Friday, 27 March 2009

slave tag

Next evening Mistress and the kids are out, and i epilate meanwhile. As they arrive, She orders me to empty the dishwasher and lay out all the lace towels smoothly and prettily to dry. Mistress says She has found a nice Christmas present for me: a silver pendant that reads “taken” or “reserved”, a little bit like a “slave tag”. She indicates that She has also bought something for my upcoming birthday, something suitable.

In the evening i fetch some small things for Mistress, a piece of chocolate from downstairs, go switch the lights off. Then i’m with Mistress putting the kids to bed. i change into pyjamas. She orders me to drag the pyjama pants to my ankles, and keep them there while i read my book beside Mistress in the bed. She is looking down at my flaccid, hairless penis. Mats goes by and She orders me to get the pants up.

Then She sits up, guides my head to Her lap, and lets me masturbate for a “moment” and kisses me wonderfully from above simultaneously. i start to masturbate, and because of the kissing get to the edge quickly, but then She stops kissing me and i remove my hand from my penis. She lets me continue, but i have to stop it as i edge myself again. i continue, and edge myself quickly again. Then She orders me to stop. All this lasted less than 90 seconds after 20 minutes of reading. “Sleep tight”.

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