Monday, 6 April 2009

A funny way to enjoy Friday night

i epilate for 5 minutes every morning. That, and a couple of longer epilating/plucking ses-sions per week are enough to keep me in “Brazilian wax” condition always. World athletics championships are on, i have not watched a minute. W/we don’t normally watch TV at all, no sweets or bear is allowed. i have not masturbated without permission for 3 weeks (when we started), and i have not got an orgasm in that time, even though i don’t use chastity belt yet.

Today Mistress will need the Mercedes, so i go to work with our Corolla. i have a shopping list, i need to do the groceries after work, and visit the liquor store – cheapest white whine for me, expensive Chilean red for Mistress.

Once at home Mistress wants a roll and red wine, i serve them with kids and kids’ friends present. Mistress gives orders, and i ask permission to write them down to ensure i re-member all. i must find a fish recipe that i will be using tomorrow, heat up the sauna, go the garden though it is raining, and remove carrot tops from our harvested carrots, and clean them up. i come to think that everybody else is warm and cosy spending Friday night now. i am cold after that work, and my hands are utterly dirty. But i may go to sauna now, and do water aerobics in the pool – a new exercise: stand straight, jump, and turn your legs 90 degrees to one side, keeping upper body straight, then jump again so that your legs point to the right while you still look straight ahead, and continue jumning that way 150 times.

In the evening i may read my own book sitting in a chair, i start drifting to sleep, i may lie in the bed while She continues Her reading. No sex, push ups instead.

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