet tied around the tree, being whipped

-tied in the bed on his back so that humping the bed is not possible, hands shackled to his neck, with the only possibility of massaging his cock with his own thighs, dreaming himself off into a condom. This is My favourite if I happen to cuckold him with a lover on his orgasm day.

-making him hump a hard wooden bench which consist of two planks and a small crack in between, tied to its legs

-letting him masturbate with a plastic glove filled where he holds nettle leaves.

As he is aways very needy, he doesn´t need much stimulation. So let´s give him only the minimum – otherwise it won´t last long.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Learning to control masturbation by will

In the morning Mistress tells me i will be doing some ironing after work. As i leave for work and give Her the goodbye kiss, She flips me over so that i have to bend my knees and twist myself so Her mouth is on top of mine. During the day She send me a text message about groceries i need to purchase and about the ironing. i send Her a reply “Yes Mistress”. i manage to not touch my penis during the day even though i have to drive 400 km. i look forward to the night, as i suppose i will get a supervised masturbation session as a reward.

At home Mistress is on the phone, so according to my standing orders i open my mail and put all invoices, account statements etc. in place and put the envelopes in garbage. She comes and orders me to eat fish soup leftovers and iron Her, mine and the kids shirts. i do it carefully so it take a lot of time.

After each assignment i will have to look up Mistress and present myself. She is a lot with our children so i have also been spending more time with our kids than before. One of my standing orders is to ask both our kids at least once a week how they are doing. Next i will need to warm up the sauna. She gives a new standing order that i will be getting only one bottle of beer each week, during our weekend sauna. if we have sauna more than once a week, i will settle for diet coke otherwise. As i say to my kids i like to drink coke in sauna, She says she ordered me to do so. Then She asks me to massage Her shoulders in the hot sauna. She wants me to be a good role model for the kids, not a bullying macho like so many men are. Kids have thought i don’t listen to My Wife at all, now they learn better. i get a semi erection as my submission becomes partly public in the sauna. i leave first to make supper for everybody. i have to set the table and take care of the cleanliness of the kitchen.

In the evening i sit in my briefs on the bed. She makes me read her aloud Her novel. Then She commands me to lay on my back and She straddles me and kisses my mouth. Then She bites my earlobe hard pushing my head at the same time in positions that suit Her biting best. I clench my teeth. She says She likes to bite me. She has been biting me for years so i know. As She moves away, i remind Her She said She would make me exercise in the evening – She would have forgotten. She makes me do 25 sit-ups on the bed. As i do so the bed makes similar sounds like when we make love – a funny association. She looks at me, and asks then if i have kept from masturbating. I start blubbering how i have been looking forward to Her asking that, and that i have been able to control my masturbation, and i succeeded in that by thinking about getting to masturbate under supervision in the evening… She looks at me in such a way that i need to continue: i mean i am not asking to masturbate, i just meant i used that as a motivation… She doesn’t say anything but i guess if i am asking too much about something She will not grant it, and She uses that as a way to establishing Her will. She will be the one to make initiatives and decisions. She orders me to sleep, naked beside Her.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

First supervised masturbation - odd feelings of happiness

In the morning Mistress elaborates on Her rules: i am also entitled to hug Her spontaneously in the mornings and kiss Her goodbye as i leave for work. i write this in my diary, i get a bit excited and i just have to masturbate a little.

i call Her from work to tell Her priorities in my life have changed, and i will leave home early again to get back to Her. I look for Her, run up and down our slopy property. I may eat soup. She will only make Her favourite foods in the future – if She makes anything. Then we make a trip to a café. There i say to Her i would like to order nothing for me, just for Her. She orders for Herself at the counter, then the waiter asks me what else. he answers: “He will have an ice cream” and guides me to pick a cheap small ice cream bar. I need to carry Her tea to the table. Of course i also carry our basket all the time as we go for a walk in the forest afterwards. Later i may read the papers.

