Monday, 16 February 2009

The rules and routines get more defined

In the morning Mistress asks whether i misused my freedom and masturbated in the tent. i had to admit i did, even though did not cum.

Mistress is taking a long leave in the autumn because i have a good salary and all my earnings are at Her disposal. During the day She send me a text message, thanking for my financial support for Her leave, and stating that i will be punished in the evening for masturbating. i call Her to get in-structions for the evening, but She is busy and hangs up. She has the right to do so.

At home i have to eat potatoes for dinner. i also get scolded. “You have a lot of money. Stop being so stingy, and use it to buy Me and the kids expensive things”. My punishment is to drive to Ikea alone to pick up things She has chosen. i must take some water and one piece of chocolate with me – when i have everything packed in my car, i am allowed to eat it. She tells me to hurry up, and show how content and cheerful i am. i thank him profoundly, and tell Her again how happy i am. i eat the chocolate exactly at the right moment. Back at home i get to eat the leftovers of others and i eat them with good appetite even though i don’t particularly like the food in question. She says i must always take care that our home is tidy. She orders me to get a shower.

After that She gives me free time, and i go pluck my pubic hair with tweezers. i have purchased an epilator a few weeks earlier and i use it every morning to epilate the area over and around my pe-nis, and my perineum. i use tweezers for my sack and penis, which start to bleed if treated with the epilator. Then She orders me to get some water and serve it to Her. i run while i fetch it. i take care to fill the glass so that the outside of the glass is dry. Then i need to put the Ikea sofabed together and put out the lights as we retire. She orders me to brush my teeth and then i undress and go wait for Her in the bedroom, kneeling by the bed. When we are together i need to kneel. Mistress takes out a surprise: a wide ladies leather belt, ties it on me, tight. She takes a look, asks me to turn around. She turns the belt, asks me to turn around a few times. She loosens the belt a bit so it is tight, but doesn’t compress my little belly in an ugly way. She says a healthy diet will help get rid of that belly. She still asks me to turn and says She likes the looks of my butt. She orders me to massage Her toes, and then go too bed wearing only that belt. We talk about the basic rules in bed. I will be allowed to spontaneously kiss Her on the mouth and hug Her in bed. We kiss and the slave starts to hump the bed a little. Mistress denies it. Mistress says She decides tomorrow, whether i will ever be allowed to masturbate without supervision.

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