Saturday, 14 February 2009

Short story - Melissa

Hi, my name is Melissa Ridge, I am 35 years old and I have a totally feminized and submissive husband Pat, 43. He is a rich investment banker, and has been my obedient slave for the last ten years. Two years ago I made him take my name and change his first name to Pat. Our investments are in my name and he only gets a small allowance. Last spring I added a young stud to my stable. He is Greg, 25. He is going to become Kim Ridge in a few months. I renamed him Kim.

I control also what little money Kim has, and I rented the cheapest possible room for him in a ghetto. It is in my name, and only furniture there is a hard small bed, a wooden chair and a table. A few months ago I decided Kim and Pat will change place according to my whim. My husband doesn´t any more have the right to live in our large house, but has to often live in the ghetto, and wait to be called to my place. When I call, he will have to be here in 15 minutes. Normally he must work and stay in that rotten room.

Both my slaves are under strict orgasm control. They have a CB2000 with points of intrigue and a piercing on the upper side of the foreskin to lock on the locking pin of the CB. Kim gets an orgasm almost every week, but my husband only once every three weeks. I selected Kim after screening many submissive males, he is well hung and has great body. I have him give me head, fuck me with starp-on and even with his own penis, but he does not have the right to orgasm in me. Sex with me is only for my satisfaction. My orgasm is a great satisfaction to Kim also.

If Kim overnights in my house, he is my houseboy while Pat is my maid while here and prepares meals, serves them for me and attends to my personal needs. He sleeps locked up in my cellar. I have a French maid costume complete with wig and cap for Pat. Underneath he wears tight lacy corset, stockings and 4” heels. A leather posture collar completes the set. They are both kept hairless from the neck down. On weekends they clean the house and work in the garden as a pair.

They both are heterosexual, so I normally allow orgasm only by having one slave suck the other off. If it’s Kim’s turn, I have Pat here as a maid, and take off his dress and tie him in a kneeling up hog-tie position, elbows together behind his back, and wrists connected to a spreader bar between his ankles. Sometimes I have him put on rubber pants or jockstrap which he has to fill with nettles. Then I connect his collar to the wall behind him so he is leaning back a little. I take off his cb2000 and put on a penis ring so his penis stays erect, and looking like he enjoys what he gets (like he does).

I love to control precisely what happens next. I call Kim here. I hug and neck with him. I order him to strip in front of Pat. I may even have sex with my husband watching tied up.

Then we concentrate on Pat. Sometimes as part of his preparation he has had to insert a butt plug with or without lubrication. In those cases we do a little side show and I ask Kim to kneel in front of him and fondle Pat’s bum. He knows he has to squeeze my husbands buttocks, as once he didn’t, and I ordered immediately “Punishment” and Kim had to stand up with his legs spread and expose his bum by bending over at the waist. In the punishment position the slave must keep his bare buttocks exposed, by keeping the hem of his dress up by his hands if necessary. My punishments are always hard and cause welts, pain and sobbing. Anyway, after fondling my husband’s bottom, I order Kim to take Pat’s penis in his mouth and I twist Pat’s butt plug one whole round in his asshole. After that I laugh and say to Pat that if he thought he would get orgasm he was badly mistaken.

Then I order my husband to ask to be allowed to lick Kim´s cock and balls. I order him to lick and suck the balls first. I order him to stop and keep his mouth open. On my order Kim rubs his penis on my husband´s face, and on command he inserts it in his waiting mouth. Nothing happens before my next order. I may keep them waiting my next command for a few minutes while their humiliation grows minute by minute. Sometimes I interrupt them and order Pat to lick Kim´s behind. I am sipping a glass of win, and I may also order Kim to fill it for me, and resume.

I may also interrupt and ask either of them to tell the Oath they have memorized: “I, slave NN am property of Mistress Melissa. I exist only to obey Mistress Melissa’s commands and I will obey Mistress Melissa’s every command as quickly and well as I can and I will do nothing else but obey Mistress Melissa’s every command. I don´t have any rights whatsoever. I don´t own anything and I will never own anything. Everything I own becomes immediately the property of Mistress Melissa. Mistress Melissa has unlimited rights to me, including, but not limited to, the right to sell or give me to any person, persons or entity, assign a subset of these rights to any person or persons, change my body permanently in any was possible, to decide the location where I live and to change my official name and nationality. I will remain in this condition for as long as Mistress Melissa or the one whom Mistress Melissa this right assigns, so decides.”

