Friday, 10 April 2009

A good Saturday

On Saturday i clean up the kitchen and make oat meal for everyone and even get myself excited and wet because of it. i put more porridge on Mistress’s plate when She wants it, and clear the table. Lina is fetched by Her mates for a sleepover. Mistress leads us out to make the patio, and leads the work. She only orders me in to make lunch, steamed whitefish, while She stays out. i take care to make a good meal, fetch some dill from the kitchen garden. When Mistress has joined me inside, She grabs my ass and balls from behind, i howl, but continue my chores. i set the table, make a salad. When we have eaten i am allowed to fetch us all pastries. i make tea for Mistress and coffee for myself, and we eat the pastries. Then we continue making the patio all through the evening. Mats is also fetched, and we are alone.

Mistress orders me to remove my shirt, and grabs my nipple with Her teeth, then stretches it out as far as it goes, and lets go. Then repeats it with the other nipple. She orders me to make a roll for Her and bring it upstairs with tea. Upstairs i will need to arrange the table beside Her, get Her knitting, and hurry downstairs and back to get Her the epilator. She orders me to use it on Her legs and trim Her bikini line. i remove Her socks to do it and replace them afterwards. i ask Her how She likes my pubic hair. She says She will think of some natural looking triangle form. She says She is not plugging my ass, as She doesn’t like excrement. i say that is not important to me, but her leading us in the way She wants. i say all kinds of “too detailed” instructions and orders get me excited, also public D/S through O/our kids involvement, and non-rational orders, drilling. i tell her i have avoided asking Her for favors.

i didn’t tell her i have dreamt of being prostate milked, or doing it to myself. Our D/S relationship has lasted extra long now (3 weeks). i really let Her decide on things, i don’t disagree even if i have a different opinion, and try to change my different opinion and adopt her view, and it seems to be working all right.

She tells me to go put the epilator in its place. Then She leaves for downstairs, takes some chocolate for Her from the cupboard, goes outside, me trailing. We go to the beach, and She gives me two bits of chocolate. i tell Her that the discussion earlier has made me painfully happy. She orders me to gather things lying in the garden and bring the sunshade inside.

When we get back She makes me bounce on the trampoline, and hit my ass every other time with my heels. i succeed well. As i stop bouncing and run after Her inside, world seems to have taken a rigid form. She orders me to take out garbage, and carrot tops. As i am leaving She orders me to kneel by the door, and kisses me from above. We listen to music and She makes me dance for her. Then i make supper sandwiches for all, tea for Mistress and me, and we our supper. Then i go put clean laundry in place, a job given to me earlier, to be done when i have time. i get Mats from his mate, which takes an hour. In the evening i read to her, and when we go to sleep. A good night kiss makes Her excited, and i may kiss Her neck.

Monday, 6 April 2009

A funny way to enjoy Friday night

i epilate for 5 minutes every morning. That, and a couple of longer epilating/plucking ses-sions per week are enough to keep me in “Brazilian wax” condition always. World athletics championships are on, i have not watched a minute. W/we don’t normally watch TV at all, no sweets or bear is allowed. i have not masturbated without permission for 3 weeks (when we started), and i have not got an orgasm in that time, even though i don’t use chastity belt yet.

Today Mistress will need the Mercedes, so i go to work with our Corolla. i have a shopping list, i need to do the groceries after work, and visit the liquor store – cheapest white whine for me, expensive Chilean red for Mistress.

Once at home Mistress wants a roll and red wine, i serve them with kids and kids’ friends present. Mistress gives orders, and i ask permission to write them down to ensure i re-member all. i must find a fish recipe that i will be using tomorrow, heat up the sauna, go the garden though it is raining, and remove carrot tops from our harvested carrots, and clean them up. i come to think that everybody else is warm and cosy spending Friday night now. i am cold after that work, and my hands are utterly dirty. But i may go to sauna now, and do water aerobics in the pool – a new exercise: stand straight, jump, and turn your legs 90 degrees to one side, keeping upper body straight, then jump again so that your legs point to the right while you still look straight ahead, and continue jumning that way 150 times.

In the evening i may read my own book sitting in a chair, i start drifting to sleep, i may lie in the bed while She continues Her reading. No sex, push ups instead.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Wet jobs

i wake up at 6.25 before the alarm, and decide to use this extra time to pluck hair from my cock and balls and epilate thoroughly. After this i put my watch before me. My penis remains flaccid – a little work-related stress – but when i start it hardens quickly and already in 1 minute 10 seconds i will have to remove my hand, and cum drops from my penis and one drop even flies in a sort of a curve. In a moment i continue, and same thing happens in 20 seconds! i lick up my cum tamely from the tile floor of our bathroom (i was masturbating in front of a mirror). i also wipe away the hair i have plucked off, from the sink and the floor.

While i drive back home in the evening i call Mistress and ask about my upcoming evening ap-pointments. We agree that i will always have to get Her permission to any evening program. She says She has been wondering if we are ever going to have a fight, as i can not answer back.

