Saturday, 4 April 2009

In the morning i have time because i’m not going to work because of a dentist appointment. i start by writing my diary and making the bed well enough. i get scolded for putting wrong clothes into the dryer and as a punishment i get only old dried bread for breakfast. before i get my breakfast i must wash up a kettle and the kitchen sink which i had neglected the night before. Then i present myself and get to eat. after breakfast i get permission to epilate my crotch thoroughly. i notice hair is now easier to pluck, as i have been epilating myself for more than a month now.

After work i find Mistress in the garden as i get home. She gives me detailed instructions straight away. i have to move a big sack of fertilizer, switch into casual clothes. i understand we are taking Lina for orienteering, and we take my food with us. As Lina goes to her exercises, we remain in the car. We have forgotten utensils. So i must pour the risotto on a plastic foil that i must peel on the back seat, and eat it like a dog. Mistress doesn’t like play that makes you dirty, so She looks away and sneers afterwards about how my face looks.

We walk around, me at “heel”. i suggest that i would massage Her sore feet, but She doesn’t want to. We agree that i must always have in mind the next task from our task list so that She can just ask me to suggest a task.

At home i know to go warm up the sauna. At due intervals i present myself, and get ordered to empty the dishwasher and clan up the kitchen. Then i ask – kids at hearing range – if there is stilll some tasks for me to do. W/we think this is good role model guidance for the kids. Mistress tells, i must now take dried laundry where it belongs, taking Her and mine to the right piles exactly, and delivering kids’ laundry as a pile by their doors. Then i must make piles of dirty laundry so that each color is in separate pile. Mistress and kids prepare some food, i’m not hungry. Then i must take out garbage to compost and garbage can.

Then i announce that the sauna is ready. Mistress says – kids hearing – that i can take the sauna now, and they’ll join me soon. She also informs me what paper i can take where to read. i take it and a mug of diet coke – i now know that i can only eat one can of beer a week, and only on weekends. As the diet coke spills over, i cry out from annoyance, and shout to Mats to get me a rag. My adrenaline level is high due to some thinks happening at work!

i sit in the sauna concentrating on my paper like in the old days. At the pool i awake and ask if i should do the water aerobics. She says i should do them weekly, so i start up. i start with jumping from a legs spread stance to a legs together position. Mistress looks at me interestedly as my penis bounces up and down – we are always naked in our pool. Mats laughs when he sees me doing the plunger exercise.

i return from the sauna with a towel around me, Mistress orders me to change into pyjama. We put the kids to bed together, study Lina’s gerbils for a long time. Kids have noticed a change in my behaviour, and my relationship with them has deepened noticeably. While Mats is brushing his teeth, Mistress asks me whether i have brushed mine, and orders “Brush them now”. i obey immediately.

Mistress goes into bedroom, me at heel, i help Her open the bed covers. Then She wants me to read an architecture book for Her. “In what position”, i ask. She wonders what i mean, i explain with examples: “like standing, pants down”. She says She wants to listen, not look at me, and orders me to sit beside Her. i read for a long time, then She states that i will masturbate 2 minutes in the morning by myself.

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