Monday, 23 February 2009

A busy Saturday

In the Saturday morning She wakes up as i rise, and orders me to start with moving the soil. i make breakfast sandwiches for everybody and at 7.00 i start with the soil loads. After six loads Mistress visits outside. i run to Her and get a morning hug. i need to do rest of the loads and report inside. As i report, i get a morning kiss, i kneeling before Her, She towering above me. Kids have not awoken, so i may eat my breakfast kneeling by the table beside Mistress. I’ll have to use the fireplace to burn up some trash along with eating. She dictates the menu for the weekend, i draw up a shopping list based on that. Then i need to take out garbage and compost. i report, and may epilate and wash my glasses, which i don’t remember to do often enough. I epilate and pull out all hairs from my balls again. i have a nice Braun silk epil xelle epilator. When i started to use it, i thought it was way too painful, but worked gradually, extending the epilated area daily. It took maybe 2 weeks to be able to epilate around my penis and all of the perineum and around my ass hole as well as around my nipples which is the current level. Now i need to epilate only a few new hairs that have emerged each day, And it is only a little painful anymore. maybe i also got used to the feeling of pubic hair being pulled out. Now i’m proud i can take it, and the smooth feel without any stubble.

A new standing order: clean up the bathroom after epilating and shaving. There’s a lot of hair in the sink afterwards. i need to also wash the floor before the sink, on my knees, with a washcloth. some of the hair end up on the floor also.

Mistress leads the whole family into a cultural event in the city. i have been getting so little sweats lately, that even the red currant berries taste wonderful in the yard. After the event She sends me to shop for groceries, bring away the recyclables, and daw out cash, as They go to a cafĂ© and to the other shows. i run a long way to our car, do the chores quickly, and hurry back to the event’s gate to wait for them as a chauffeur.

At home i make food, Mistress helps me. After coffee it’s time for more soil loads. Then She asks me to weed the gravel paths, and later to empty the ready, hot, stinking compost and move it to a post-compost. That is really unpleasant job, because i must do a big part of it by digging the smelly compost with a little shovel from below so that fresh compost is dripping on my hands as i do it with my head and shoulders down to the ground.

Next She orders me to play a board game with my son, and still later to make a wafer dough with him. Still i have to heat the sauna, and after sauna we eat the wafers, i clear the table, clean up the kitchen, fill and switch on the dishwasher. Then to the bedroom naked, and She orders me to read a book there.

i need to grease Her with moisturizer. i do my best. She is laying on the bed, and i leap around the bed to reach her sides, hands, legs, feet. i guess She was happy with my performance. i get to masturbate under supervision, kneeling by O/our bed. She asks me for exact time, aiming to give me a certain amount of time to masturbate without cumming. She doesn’t tell me how long time i get. i am so hot, i start wildly kneading my flesh, then move on to rub penis head when it become slick. Mistress stops me. One minute has passed. She says i looked like i was nearing orgasm. i remind Her i am due some exercises: 25 and “go to sleep”.

What a wonderful day, i hope i would have enough strength to be so useful every Saturday.

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