Friday, 27 March 2009

slave tag

Next evening Mistress and the kids are out, and i epilate meanwhile. As they arrive, She orders me to empty the dishwasher and lay out all the lace towels smoothly and prettily to dry. Mistress says She has found a nice Christmas present for me: a silver pendant that reads “taken” or “reserved”, a little bit like a “slave tag”. She indicates that She has also bought something for my upcoming birthday, something suitable.

In the evening i fetch some small things for Mistress, a piece of chocolate from downstairs, go switch the lights off. Then i’m with Mistress putting the kids to bed. i change into pyjamas. She orders me to drag the pyjama pants to my ankles, and keep them there while i read my book beside Mistress in the bed. She is looking down at my flaccid, hairless penis. Mats goes by and She orders me to get the pants up.

Then She sits up, guides my head to Her lap, and lets me masturbate for a “moment” and kisses me wonderfully from above simultaneously. i start to masturbate, and because of the kissing get to the edge quickly, but then She stops kissing me and i remove my hand from my penis. She lets me continue, but i have to stop it as i edge myself again. i continue, and edge myself quickly again. Then She orders me to stop. All this lasted less than 90 seconds after 20 minutes of reading. “Sleep tight”.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Weekday evening sex

I get home late in the evening. Mistress asks me to cut up an pineapple for the kids. I dare not take a piece myself, even though i would like to. i follow Mistress where She goes, She enjoys the com-pany, we chat, then we take a shower together. i ask about what clothes to wear, She orders the same set i wore yesterday. She says She will use me in the evening.

We put kids in bed together, and i wait standing in attention in bedroom, while She is in toilet. When She enters, She changes into a short negligee, without knickers, and settles on the bed. She orders me to open the toy box, and get Her stay up stockings. I dress them on Her. Then She or-ders me to strip, and to put on my body harness custom made of leather. It has two vertical leather straps going from my shoulders down and between my legs and buttocks, and two horizontal ones at my chest between the front and back vertical strips, and around my waist, like a belt. It also has D-rings. She points at the floor before Her, i kneel there. She starts twisting my nipples, and reaches in the toy chest for a pair of Japanese clover clamps attached together with a small chain. i offer my erect nipples for Her, but She says “How do you know what I am going to do with these”, and attaches them in my ear lobes.

Then She draws my head to different positions using the chain, lowers Her legs on the floor, and tells me to get nearer. i’m on all fours, so as i approach, my nose meets Her pubic hair. As a little tug from the chain to my earlobes i start to lick Her clit, biting Her labia tenderly at times, and lick-ing the pussy. She makes excited noises. Then She guides my head to Her breasts using the chain as a lead. She strips Her breasts bare. i suck, nibble, press my lips around the nipples, and circulate the tip of my tongue around the nipples. She moves around quickly, and offers me the rear view. i continue by sucking the clit, so that my nose is in Her pussy, and then i lick pussy with my nose so close to Her anus.

“Get a condom and put it on”. Mistress has touched my penis only once during these 2,5 active weeks of D/S marriage. She orders me to lie on my back on the bed, and starts to screw me with Her pussy moving Her hips strong. Then She raises herself a bit and orders me to fuck Her from below. After a while command “From behind” and i get behind Her and wait until She guides me in with Her hand. Then i start professionally, first slowly, and accelerating the rhythm. She orders “On My side”, and i stop moving, notice that i am close to cumming. i continue fucking Her from behind lying behind Her on my side, focusing myself on satisfying Her. My penis is a tool i have the honour to use now. She cums, and i continue fucking Her until She asks me to stop. i didn’t edge another time. i look at Her pleadingly, but dare not beg for being allowed to masturbate a moment.

