Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Naked outside

Next Saturday Mistress is awake when i wake up and orders me to make porridge for breakfast. i do it and clean up the kitchen, which has been rather sloppy while i was travelling. i run without being asked to while i pick up the paper from the mailbox, and offer it to Mistress, and boil some infused tea according to Her whim. She orders me to iron again Her mini skirt that has been crinkled again on the shelf. Then She leads us all into the car, we are going to a local fair, where She buys all sorts of things for everyone but me: clothes, fashion jewelry, books, an expensive present for Her sister, and i get to pay for it all. Then i may scurry up to do the groceries – i run as well to the shop.

Later the day my schedule includes taking Lina to a birthday party, making a meal, vacuuming and washing up the toilets, taking garbage out, bringing Lina back, and continuing clean up. Then i was ordered to craft a structure to the garden, but i failed and injured some of the stuff. As a punishment i needed to fix two clothespins to my ball sac. With the pegs on my sac i laid out a tea and milk with buns snack on the porch, we ate and i cleared it up. Then i was ordered to take the pegs off and put on Mistress’s thong instead. Then we visited our neighbours with me wearing the thong and other clothes selected by Mistress.

Later the evening i was ordered to put the kids to beds, which succeeded well. i reported to Mistress, and ran small errands or trailed Mistress – if She didn’t give me an order i just had to follow Her or wait by Her side silently.

When it was dark She made me take off all my clothes and follow Her outside. She talked about the nocturnal sounds and the moon and i had to just stand there naked by Her, until She returned in without a word. i switched off the lights and went upstairs there i was to made 2x25 push up’s. read an article She chose about an architect and got to masturbate 120 seconds standing by the bed. She was not watching me. Before the time i reach the edge, and stop to receive a ruined orgasm with 4 droplets of cum dropping to the floor. She instructs me to wipe them off and get to bed naked. She kisses and hugs me, no genital touching.

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