Saturday, 14 February 2009

Starting the 24/7 Slavery

11th August 2008

We have been overnighting at a hired cabin on our way to my cousin’s anniversary party. In the morning as we wake up, we immediately get engaged in lovemaking without a condom, which is rare, as she’s not using the pill. I manage to make Her orgasm without doing so myself. After that She lets me masturbate for a while without cumming, until She gets tired of that and lets me lick Her pussy clean.

I’m made to do the dishes, pack up everything and make the beds. After that She commands me out with herself, leads me to the lake beach by the cabin, makes me change into swimming shorts naked at the beach still empty in the early morning, and commands me to dive into the quite cold water, and swim until She is satisfied with my performance. Then She wants to go for alittle walk in the forest. I’m required to remove cobwebs from her way.

It’s time to continue our trip, I’m made to pack things in the car. As we stop at a gas station, She makes me open the door for Her. At home I’m made to unpack everything.

The next day I’m made to iron her skirt, hang all the laundry. I try to iron it with care so I remove its belt. I put it back the wrong way and get told off. I’m made to work outside with a fence, but I’m not very good at it, and I get nervous and have to apologize Her. I make a three course meal for the family. At night I get to kiss (not lick) Her in various places, which She shows me, especially Her ass, and I get to see her pussy at close range – not touch.

Next Monday on my way to work I masturbate in my car thinking about the Light of My Life. I drop by at a yard sale and find a black wide belt, the kind of She has been needing for our sessions. I have to call Her first, I cannot just buy it. She will visit there tomorrow. After work at home I get strict orders: change your clothes, empty and wash the boat. She wants me to row Her around the lake, according to Her instructions. I have to weed the yard, then She wants me to go back to the beach for a swim. No time for the paper or TV today. At night She makes me go to sleep in a tent we have all the summer in our backyard.

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