Instead She orders me to take the package of a new pair of stockings (my present to Her), and the condom to trash can. Then She orders me to do push ups, one set of 25. My unsatisfied penis is semi rigid, and i get it to flop against my belly each time i lower myself to the floor. i hope She would notice my rigidness, but no avail. i thank my Wife for a wonderful evening and breathtaking D/S. i don’t get a good night kiss as She doesn’t want the taste of Her own pussy in her mouth.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Cousin's visit

Next Sunday i wake up early, make sandwiches for all and epilate thoroughly, also round the ass-hole, which is quite painful, as i only started epilating last month. Mistress wakes up and i get her the paper and herbs from the garden. She reads the paper, and i sit by Her, reading yesterday’s paper. Then She commands me to make stairs in the garden, i get detailed instructions and our handy neighbor is asked to come and direct the work.

Later i may stop the work to make a meal. My cousin is coming for a visit. In the middle of that She drops by and orders me to kiss Her bare toes and ordering me to make the bed and change to the clothing decided by Her. Mistress teaches me how to make the bed and make it smoother, like in the army!

The guests arrive, but i have to continue making a cheese sauce for the enchilados and put in in the oven. During their stay everything’s normal, but after they leave She orders me to empty the dishwasher, clear the tables and heat up the sauna. As i am doing just that, Lina comes to tell me that she and Mother are doing a bicycle trip in the mean time. After the chores i write my diary.

When they come back Mistress decided that i join the others for a swim in the pool and change for something more laid back after that. i show a t shirt and gym slacks, but She doesn’t approve those but chooses from my drawers a small sleeveless shirt and pyjama trousers. At our pool i need to join Mistress’s water aerobics: running so that my heels touch my ass, then using my hands as plungers. Kids swim in the pool at the same time. i get a small hard-on, and later in the shower a medium one. i get ordered to make porridge for supper.

The porridge boils over, and Mistress asks if i am suppressing my anger. Normally i would have lost my temper quite bit over something like that, and cursed. i notice that i have not once flared up after the D/S started 2 weeks ago, not even at work. Maybe my male hormone level is getting lower, and maybe that’s why i’m leaking precum even from a flaccid penis. At least it’s not affect-ing my erections.

i lay the table and divide the porridge on the plates. when kids take their plates to the living room to eat watching TV, Mistress asks me to bring her porridge there with honey, butter and milk. i only dare put milk in my own porridge.

i take care of the cleanliness of the kitchen, and then i trail Mistress upstairs. i settle at the feet of Mistress, as She starts to weave and She gives Her toes to me to rub. i ask whether She wants me to continue rub them when the kids get there. “You will.” Kids think it’s funny i do that, so we need to give a few explanations for them. After a long while She gives me Her other foot to rub.

She hugs the kids, and i “have to” trail Her in kids’ rooms. Earlier i rarely participated in that. Then Mistress goes to toilet, and i stay waiting for Her by the door, clicking my teeth. She says: “Don’t click your falsies, you wait there silently!” Then She goes to bathroom to remove Her makeup. “You go wait in the bathroom, leave me alone”

i go stand in attention two meters behind the bedroom door, which i closed. i have to wait a while,a s i hear Her go somewhere before She comes. She comes in, orders me to open the bed for Her, puts on the negligee, without knickers (!), which causes a strong erection for me, and orders me to read Her aloud her architectural magazine. After 20 minutes She calls a halt. She flashes Her but-tocks for me, and orders me to kiss them. i smack small kisses, moving my mouth a little each time. They make too loud noise, She orders me to be more quiet. i continue with gentle kisses, near the asshole region, and kiss along the tops of Her thighs, until She throws her ass on top of my head and traps me. i make the mistake of continuing kissing Her from below, in the darkness below her blanket, and cause her to itch. She orders me away.