In the evening i make sandwiches for all with our daughter Lina. i take care to also clean up the kitchen. Mistress and my son Max are putting together the bed i bought from Ikea. After eating i clear the table, fill the dishwasher and put it on, and help with the bed. Then i need to clean up the kitchen, empty the dishwasher, switch off the lights. Mistress makes me change our sheets. Then She guides me to wash my teeth, use the toilet. i wait by the toilet as Mistress pees, and i need to take Her knickers to the laundry basket.

i go naked to our bedroom, where She already waits for me in Her lingerie. i need to kneel on the bed. She examines my epilated crotch and erection, does not touch anything. I am leaking pre-cum, i need to wipe it off. I may sit on the bed. We discuss D/S, about switching cars so that She would take my big Mercedes, and i Her small Toyota, about Her starting use our bank accounts. She decided to deny my masturbation altogether. We discuss chastity belts, and the possibility to time peeing so that i wouldn’t be smelling like piss in the office. i get supervised masturbation kneeling by the bed for 5 minutes and stop. A long good night kiss makes me hot like when we were dating.

i have not watched TV for an entire week. i have not drunk beer or any other alcohol, and feel no need for them. They are a vague substitute for pleasures like this. i don’t leave my clothes around, Mistress manages to make good use of me in domestic labour, i’m with my family a lot, and i am like a teenager in love. i live for a morning kiss, good night kiss, and a supervised masturbation session, and look forward to sex like a win in lottery. i wouldn’t like to exchange this ongoing feeling of happiness and anticipation to a momentary orgasm. i get my pleasure from the pleasure of others, my wife’s orgasm is also my orgasm. Her will becomes my will. Life is easy, as i don’t have to decide what to do, feel guilty of selfishness and not worry that She is angry because i’m doing this and not something else. Am i an odd remain of an ancient matriarchal tribe?

Monday, 16 February 2009

The rules and routines get more defined

In the morning Mistress asks whether i misused my freedom and masturbated in the tent. i had to admit i did, even though did not cum.

Mistress is taking a long leave in the autumn because i have a good salary and all my earnings are at Her disposal. During the day She send me a text message, thanking for my financial support for Her leave, and stating that i will be punished in the evening for masturbating. i call Her to get in-structions for the evening, but She is busy and hangs up. She has the right to do so.

At home i have to eat potatoes for dinner. i also get scolded. “You have a lot of money. Stop being so stingy, and use it to buy Me and the kids expensive things”. My punishment is to drive to Ikea alone to pick up things She has chosen. i must take some water and one piece of chocolate with me – when i have everything packed in my car, i am allowed to eat it. She tells me to hurry up, and show how content and cheerful i am. i thank him profoundly, and tell Her again how happy i am. i eat the chocolate exactly at the right moment. Back at home i get to eat the leftovers of others and i eat them with good appetite even though i don’t particularly like the food in question. She says i must always take care that our home is tidy. She orders me to get a shower.

After that She gives me free time, and i go pluck my pubic hair with tweezers. i have purchased an epilator a few weeks earlier and i use it every morning to epilate the area over and around my pe-nis, and my perineum. i use tweezers for my sack and penis, which start to bleed if treated with the epilator. Then She orders me to get some water and serve it to Her. i run while i fetch it. i take care to fill the glass so that the outside of the glass is dry. Then i need to put the Ikea sofabed together and put out the lights as we retire. She orders me to brush my teeth and then i undress and go wait for Her in the bedroom, kneeling by the bed. When we are together i need to kneel. Mistress takes out a surprise: a wide ladies leather belt, ties it on me, tight. She takes a look, asks me to turn around. She turns the belt, asks me to turn around a few times. She loosens the belt a bit so it is tight, but doesn’t compress my little belly in an ugly way. She says a healthy diet will help get rid of that belly. She still asks me to turn and says She likes the looks of my butt. She orders me to massage Her toes, and then go too bed wearing only that belt. We talk about the basic rules in bed. I will be allowed to spontaneously kiss Her on the mouth and hug Her in bed. We kiss and the slave starts to hump the bed a little. Mistress denies it. Mistress says She decides tomorrow, whether i will ever be allowed to masturbate without supervision.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Short story - Melissa

Hi, my name is Melissa Ridge, I am 35 years old and I have a totally feminized and submissive husband Pat, 43. He is a rich investment banker, and has been my obedient slave for the last ten years. Two years ago I made him take my name and change his first name to Pat. Our investments are in my name and he only gets a small allowance. Last spring I added a young stud to my stable. He is Greg, 25. He is going to become Kim Ridge in a few months. I renamed him Kim.

I control also what little money Kim has, and I rented the cheapest possible room for him in a ghetto. It is in my name, and only furniture there is a hard small bed, a wooden chair and a table. A few months ago I decided Kim and Pat will change place according to my whim. My husband doesn´t any more have the right to live in our large house, but has to often live in the ghetto, and wait to be called to my place. When I call, he will have to be here in 15 minutes. Normally he must work and stay in that rotten room.

