Thursday, 26 February 2009

Sunday surprises

On Sunday i wake up (without the alarm, as always on weekends, not to disturb Mistress) and make breakfast for everyone, fetch her the paper and some herbs from our garden, epilate, until i hear sounds from the bedroom. i stop and switch the water boiler and coffee machine on.

i eat with Mistress and Lina (my daughter), offer the unopened paper to Mistress, who starts to read it looking sleepy. Then i am asked to put our bicycles in order. i wonder where She will take me and to do what. She even takes a bag with Her – to carry some equipment? i may not ask of course. i pump up the tyres, grease the cables. W/we leave with Her taking the lead, when we go downhill i will need to use brakes not to pass Her. Then She stops and makes me dig up some plants growing on a hill. That was why She needed the bag… However She implies that some-times we make take a hike in the nature and do some naughty stuff as well.

These surprises bring on a wonderful feeling of not being in control of one’s life. At home i am pro-grammed: do the Sunday lunch (from the weekly menu), then one hour free time including coffee break and 2 minutes of masturbation, then mowing the lawn with a small strap about my balls. i start to cook up, She knits in the living room, so i will have to run or walk quickly to Her every now and then to ask for details: how big a salad, will i slice or split up the tomatoes etc. As i ask for that, She wants a report on the lunch: the main course is ready after 30 minutes, salad ready. Get a condom, She orders. i scurry upstairs to get one, and do the bed while where. As i return She goes to our big bathroom, i follow. There She washes Her pussy, orders me to take my clothes off and put on the condom. Then She makes me fuck her with my fingers and lick Her pussy. i lie on the floor and She straddles me, put doesn’t lower herself down, i need to stick my head up to reach Her. i start to lick the clit and stick my thumb in Her pussy, push it in and out and grab her buttocks with the fingers of the same hand. She makes sensuous noises, until She orders me to fuck her from behind while She leans against the sink standing, then on all fours and finally She cums on or Her side, lying on our clothes on the floor, her slave a little acrobatically half behind Her, half on top of Her. i don’t have a problem holding back my orgasm this time. Then wash up, finish the lunch, get kids to eat.

After food i make the coffee, read the paper, go sit on the floor by Mistress to get myself excited for the promised masturbation session. Then i say i would like to go the loo, and ask about a stop-watch. i may use my own wrist watch. i have been really wet all the time since Mistress said i will be allowed to masturbate in the afternoon. My knickers are full of pre-cum stains, but not near the waistband, like i am used to, but down in the middle. As i was making lunch i felt a few times my penis leaking big gobs of precum without me being hard! That’s why the stains are down between my thighs - new to me. i take all my clothes off in the loo, look at my penis in the mirror, look at the watch to find a suitable moment to start and put my hand ready around my penis without touching it. my target is a ruined orgasm, to leak out a little cum without losing my sexual energy.

i decide to start at a certain moment, and grab my dick, start with long strokes. it feels like 120 seconds is enough for anything, and at 30 seconds i grab my bald penis head and start to rub it. but time flies, and even i am trying hard, i cannot reach the edge in 2 minutes. i use up all the time, wash up, and continue reading the paper, and go to my laptop for the rest of the time to translate best parts of a nice femdom story i found.

Then i go get the little strap for my testicles, and start mowing the lawn as if i had just come to think about it. She commands me to drink some water and diet cola while at it. Then She leads me to her kitchen garden, makes me do some harvesting of the onions. i run Her errands while Her works with the onions. She uses Follow- and Stay-commands to make me follow her down to our pool and back. Then i need to work in the garden according to Her orders, collect apples fallen from the trees. Next i need to look for and present to Mistress winter holiday choices that She might like. In the evening She makes me read Her book aloud again.

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