Sunday, 24 May 2009

Haircut by Mistress

It’s Monday. I go buy a digibox, and try to install it talking to my mobile at the same time. It doesn’t succeed, and i feel adrenaline rising. Do men have their period too? Why do i get easily angry, though i was last 3 weeks docile? i’m nervous, and don’t report to Mistress or go hug Her. She orders me to eat, and i'll do just that.

Soon i “sober up” and start begging Mistress for forgiveness and kiss Her foot. She seems calm. She wonders why the effect of the yesterday’s punishment doesn’t last as long as the marks. The marks showed many days). She orders me get a haircut by Her. i need to scurry get Her the equipment from various places, and clean up my hair from the bathroom floor. Once She gets angry while She cuts my hair, as i wiggle and don’t sit perfectly still. She hits me with the comb across my cheek so it hurts. i am afraid of further punches, i pinch my cheek, but i get no more.

Next Mistress makes me iron Her clothes, make evening sandwiches and tea for all. i drink unsugared tea again, start to get used to it. After children have gone to bed i say i did not have time to pluck hair from my balls today. She sends me off to do it now, while She puts the kids to bed. i pluck them quite thoroughly, along with the insides of the tops of my thighs, which are difficult to epilate – i get easily little cuts that bleed there.

i report in 25 minutes to Mistress, who says a lot of time passed, and that i was ready to concentrate on my crotch all that time. i pointed out it may be due to the masturbation ban i have been able to adhere to force last three weeks. Then wash ups, pyjamas and i’ll need to change all bed clothes. After that i get to read the achitecture book to Mistress, and go to sleep, self-evidently without masturbation because of lousy behaviour.

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