Both my slaves are under strict orgasm control. They have a CB2000 with points of intrigue and a piercing on the upper side of the foreskin to lock on the locking pin of the CB. Kim gets an orgasm almost every week, but my husband only once every three weeks. I selected Kim after screening many submissive males, he is well hung and has great body. I have him give me head, fuck me with starp-on and even with his own penis, but he does not have the right to orgasm in me. Sex with me is only for my satisfaction. My orgasm is a great satisfaction to Kim also.

If Kim overnights in my house, he is my houseboy while Pat is my maid while here and prepares meals, serves them for me and attends to my personal needs. He sleeps locked up in my cellar. I have a French maid costume complete with wig and cap for Pat. Underneath he wears tight lacy corset, stockings and 4” heels. A leather posture collar completes the set. They are both kept hairless from the neck down. On weekends they clean the house and work in the garden as a pair.

They both are heterosexual, so I normally allow orgasm only by having one slave suck the other off. If it’s Kim’s turn, I have Pat here as a maid, and take off his dress and tie him in a kneeling up hog-tie position, elbows together behind his back, and wrists connected to a spreader bar between his ankles. Sometimes I have him put on rubber pants or jockstrap which he has to fill with nettles. Then I connect his collar to the wall behind him so he is leaning back a little. I take off his cb2000 and put on a penis ring so his penis stays erect, and looking like he enjoys what he gets (like he does).

I love to control precisely what happens next. I call Kim here. I hug and neck with him. I order him to strip in front of Pat. I may even have sex with my husband watching tied up.

Then we concentrate on Pat. Sometimes as part of his preparation he has had to insert a butt plug with or without lubrication. In those cases we do a little side show and I ask Kim to kneel in front of him and fondle Pat’s bum. He knows he has to squeeze my husbands buttocks, as once he didn’t, and I ordered immediately “Punishment” and Kim had to stand up with his legs spread and expose his bum by bending over at the waist. In the punishment position the slave must keep his bare buttocks exposed, by keeping the hem of his dress up by his hands if necessary. My punishments are always hard and cause welts, pain and sobbing. Anyway, after fondling my husband’s bottom, I order Kim to take Pat’s penis in his mouth and I twist Pat’s butt plug one whole round in his asshole. After that I laugh and say to Pat that if he thought he would get orgasm he was badly mistaken.

Then I order my husband to ask to be allowed to lick Kim´s cock and balls. I order him to lick and suck the balls first. I order him to stop and keep his mouth open. On my order Kim rubs his penis on my husband´s face, and on command he inserts it in his waiting mouth. Nothing happens before my next order. I may keep them waiting my next command for a few minutes while their humiliation grows minute by minute. Sometimes I interrupt them and order Pat to lick Kim´s behind. I am sipping a glass of win, and I may also order Kim to fill it for me, and resume.

I may also interrupt and ask either of them to tell the Oath they have memorized: “I, slave NN am property of Mistress Melissa. I exist only to obey Mistress Melissa’s commands and I will obey Mistress Melissa’s every command as quickly and well as I can and I will do nothing else but obey Mistress Melissa’s every command. I don´t have any rights whatsoever. I don´t own anything and I will never own anything. Everything I own becomes immediately the property of Mistress Melissa. Mistress Melissa has unlimited rights to me, including, but not limited to, the right to sell or give me to any person, persons or entity, assign a subset of these rights to any person or persons, change my body permanently in any was possible, to decide the location where I live and to change my official name and nationality. I will remain in this condition for as long as Mistress Melissa or the one whom Mistress Melissa this right assigns, so decides.”

On my chosen moment I order my husband to suck the boy’s penis for what he is worth. I don’t allow any movement of the penis as it is important that slaves are trained to be passive at the moment of their orgasm. My slaves are also trained to yell “Mistress Melissa, I´m close to coming” to get permission to come or denial. Only if I answer them and give the permission, the sucking is resumed. They both know that next there is going to be a whipping session, and coming without permission would mean a severe whipping, besides a doubled celibacy period. Normally I remain quiet, after a minute I command Pat to continue sucking. I may have him bring Kim near orgasm 5 to 10 times before I command Kim to fix a parachute weight carrier to his balls, attach two dozen clothespegs to his nipples, ball sack, sometimes also his foreskin, fix spreader bar to his ankles. Then I command him to insert his penis in my husband´s mouth again, and I tie his elbows behind his back. Then I order sucking to continue, and after 1-5 times “Mistress Melissa, I´m close to coming” Kim will be free to shoot his load to Pat´s throat. He has only 5 seconds to do so, if he doesn´t succeed, goodbye orgasm. There is only one will in this house!

