Sunday, 24 May 2009

Haircut by Mistress

It’s Monday. I go buy a digibox, and try to install it talking to my mobile at the same time. It doesn’t succeed, and i feel adrenaline rising. Do men have their period too? Why do i get easily angry, though i was last 3 weeks docile? i’m nervous, and don’t report to Mistress or go hug Her. She orders me to eat, and i'll do just that.

Soon i “sober up” and start begging Mistress for forgiveness and kiss Her foot. She seems calm. She wonders why the effect of the yesterday’s punishment doesn’t last as long as the marks. The marks showed many days). She orders me get a haircut by Her. i need to scurry get Her the equipment from various places, and clean up my hair from the bathroom floor. Once She gets angry while She cuts my hair, as i wiggle and don’t sit perfectly still. She hits me with the comb across my cheek so it hurts. i am afraid of further punches, i pinch my cheek, but i get no more.

Next Mistress makes me iron Her clothes, make evening sandwiches and tea for all. i drink unsugared tea again, start to get used to it. After children have gone to bed i say i did not have time to pluck hair from my balls today. She sends me off to do it now, while She puts the kids to bed. i pluck them quite thoroughly, along with the insides of the tops of my thighs, which are difficult to epilate – i get easily little cuts that bleed there.

i report in 25 minutes to Mistress, who says a lot of time passed, and that i was ready to concentrate on my crotch all that time. i pointed out it may be due to the masturbation ban i have been able to adhere to force last three weeks. Then wash ups, pyjamas and i’ll need to change all bed clothes. After that i get to read the achitecture book to Mistress, and go to sleep, self-evidently without masturbation because of lousy behaviour.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Nettles come into play

On Sunday i wake up only a little before Mistress, and i’m in the middle of cooking porridge when She arrives in the kitchen. i rush to Her like a puppy seeing his Master – She has taught me to do so. i may fetch Her the paper, shave myself and epilate. It rains, so we make a workbench in the shed. She is handling the hammer, i support. The we continue with the patio. At 11 am we have a little rest: mineral water and a roll for me. i may read the paper. She orders me to put on a ball strap.

We continue with the patio work, but the work is hard, adrenaline level is rising and i get angry for the first time during O/our D/S-fulfilled 3 weeks now passed, and i look angrily at Mistress. W/we finish the business, but then Mistress orders me on my knees. We are in a secluded part of our garden where neighbours can’t see. Mistress is angry at me, and i surrender completely, ask to be allowed to make good of my mistake, apologize from the bottom of my heart, tell Her i’m extremely embarrassed. She asks me to open my trousers, but not lower them. then i feel Her pushing stinging nettles into my pants, and then tugs the pants up, so that the nettles meet and rub my buttocks fully, and asks me to close my trousers. She tells me i’m going to get new nettles there until She’s satisfied i’ve humbled myself.

Now i’m fulfilling Her orders eagerly, almost running, collecting all things, as She decided we will go into a restaurant to eat. There She chooses a more expensive meal, me a cheaper one. She tells me that as the effect of the nettle is wearing out, i will need to insert a new one myself once we get home. Once home i get it and hide it on a shelf. She commands me to put it in my pants myself. i cut it with scissors as it is too long to be put in pants as one. i place the parts in my parts to be facing my buttocks like She had done. The effect is very strong again, even though the leaves don’t touch my balls or dick.

She orders me to empty the dishwasher, and i can now read the washing labels for instructions about tumble drying. She orders me to do handwashing later, and instructs me how. Next i may work on my blog, and then She enters, orders me to remove ball strap and go spread the fertilizer that was left unfinished the day before. i do it running. Inside Mistress and Lina are making ice cream portions, a small one for me, big ones for all others. i bite a sugar pearl in the ice cream so that my tooth that was operated this week breaks.

i may make some coffee and come drink it in the garage where i will do woodwork while drinking. She asks me about the effect of nettles, and i have to admit their effect is diminishing. She orders me to pick up a new one immediately, kneel in the garage and lower my pant. Then Mistress asks “Will you do it or must I” i answer: “what if Mistress would do it”. She takes one with Her glove, shoves a big nettle, folded a couple of times, into my trousers, as my ass is naked in front of Her in the garage, and yanks my trousers up again, crushing the nettles in my ass crack. The pain is bigger this time, and a moan escapes from my lips as the nettles brush and settle against my buttocks. As i have cleaned up the garage i return some tools to our neighbour, and go heat up the sauna using extra pieces of wood left from the woodwork.