On my chosen moment I order my husband to suck the boy’s penis for what he is worth. I don’t allow any movement of the penis as it is important that slaves are trained to be passive at the moment of their orgasm. My slaves are also trained to yell “Mistress Melissa, I´m close to coming” to get permission to come or denial. Only if I answer them and give the permission, the sucking is resumed. They both know that next there is going to be a whipping session, and coming without permission would mean a severe whipping, besides a doubled celibacy period. Normally I remain quiet, after a minute I command Pat to continue sucking. I may have him bring Kim near orgasm 5 to 10 times before I command Kim to fix a parachute weight carrier to his balls, attach two dozen clothespegs to his nipples, ball sack, sometimes also his foreskin, fix spreader bar to his ankles. Then I command him to insert his penis in my husband´s mouth again, and I tie his elbows behind his back. Then I order sucking to continue, and after 1-5 times “Mistress Melissa, I´m close to coming” Kim will be free to shoot his load to Pat´s throat. He has only 5 seconds to do so, if he doesn´t succeed, goodbye orgasm. There is only one will in this house!

After this both slaves have to put on their cb2000’s. The one(s) that has to do it without orgasm is now in trouble, and I may need to reduce him into a sobbing heap by hitting his testicles with a riding crop. It is much more humiliating to be put into this with another male watching, who has just orgasmed. I add to this by laughing at my husband and reminding him that there is still a long time for his next orgasm.

Soon I have two chastised male slaves in front of me. I choose one of them (normally my husband) as the punished and the other as the punisher. Sometimes I choose that the punishment is conducted in Punishment position without tying the victim up, sometimes he is tied standing, hands towards ceiling, legs spread. Punishment is started with a heavy paddle, and after a while I order a switch to riding crop or some other cruel whip. If I don´t hear a yelp after each blow, table is turned and the punisher becomes the punished for the rest of the time

When it is the rare time of Pat’s orgasm, I have Kim always present for Pat’s humiliation. Normally I have Pat come in his own mouth. He undresses the maid costume, attaches a spreader bar to his ankles. I tie his elbows together behind his back. He lies on the floor on his back, raises his legs above his head and bum in the air. His hairless crotch and penis rest above his mouth. I order Kim to stick his member in Pat’s asshole after lubricating it. I order Kim to fuck him. As Pat gets fucked in the ass, his penis grows a little and I order him to lick and suck his penis head. Normally he doesn’t get close to coming yet. If Kim gets close to cumming, he informs me and never gets the permission. I don’t think it is appropriate a slave comes while fucking an asshole. Anyway, I change places with Kim next and take Pat with my strap-on. I inform Pat that he has a few minutes to come or the chance is gone. He tries to suck his cock, but he is so horny from the long build-up that he shoots his load towards his open mouth quickly. He gets enough stimulation from being able to see at the same time his stocking-clad thighs and hairless butt, his mistress penetrating him and another male watching.

Sometimes I have Kim suck Pat off like Pat always sucks Kim, especially when I have Kim as my houseboy.

Many nights when neither of the slaves has a privilege of trying orgasm, I fix one in a sling, his legs hanging spread, take off the cb2000, and torture his genitals. I attach clothespegs to ball sack, foreskin, clamps to nipples, take my time to whip his penis, nipples, asshole and also balls (lightly) with a small 9-tail penis whip. I use ball weights on him. I fuck him with a strap-on.

On holidays my slaves report to me early in the morning and they clean the house and do chores according to a standard schedule. As they labour away, I like to enjoy my complete control over them e.g. by shouting “Punishment” so they both hear it and two pairs of buttocks are exposed to me, two backs bent and two pairs of legs parted so two shaven crotches and ball sacks are exposed.

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