Friday, 20 February 2009

Learning to control masturbation by will

In the morning Mistress tells me i will be doing some ironing after work. As i leave for work and give Her the goodbye kiss, She flips me over so that i have to bend my knees and twist myself so Her mouth is on top of mine. During the day She send me a text message about groceries i need to purchase and about the ironing. i send Her a reply “Yes Mistress”. i manage to not touch my penis during the day even though i have to drive 400 km. i look forward to the night, as i suppose i will get a supervised masturbation session as a reward.

At home Mistress is on the phone, so according to my standing orders i open my mail and put all invoices, account statements etc. in place and put the envelopes in garbage. She comes and orders me to eat fish soup leftovers and iron Her, mine and the kids shirts. i do it carefully so it take a lot of time.

After each assignment i will have to look up Mistress and present myself. She is a lot with our children so i have also been spending more time with our kids than before. One of my standing orders is to ask both our kids at least once a week how they are doing. Next i will need to warm up the sauna. She gives a new standing order that i will be getting only one bottle of beer each week, during our weekend sauna. if we have sauna more than once a week, i will settle for diet coke otherwise. As i say to my kids i like to drink coke in sauna, She says she ordered me to do so. Then She asks me to massage Her shoulders in the hot sauna. She wants me to be a good role model for the kids, not a bullying macho like so many men are. Kids have thought i don’t listen to My Wife at all, now they learn better. i get a semi erection as my submission becomes partly public in the sauna. i leave first to make supper for everybody. i have to set the table and take care of the cleanliness of the kitchen.

In the evening i sit in my briefs on the bed. She makes me read her aloud Her novel. Then She commands me to lay on my back and She straddles me and kisses my mouth. Then She bites my earlobe hard pushing my head at the same time in positions that suit Her biting best. I clench my teeth. She says She likes to bite me. She has been biting me for years so i know. As She moves away, i remind Her She said She would make me exercise in the evening – She would have forgotten. She makes me do 25 sit-ups on the bed. As i do so the bed makes similar sounds like when we make love – a funny association. She looks at me, and asks then if i have kept from masturbating. I start blubbering how i have been looking forward to Her asking that, and that i have been able to control my masturbation, and i succeeded in that by thinking about getting to masturbate under supervision in the evening… She looks at me in such a way that i need to continue: i mean i am not asking to masturbate, i just meant i used that as a motivation… She doesn’t say anything but i guess if i am asking too much about something She will not grant it, and She uses that as a way to establishing Her will. She will be the one to make initiatives and decisions. She orders me to sleep, naked beside Her.

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