Sunday, 22 March 2009

Weekday evening sex

I get home late in the evening. Mistress asks me to cut up an pineapple for the kids. I dare not take a piece myself, even though i would like to. i follow Mistress where She goes, She enjoys the com-pany, we chat, then we take a shower together. i ask about what clothes to wear, She orders the same set i wore yesterday. She says She will use me in the evening.

We put kids in bed together, and i wait standing in attention in bedroom, while She is in toilet. When She enters, She changes into a short negligee, without knickers, and settles on the bed. She orders me to open the toy box, and get Her stay up stockings. I dress them on Her. Then She or-ders me to strip, and to put on my body harness custom made of leather. It has two vertical leather straps going from my shoulders down and between my legs and buttocks, and two horizontal ones at my chest between the front and back vertical strips, and around my waist, like a belt. It also has D-rings. She points at the floor before Her, i kneel there. She starts twisting my nipples, and reaches in the toy chest for a pair of Japanese clover clamps attached together with a small chain. i offer my erect nipples for Her, but She says “How do you know what I am going to do with these”, and attaches them in my ear lobes.

Then She draws my head to different positions using the chain, lowers Her legs on the floor, and tells me to get nearer. i’m on all fours, so as i approach, my nose meets Her pubic hair. As a little tug from the chain to my earlobes i start to lick Her clit, biting Her labia tenderly at times, and lick-ing the pussy. She makes excited noises. Then She guides my head to Her breasts using the chain as a lead. She strips Her breasts bare. i suck, nibble, press my lips around the nipples, and circulate the tip of my tongue around the nipples. She moves around quickly, and offers me the rear view. i continue by sucking the clit, so that my nose is in Her pussy, and then i lick pussy with my nose so close to Her anus.

“Get a condom and put it on”. Mistress has touched my penis only once during these 2,5 active weeks of D/S marriage. She orders me to lie on my back on the bed, and starts to screw me with Her pussy moving Her hips strong. Then She raises herself a bit and orders me to fuck Her from below. After a while command “From behind” and i get behind Her and wait until She guides me in with Her hand. Then i start professionally, first slowly, and accelerating the rhythm. She orders “On My side”, and i stop moving, notice that i am close to cumming. i continue fucking Her from behind lying behind Her on my side, focusing myself on satisfying Her. My penis is a tool i have the honour to use now. She cums, and i continue fucking Her until She asks me to stop. i didn’t edge another time. i look at Her pleadingly, but dare not beg for being allowed to masturbate a moment.

Instead She orders me to take the package of a new pair of stockings (my present to Her), and the condom to trash can. Then She orders me to do push ups, one set of 25. My unsatisfied penis is semi rigid, and i get it to flop against my belly each time i lower myself to the floor. i hope She would notice my rigidness, but no avail. i thank my Wife for a wonderful evening and breathtaking D/S. i don’t get a good night kiss as She doesn’t want the taste of Her own pussy in her mouth.

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