Saturday, 28 February 2009

A typical Monday

Monday morning comes with a command to check that our son has woken up, followed by preparing sandwich for Mistress. She explicitly forbids me from eating hamburgers for lunch, so i go and eat in a Chinese restaurant instead. i phone home and get the family’s wishes from grocery store, and by 3 bags full of food. Also i need to find some special blankets for kids. Mistress already has them, so only i will continue using an old, thin blanket.

At home Mistress is on phone, so i wait cleaning the kitchen which is no longer tidy (even though i left it clean), take the garbage out and pay the bills (accepted by Mistress). As the call still goes on, i choose the oldest leftovers and put together a dinner for myself. She ends the call and orders me to put the clean laundry in place, it is fun to handle Mistress’s knickers.

Mistress walks me in the garden, i follow without orders. In sauna i again massage Mistress thoroughly, and She really enjoys it. She gives me a T&D handjob for approx. one minute, no edging, as children are swimming in the pool nearby.

i leave to make supper for everyone according to their wishes. Mistress’s agrafe drops below the stairs, me and Lina nearly compete for the right to pick it up. In the evening i run Mistress’s errands, fetching Her pills, Her knitting… We have a new portrait of Mistress i’m hanging on the wall, i dare not do it without exact orders how She wants it. We discuss possible new chores: cleaning the cars, cleaning dog poop from the garden etc. A new standing order: no McDonalds for me, only in the presence of Mistress.

In the evening i have to read Mistress’s book again and do push up’s, no masturbation permit tonight.

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