Sunday, 5 April 2009

Wet jobs

i wake up at 6.25 before the alarm, and decide to use this extra time to pluck hair from my cock and balls and epilate thoroughly. After this i put my watch before me. My penis remains flaccid – a little work-related stress – but when i start it hardens quickly and already in 1 minute 10 seconds i will have to remove my hand, and cum drops from my penis and one drop even flies in a sort of a curve. In a moment i continue, and same thing happens in 20 seconds! i lick up my cum tamely from the tile floor of our bathroom (i was masturbating in front of a mirror). i also wipe away the hair i have plucked off, from the sink and the floor.

While i drive back home in the evening i call Mistress and ask about my upcoming evening ap-pointments. We agree that i will always have to get Her permission to any evening program. She says She has been wondering if we are ever going to have a fight, as i can not answer back.

At home i find Mistress in Her study. She hugs me, and orders me straight away to the master bathroom. i will need to put a bench i the corner of the bathroom, strip my clothes on it – “No leave your pants on so it won’t get too nice” – My job is to wash up Mistess’s big emulsion containers and wash up the bathroom. It’s a wet job, i am soon totally wet myself. My tool is a dishbrush, i scrub the slimy substance out of the containers with it and pour the washings to the sewer, taking care that the bits of emulsion don’t get there. Finally i scrub the floor with the dishbrush, removing all the emulsion from the floor. Mistress comes to check on me every once in a while, noticing the wet stain in my pants getting bigger and bigger, even though i don’t have a hard-on. Ready, ap-proved. Clothes on.

Next i have to clean up the kitchen, make enough pasta cassarole for a few days. Then i have to help Her in the garden, at certain intervals running to kitchen to check on the food. Then i follow Mistress back inside. i try to hurry past Her to open the door for Her, don’t make it. We eat, i put Mistress’s meal on her plate for Her, and clear it from the table after She has eaten. Clean up the kitchen. put kids’ shoes to dry, Fold dried laundry into the basket. Go upstairs trailing Mistress, but Lina to bed, brush my teeth. Mistress washes her feet, orders me with a hand signal to dry them for Her kneeling on the floor, even though Mats is near and might see us. She orders me to take Her dirty tights to laundry basket. Trailing Mistress to bedroom, i take her skirt as She drops it on the floor, i fold it on the skirt shelf. She orders me to remove clothes, get my book, read it beside Her. i start drifting into sleep. She permits me to masturbate under the blanket. At the same time She pushes her fingers into my ears and finger fucks my ears. It takes a while until i edge myself. As i start again, Mistress tells me time is full.

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