Sunday, 22 February 2009

Short story - the orgasm day

My husband used to masturbate watching Femdom-websites, so I decided to further increase My dominance over him by ordering him a CB2000 which he has now used for a year. He is unable to open it and I have the only key in My purse always. He has been taught over the years (we have been married for 12 years) not to cum while I am fucking him. He cries out when he is near cumming so I know when to stop. He makes me orgasm with his penis, while also giving me a lot of oral stimulation. After I started to use CB2000 on him, he is only allowed one orgasm in 2-3 weeks. He is totally hairless from the neck down.

The orgasm day is a special one. It is a great one for him of course, and I train him to love all the other things he has to do that day, too. Firstly, humiliation. He has to be extra good houseslave that day, for instance he is not allowed to walk, he must run to fulfil My orders. Otherwise he gets a punishment and the orgasm day is postponed with 3 days. His orgasm is associated with wearing a corset, sheer stockings and high heels. He has to wear these for the entire orgasm day. He doesn´t have to use the highest heels so that he can run. Besides he has to wear dog collar, a leash, a gag and have his hands attached to the dog collar with short chains. In the morning he has to do some intimate chores, cleaning up My entire collection of sex toys, for instance. He makes My meals and does other personal things to me during the day, and uses rest of it for doing humiliating tasks like cleaning toilets, washing floors by hand etc.

At midday he prepares and serves My meal and before eating the plate he has made for him, we´ll watch together his orgasm day video, a video of an old orgasm day, with his submission, bondage and supervised orgasm in stockings and corset, raising his naked bum in the air to welcome the whip. This makes him always extra horny for the latter part of the day, and makes him come with little actual stimulation. Then he has to lick his plate empty on the floor.

In the evening I have him bend from the waist down and spread his legs so that I can insert a butt plug (nowadays the largest from our collection) and lock it to his corset with a Y-shaped chain. I also gag him with a penis gag. This way orgasm doesn´t mean for him the “normal” way of him penetrating something, instead he is being penetrated by two large intruders. I draw a tight leather hood with nose openings and eye zippers on him. I let him see himself from a mirror for humiliation and then I remove his cock cage. Of course the removal of the cock cage is not to make him have fun, but for My amusement. I usually make him lift weights with his balls for My amusement. I close his eye zippers and attach a weight carrier strap to his ball sac. A chain with one larger ring in the end dangles down from the strap. I put a weight on the floor somewhere near him, and he has to feel himself where by crouching down and trying to get his chain hit the weight. I love to watch him crouching in his humiliating attire. If he instead hits the weight with his foot, I may move the weight into another location. It is not easy and it may take 15-25 minutes before he locates the weight. Then he has to make the ring fit into a small hook on top of the weight. He has to do it by trial and error. He tries to do it, when lifts himself, and if does not feel the weight with his balls, he has to crouch and try again. After a few tries he succeeds and raises himself to stand in rigid attention, with his feet spread like he has been trained. His ballsac becomes very narrow and long, and the nuts are drawn far from his body. He has to torment himself this way, to avoid much worse punishment. This is most amusing for me to watch.

Now he has to entertain me. I make him dance (not always can-can) or I just lead him around. If he was slow getting ready (like he always is), I give him a whipping on the bottom, so that I get the weight swinging between his legs. Then I unattach his hands and start making him more restricted. I like to see this boy always cumming with his elbows tightly bound together behind his back. Sometimes I just tie them up, but then his hands will be on top of his bottom, so I´ll tie them that way only if I plan to raise his hands up in the air behind his back or if I tie him in bed on his back (so that his legs, hairless crotch and ass may be raised in the air and tied up for display, punishment or/and penetration purposes). As I have other plans now, I make him cross his elbows behind his back so that his right hand shows up at his left side and vice versa. Then I cuff each wrist and connect them with a chain that goes up over his belly. So his hands are tied behind his back even though the connecting chain is before him.