At home i find Mistress in Her study. She hugs me, and orders me straight away to the master bathroom. i will need to put a bench i the corner of the bathroom, strip my clothes on it – “No leave your pants on so it won’t get too nice” – My job is to wash up Mistess’s big emulsion containers and wash up the bathroom. It’s a wet job, i am soon totally wet myself. My tool is a dishbrush, i scrub the slimy substance out of the containers with it and pour the washings to the sewer, taking care that the bits of emulsion don’t get there. Finally i scrub the floor with the dishbrush, removing all the emulsion from the floor. Mistress comes to check on me every once in a while, noticing the wet stain in my pants getting bigger and bigger, even though i don’t have a hard-on. Ready, ap-proved. Clothes on.

Next i have to clean up the kitchen, make enough pasta cassarole for a few days. Then i have to help Her in the garden, at certain intervals running to kitchen to check on the food. Then i follow Mistress back inside. i try to hurry past Her to open the door for Her, don’t make it. We eat, i put Mistress’s meal on her plate for Her, and clear it from the table after She has eaten. Clean up the kitchen. put kids’ shoes to dry, Fold dried laundry into the basket. Go upstairs trailing Mistress, but Lina to bed, brush my teeth. Mistress washes her feet, orders me with a hand signal to dry them for Her kneeling on the floor, even though Mats is near and might see us. She orders me to take Her dirty tights to laundry basket. Trailing Mistress to bedroom, i take her skirt as She drops it on the floor, i fold it on the skirt shelf. She orders me to remove clothes, get my book, read it beside Her. i start drifting into sleep. She permits me to masturbate under the blanket. At the same time She pushes her fingers into my ears and finger fucks my ears. It takes a while until i edge myself. As i start again, Mistress tells me time is full.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

In the morning i have time because i’m not going to work because of a dentist appointment. i start by writing my diary and making the bed well enough. i get scolded for putting wrong clothes into the dryer and as a punishment i get only old dried bread for breakfast. before i get my breakfast i must wash up a kettle and the kitchen sink which i had neglected the night before. Then i present myself and get to eat. after breakfast i get permission to epilate my crotch thoroughly. i notice hair is now easier to pluck, as i have been epilating myself for more than a month now.

After work i find Mistress in the garden as i get home. She gives me detailed instructions straight away. i have to move a big sack of fertilizer, switch into casual clothes. i understand we are taking Lina for orienteering, and we take my food with us. As Lina goes to her exercises, we remain in the car. We have forgotten utensils. So i must pour the risotto on a plastic foil that i must peel on the back seat, and eat it like a dog. Mistress doesn’t like play that makes you dirty, so She looks away and sneers afterwards about how my face looks.

We walk around, me at “heel”. i suggest that i would massage Her sore feet, but She doesn’t want to. We agree that i must always have in mind the next task from our task list so that She can just ask me to suggest a task.

At home i know to go warm up the sauna. At due intervals i present myself, and get ordered to empty the dishwasher and clan up the kitchen. Then i ask – kids at hearing range – if there is stilll some tasks for me to do. W/we think this is good role model guidance for the kids. Mistress tells, i must now take dried laundry where it belongs, taking Her and mine to the right piles exactly, and delivering kids’ laundry as a pile by their doors. Then i must make piles of dirty laundry so that each color is in separate pile. Mistress and kids prepare some food, i’m not hungry. Then i must take out garbage to compost and garbage can.

Then i announce that the sauna is ready. Mistress says – kids hearing – that i can take the sauna now, and they’ll join me soon. She also informs me what paper i can take where to read. i take it and a mug of diet coke – i now know that i can only eat one can of beer a week, and only on weekends. As the diet coke spills over, i cry out from annoyance, and shout to Mats to get me a rag. My adrenaline level is high due to some thinks happening at work!

i sit in the sauna concentrating on my paper like in the old days. At the pool i awake and ask if i should do the water aerobics. She says i should do them weekly, so i start up. i start with jumping from a legs spread stance to a legs together position. Mistress looks at me interestedly as my penis bounces up and down – we are always naked in our pool. Mats laughs when he sees me doing the plunger exercise.

i return from the sauna with a towel around me, Mistress orders me to change into pyjama. We put the kids to bed together, study Lina’s gerbils for a long time. Kids have noticed a change in my behaviour, and my relationship with them has deepened noticeably. While Mats is brushing his teeth, Mistress asks me whether i have brushed mine, and orders “Brush them now”. i obey immediately.

Mistress goes into bedroom, me at heel, i help Her open the bed covers. Then She wants me to read an architecture book for Her. “In what position”, i ask. She wonders what i mean, i explain with examples: “like standing, pants down”. She says She wants to listen, not look at me, and orders me to sit beside Her. i read for a long time, then She states that i will masturbate 2 minutes in the morning by myself.