As the fire is burning, i return to Mistress, who is building a support for a vine. Again i support as She hammers. She tells that i have forgotten my blouse in the garage, and therefore i will get a fourth nettle in my trousers. Third nettle is still burning like hell, and has created a fibrillation, which makes my buttocks hot. It is like a motor that makes me rush.

Mistress reminds me that She already earlier ordered me to handwash some clothes, so i run inside and to laundry room, take off my shirt, put warm water to a bucket indicated by Mistress, and wash Her blouse, my tie and jacket. Mistress visits the laundry room a few times to pick up some nails and oversee me. When i’m ready She gives me some celery to eat after checking i’m not allergic to it.

Sauna is ready, and i fetch a forth nettle and hide it on top of the fireplace. it’s to be put in my pants after sauna. i don’t dare wish for beer even though it’s weekend and time for my one weekly beer, i take with me diet coke instead. Mistress instructs me to take the third nettle away now, and i check my butt. It’s screamingly red where the nettles have rested, and besides where are deep welts at the places where the stems were. i ask Mistress before i undress for sauna where we are going with the whole family, what to do. She instructs me to wear swimming shorts. However, when i take my pants off, She decides i will go to sauna naked, as She suspects kids will not notice anything – and they don’t. However, i try to hide my butt from their view as much as i can.

My butt, that has familiarized itself with nettles for six hours now, still feels their sting though the nettles are not there now. Sitting in the hot sauna is very painful, and i lie down quickly. In the pool cold chlorine water reacts fiercely with my butt, and the tingling intensifies. My butt feels like fizzing. i do a long water aerobics session that tires me (i must have lost a couple of pounds already) and then i wash myself thoroughly, especially my penis. i have started to pull my foreskin back for soaping it up so that penis head is naked, and folds opened. then i soap it up, in a milking fashion. Eventually i shower it, again foreskin drawn back. This is my only moment for customarily handling my penis.

When i stop showering myself, Mistress orders me to put the fourth nettle in my pants, and do it quickly, before kids stop showering. i scurry away to get my new briefs, take the nettle and settle it in my briefs in the room next to the dressing room, as i hear my daughter coming into the dressing room. i have to pull my knickers up quickly, and push two leaves that hang outside my briefs back in with a pencil. My ass is again in fire and i feel some leaf touching my balls. i manage to walk quite naturally into the dressing room, and pull up my jeans, which push the nettles more firmly towards my buttocks.

Then i have to scurry warm up rolls for the family, and ice cream. Mistress says everyone will compile his own roll, so i set up a buffet table. Mistress has told me what kind of a roll She wants Herself, but i had forgotten that. So when Mistress sits down and looks for Her rolls, as i already sit by the table (!) i want to vanish. She makes her own roll, and i try to save what i can by asking if She wants another, and i make it.

After brushing my teeth which is a little awkward because of the damaged tooth i am allowed to go to bed in pyjamas and write this with my mobile. Mistress comes to my side, reads and corrects my writing. She refuses to describe what i looked like when i was in the garage bare-assed waiting for the third nettle to be pushed into my briefs. Then She points at the floor by the bed, and i kneel there. She takes off Her trousers and socks and turns around offering her ass for my lips. i start kissing the buttocks. She orders me to keep the voices down.

She sits down and i’m staring at twp perfect breasts. She raises the hem of my pyjamas behind my neck so that i must keep my hands up. Then She lowers my pyjama pants down, my erection trying to prevent that. i think She likes what She sees, as She guides my head towards Her pussy and tells me to get rid of the shirt. i start licking wildly, nibbling and tickling the clit. She orders me to go get a condom, and pull it on. i warn that i may get an accidental orgasm if the foreskin is pulled back while i put the condom on.

She let’s me push my penis in while i kneel before Her, and start fucking Her. “Get on your back on the bed. Take the pants off.” She rides me a little and gives me a sign with her fingers to start fucking Her from below. i work with dedication, try to make my pubes hit Her buttocks with a loud smacking sound. Then we change into doggy style. i know this is the final. i have not got over-excited yet. i start with speed, and put my right hand on her left knee and vice versa, pressing on her sides with my arms. My penis hurts Her, and i start making a smaller motions. She gets excited and gets Her orgasm. In its aftermath i am nearly starting to cum, and i need to pull out in a swift motion. Mistress is a little annoyed of the nuisance. i had been moving too slow at the moment of her orgasm, She says. “Now wash up and get to sleep”