Then I take a condom and grab his cock. This is My most intimate touch on him. I roll the condom on his penis so that his cum doesn´t get far. Then I take a ruler and snap his penis head a few times. The tightness of the pants and the slapping make him cum if he has been denied for a very long time. He doesn´t have the permission from me that he needs to cum, yet, so I take off the gag so that he can warn me if he is nearing cumming. Once he said he was near, and I stopped, but he came anyway. The other time he just managed to say that he is going to cum, and spurted his semen in the pants. Both times the play ended after this in thorough whipping punishment.

I like this accidental orgasm, because it is very humiliating for the male. The less effort and direct stimulation to the penis, the better. Perhaps in the future he will always cum for something which cannot make him come now. I love to change him gradually. Also, accidental orgasms can be used to find the suitable way for the slave´s orgasm. For instance if the slave gets an accidental orgasm while in his chastity device, and being taken with a dildo, his supervised orgasms should be administered the same way. But this time he didn´t say anything just grunted and minced a little as I flicked the penis with force.

He was ready for action. I lead him to the bed and made him lie there face down and spread his legs. Then I put ankle cuffs on his stocking-clad ankles. Then I tie a spreader bar between his legs. Then I put the penis gag back into his mouth, and from the sides of his head I stretched ropes to his upper arms which I bound together tightly. I made him raise his head from the bed and tied the ropes tightly. When I order him to raise his bum for the whip. Obediently he lifts his buttocks clearly in the air. Now I admire My handiwork for a moment: My intention is to completely reverse the normal circumstances a male gets his orgasm. Normally he would undress with his partner, use his hands to caress her or to get his prick up and she would caress him, he would penetrate her, and fuck her actively for getting as much stimulation to his cock as possible. Now he is dressed like a girl in a corset and lingerie, while his partner (or Mistress actually) is not going to undress at all. He is not going to be active and get a lot of stimulation to his dick by thrusting his penis in and out. He is not going to use his hands for anything, especially not for masturbation, and I am not going to caress him - foreplay was whipping of his ass and cock. He is not going to penetrate anyone, but his ass and mouth have been penetrated and remain full all the time. He is restricted so that he cannot move a muscle - only hump the bed a little. Controlled by me, keeping his butt in the air as I order him to do so. Waiting to get his orgasm as a by-product of being whipped by his Mistress

I start with the bull whip, let the whip land on the plastic-glad buttocks. Only when his buttocks get it, he knows that he is allowed to hum the bed once and raise his naked bum again in the air. I keep long intervals first between lashes, totally controlling his humping with My whip. I give him permission to ejaculate after three strokes. It takes a long time however, as I beat his buttocks slowly. But as he is very horny, he gets an orgasm with very little actual stimulation. He knows that only complete obedience will reward him with an orgasm, the smallest rebellion would end his fun. Later he will be licking the contents of the condom from the bathroom floor, and licking the condom clean too. By that time his penis will be locked away for another two weeks.

In summer I may order him to fill the plastic pants all over with nettles before starting.

My other favourites are

-making him cum in his own mouth, restricted tightly so he rests on his his upper back, bum up in the air, while being fucked with a dildo, crotch shaved, in corset, stockings and women’s shoes

-making him hump the floor, restricted like above, but without pants, and arms in back prayer position. Ankles tied to upper arms, knees bent, but spread wide. Head tilted up and tied back from the top of the helmet

-lying on his back on the floor, legs spread, elbows tied together behind his back, me straddling him, and pressing his penis to his stomach by My boot and commanding him to hump My boot sole

-his genitals tied to the ceiling so that he must stand on tip toes, with corset, stockings and leather helmet. Penis flicked with whip, when left arm released for masturbation and left leg tied to thigh

-making him hump a tree with a coarse bark, hands and feet tied around the tree, being whipped

-tied in the bed on his back so that humping the bed is not possible, hands shackled to his neck, with the only possibility of massaging his cock with his own thighs, dreaming himself off into a condom. This is My favourite if I happen to cuckold him with a lover on his orgasm day.

-making him hump a hard wooden bench which consist of two planks and a small crack in between, tied to its legs

-letting him masturbate with a plastic glove filled where he holds nettle leaves.

As he is aways very needy, he doesn´t need much stimulation. So let´s give him only the minimum – otherwise it won´t last long.

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