Sunday, 22 February 2009

Making love the D/S way

I wake up early, and prepare sandwiches also for Mistress, even though She will stay at home and i will go to work. She wakes up and we discuss the time i need to epilate my crotch each morning. It takes something like 30 minutes to epilate and to pluck ball hair with tweezers.

In the evening i may eat and then i need to carry 10 louds of mold to the garden with a hand truck. After tenth loud i sweat a lot and it keeps on pouring when i eat the mini ice cream cone Mistress awarded me as a reward with a soft drink even though our daughter heard it. i fold all the laundry without being ordered to and then i fill and switch on the dishwasher. Mistress orders me to kneel on the floor, She raises Her foot on my extended knee, and keeps it there even as kids come by. She orders me to warm up the sauna and then i need to hurry make supper: porridge, and also sandwiches for Her. i empty the dishwasher. As i wait for the porridge to be ready, i sweep all the kitchen surfaces and the doors of the cupboards. As the porridge is ready and the table is laid, i help the chair under Mistress with our daughter seeing. Eventually i clear the table, clean up the kitchen and put every-thing in the dishwasher. Mistress kisses me and says She may use me later, i get excited. She orders me to put the children in bed which i do. i write this down while wearing only briefs in the bed.

She orders me to stand naked in attention while She removes Her make-up. I get a hard-on. As She moves to bedroom i follow silently. “Lock the door, open the box” We have a lockable box full of SM gear in our bedroom and i open it. She sits on the bed, orders me to kneel before Her. She turns me head down, ass up. She bites painfully each of my buttocks, i bite a corner of my pillow not to cry out. She likes biting my buttocks, She has been doing it a long time. She puts on stockings and a black corset which leaves Her tits bare. She orders me to put on wide leather straps with D-rings on my wrists and ankles. i am leaking precum, need to wipe it off the floor. She orders me to fetch a condom, and put it on. She looks awesome, truly a dream come true. She orders me on my back in the bed, and straddles me, lowers Her sex on my face. i start to lick clit and pussy, sucking, making rounds with my tongue. She changes place and gives me Her tits to suckle. I do like She usually likes: in turns i suck, do little love bites, and circle my tongue around Her nipple. Next She lowers her sex again on my mouth for me to lick and suck, and then She settles on my penis, takes it in Her, fucks me and lets me move also. i fuck Her and arch my back so that the thrusts would meet Her in an angle he likes best. She rises on all fours and orders me to fuck her from behind. Normally she cums only that way. i’m not allowed to penetrate Her, She always guides me in Herself. Now it doesn’t feel good, orders me lie down behind Her. We are on our sides, i continue fucking the best i can, but i get on the edge, have to stop. She notices. i try to think about my work, i continue, penis seems to get smaller, but gains strength again, and She cums. i continue thrusting, until She commands me to stop. i don’t cum. i may remain inside Her, we talk, and i begin to move my penis a little. She decides to give me a supervised masturbation session. i rise up, ask what position i should take. She orders me lie on my back in the bed, with my feet on my pillow. i get my glasses so i can look at Her, and i start to masturbate frantically. i try to get even a ruined orgasm. i get to continue about minutes, but i am not able to edge myself. “That is enough for you”. i rush my hand off my penis. i remind Her of my evening workout. i need to do 20 push ups now. Mistress is tired now, so i hurry to wash my penis, take the condom to the kitchen garbage.

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