Sunday, 1 March 2009

First punishment

i get information about gym clubs at work, i forward it to Mistress for her to decide if i should take part.

At home i get to eat first, then i clear the table and put porridge in the oven for the evening. Mistress and our son Mats go do some orienteering, while i must complete my chores: do some shopping at Home Depot, clean up dog poop from our the garden, weed the gravel paths, drive Lina to her hobby and back. When i am back home i hurry to find Mistress whom i find by the pool. She sends me ask our neighbour Kjell for some nailing advice (i am not very good at wood work, but i have been reluctant to ask for advice from my friends as it would be humiliating). When i’m back from neighbours, the porridge is ready and we eat, then i clear the table again.

i iron and pack up my clothes for a working trip to Vienna. i forget the hot iron plugged. In the evening Mistress asks me to pick up two clothespins. i offer them to Her, She says “Not now”. i need to wait standing in our bedroom while She visits children’s rooms. She comes back, asks me to stretch out my nipples with my fingers, so that She can place them right on my nipples as a punishment for the danger i caused for the whole family. Then She commands me to read Her book aloud for a very long time kneeling. Right in the middle She removes the clothespins that have become a nuisance, and squeezes my sore nipples while i need to continue reading like nothing happened. i get no wank permit, but She informs that i am allowed to masturbate each evening of my travel between 10pm and 10.02.

It happens that i am having dinner with my host both evenings at that time, so i miss both opportunities. Anyway, during the trip i continue to epilate and pluck off hair from my ball sac.

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