Then She notices some rash in my ears, and i may lie with my head in her lap, and She scratches them. She orders me to get some moisturizer for Her on my finger, She rubs it in my ear, marvel-lously fucking me ear with Her finger. Then She asks if i want to masturbate, i agree enthusiasti-cally. i may masturbate for 90 seconds on my knees by the bed, and She watches me and weaves. i get a good action going, and i ask if i may join in with my other hand. She agrees, and i grab my balls with my left hand, and draw them masturbating my wet willy with my other hand. i start to be-lieve i will be able to redo the bull’s eye performance i was able to put together yesterday, as the second minute begins, but the time runs out just a little too early. “Lights off and go to bed”

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Naked outside

Next Saturday Mistress is awake when i wake up and orders me to make porridge for breakfast. i do it and clean up the kitchen, which has been rather sloppy while i was travelling. i run without being asked to while i pick up the paper from the mailbox, and offer it to Mistress, and boil some infused tea according to Her whim. She orders me to iron again Her mini skirt that has been crinkled again on the shelf. Then She leads us all into the car, we are going to a local fair, where She buys all sorts of things for everyone but me: clothes, fashion jewelry, books, an expensive present for Her sister, and i get to pay for it all. Then i may scurry up to do the groceries – i run as well to the shop.

Later the day my schedule includes taking Lina to a birthday party, making a meal, vacuuming and washing up the toilets, taking garbage out, bringing Lina back, and continuing clean up. Then i was ordered to craft a structure to the garden, but i failed and injured some of the stuff. As a punishment i needed to fix two clothespins to my ball sac. With the pegs on my sac i laid out a tea and milk with buns snack on the porch, we ate and i cleared it up. Then i was ordered to take the pegs off and put on Mistress’s thong instead. Then we visited our neighbours with me wearing the thong and other clothes selected by Mistress.

Later the evening i was ordered to put the kids to beds, which succeeded well. i reported to Mistress, and ran small errands or trailed Mistress – if She didn’t give me an order i just had to follow Her or wait by Her side silently.

When it was dark She made me take off all my clothes and follow Her outside. She talked about the nocturnal sounds and the moon and i had to just stand there naked by Her, until She returned in without a word. i switched off the lights and went upstairs there i was to made 2x25 push up’s. read an article She chose about an architect and got to masturbate 120 seconds standing by the bed. She was not watching me. Before the time i reach the edge, and stop to receive a ruined orgasm with 4 droplets of cum dropping to the floor. She instructs me to wipe them off and get to bed naked. She kisses and hugs me, no genital touching.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Back from the trip

25th Aug 08

As i return from the trip i give presents i brought from Switzerland, and get ordered to make hot chocolate for everyone. i get one piece of present chocolate that Mats didn’t like. Mistress has been ill, and orders me to take Her blanket from the sofa to bed. i make the bed. i bring clean laundry up, i have to take each Mistress’s cloth right to its shelf. As supper She commands me to eat an filmj√∂lk with an old best-before date. The evening ends with 2 push ups’s by the bed, Mistress supervising, and i get to masturbate without cumming.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

First punishment

i get information about gym clubs at work, i forward it to Mistress for her to decide if i should take part.

At home i get to eat first, then i clear the table and put porridge in the oven for the evening. Mistress and our son Mats go do some orienteering, while i must complete my chores: do some shopping at Home Depot, clean up dog poop from our the garden, weed the gravel paths, drive Lina to her hobby and back. When i am back home i hurry to find Mistress whom i find by the pool. She sends me ask our neighbour Kjell for some nailing advice (i am not very good at wood work, but i have been reluctant to ask for advice from my friends as it would be humiliating). When i’m back from neighbours, the porridge is ready and we eat, then i clear the table again.

i iron and pack up my clothes for a working trip to Vienna. i forget the hot iron plugged. In the evening Mistress asks me to pick up two clothespins. i offer them to Her, She says “Not now”. i need to wait standing in our bedroom while She visits children’s rooms. She comes back, asks me to stretch out my nipples with my fingers, so that She can place them right on my nipples as a punishment for the danger i caused for the whole family. Then She commands me to read Her book aloud for a very long time kneeling. Right in the middle She removes the clothespins that have become a nuisance, and squeezes my sore nipples while i need to continue reading like nothing happened. i get no wank permit, but She informs that i am allowed to masturbate each evening of my travel between 10pm and 10.02.

It happens that i am having dinner with my host both evenings at that time, so i miss both opportunities. Anyway, during the trip i continue to epilate and pluck off hair from my ball sac.