After this both slaves have to put on their cb2000’s. The one(s) that has to do it without orgasm is now in trouble, and I may need to reduce him into a sobbing heap by hitting his testicles with a riding crop. It is much more humiliating to be put into this with another male watching, who has just orgasmed. I add to this by laughing at my husband and reminding him that there is still a long time for his next orgasm.

Soon I have two chastised male slaves in front of me. I choose one of them (normally my husband) as the punished and the other as the punisher. Sometimes I choose that the punishment is conducted in Punishment position without tying the victim up, sometimes he is tied standing, hands towards ceiling, legs spread. Punishment is started with a heavy paddle, and after a while I order a switch to riding crop or some other cruel whip. If I don´t hear a yelp after each blow, table is turned and the punisher becomes the punished for the rest of the time

When it is the rare time of Pat’s orgasm, I have Kim always present for Pat’s humiliation. Normally I have Pat come in his own mouth. He undresses the maid costume, attaches a spreader bar to his ankles. I tie his elbows together behind his back. He lies on the floor on his back, raises his legs above his head and bum in the air. His hairless crotch and penis rest above his mouth. I order Kim to stick his member in Pat’s asshole after lubricating it. I order Kim to fuck him. As Pat gets fucked in the ass, his penis grows a little and I order him to lick and suck his penis head. Normally he doesn’t get close to coming yet. If Kim gets close to cumming, he informs me and never gets the permission. I don’t think it is appropriate a slave comes while fucking an asshole. Anyway, I change places with Kim next and take Pat with my strap-on. I inform Pat that he has a few minutes to come or the chance is gone. He tries to suck his cock, but he is so horny from the long build-up that he shoots his load towards his open mouth quickly. He gets enough stimulation from being able to see at the same time his stocking-clad thighs and hairless butt, his mistress penetrating him and another male watching.

Sometimes I have Kim suck Pat off like Pat always sucks Kim, especially when I have Kim as my houseboy.

Many nights when neither of the slaves has a privilege of trying orgasm, I fix one in a sling, his legs hanging spread, take off the cb2000, and torture his genitals. I attach clothespegs to ball sack, foreskin, clamps to nipples, take my time to whip his penis, nipples, asshole and also balls (lightly) with a small 9-tail penis whip. I use ball weights on him. I fuck him with a strap-on.

On holidays my slaves report to me early in the morning and they clean the house and do chores according to a standard schedule. As they labour away, I like to enjoy my complete control over them e.g. by shouting “Punishment” so they both hear it and two pairs of buttocks are exposed to me, two backs bent and two pairs of legs parted so two shaven crotches and ball sacks are exposed.

Starting the 24/7 Slavery

11th August 2008

We have been overnighting at a hired cabin on our way to my cousin’s anniversary party. In the morning as we wake up, we immediately get engaged in lovemaking without a condom, which is rare, as she’s not using the pill. I manage to make Her orgasm without doing so myself. After that She lets me masturbate for a while without cumming, until She gets tired of that and lets me lick Her pussy clean.

I’m made to do the dishes, pack up everything and make the beds. After that She commands me out with herself, leads me to the lake beach by the cabin, makes me change into swimming shorts naked at the beach still empty in the early morning, and commands me to dive into the quite cold water, and swim until She is satisfied with my performance. Then She wants to go for alittle walk in the forest. I’m required to remove cobwebs from her way.

It’s time to continue our trip, I’m made to pack things in the car. As we stop at a gas station, She makes me open the door for Her. At home I’m made to unpack everything.

The next day I’m made to iron her skirt, hang all the laundry. I try to iron it with care so I remove its belt. I put it back the wrong way and get told off. I’m made to work outside with a fence, but I’m not very good at it, and I get nervous and have to apologize Her. I make a three course meal for the family. At night I get to kiss (not lick) Her in various places, which She shows me, especially Her ass, and I get to see her pussy at close range – not touch.

Next Monday on my way to work I masturbate in my car thinking about the Light of My Life. I drop by at a yard sale and find a black wide belt, the kind of She has been needing for our sessions. I have to call Her first, I cannot just buy it. She will visit there tomorrow. After work at home I get strict orders: change your clothes, empty and wash the boat. She wants me to row Her around the lake, according to Her instructions. I have to weed the yard, then She wants me to go back to the beach for a swim. No time for the paper or TV today. At night She makes me go to sleep in a tent we have all the summer in our backyard.