Saturday, 13 June 2009

Guided masturbation

Next morning i planned to call Mistress often, to prepare for the coming evening and mood. Once i get home, Mistress is taking Lina to her hobby, and i receive by phone instructions to change to casual clothes, eat, get fresh and go to a PTA meeting at the school by 6pm. i manage to do that and also read the paper, clean the kitchen and empty the dishwasher.

After the meeting i am ordered to make supper sandwiches for Mistress and myself as well. i always ask Her whether She wants green or black tea, even though kids can hear me. After eating She orders me to take the laundry upstairs and bring Her tea and an oat biscuit. i bring them, and when kids have gone to bed i stand by Her and hold the plate so that She doesn’t need to reach for the biscuit.

I am ordered to take a shower, change into pyjamas, and wash my teeth. After that, She asks me to drape a towel on the bathroom floor by the sink, and i do it wondering why. She commands me to take off Her socks. She lifts Her feet to the sink one by one and i’ll got to wash them and mind sore spots that Her new shoes have caused. Then i must dry Her feet – not by rubbing but pressing with the towel – and i must rub Her feet thoroughly with moisturizer. Then i must put Her socks back on. i say this is cool while i have Her feet right in front of my face. Mistress thinks i like it when i may touch Her skin. i admit, and add that this part od Her body is closest to the slave. Mistress thinks Her anus might be that part.

Mistress orders me to open the bedclothes, and take Her panties and Hers socks that She has left on the floor after undressing to the laundry basket. She goes to have a pee, i kneel by the toilet door, as kids are already sleeping. i watch Her while She dries Her pussy, and i ask if i can pee too. “You may, if you can with that”, mistress says. i have quite a hard-on. i manage to pee and i wash up the penis with the bide douche, like i always do nowadays.

i have also took to the habit of using bathroom only 3 times a day: in the morning, after all meetings at work in the afternoon and going to bed. i do this to train myself for the chastity belt that i may get into. i have quite a long foreskin, and if Mistress doesn’t get me circumsized, i may generate a smell problem if i pee a lot through the CB-2000.

Mistress does some weaving in the bed, i report on my knees by the bed. Mistress asks, if i would like to masturbate. i am interested and eager, i nod. She looks at me and my body, seems to be considering if i have earned it. She says yesterday evening getting close to an orgasm didn’t do any good to my behaviour. i assert i would take precaution not to get that close this time. i wait on my knees, penis hard, and hands straight by me sides.

After a long consideration She grants me a permission to masturbate, i tug my pants down to my knees, start quick masturbation and raise my hem to my navel height with my other hand. Now She has good view to my crotch. However She doesn’t care about that, She continues Her weaving and doesn’t even look at me. As there is enough precum, i start massaging the bare penis head inside my palm, with fingertips on my frenum - a lot of slurping noises. She notices the sounds, asks why is that. i explain. i must get back to traditional style, as there is not enough precum – i must indeed be at a low point of my sexual cycle. Mistress lets me continue for longer than before, about 4 minutes, weaving ignorantly.

Finally i get close, but stop at once – no semen showing. Mistress calls that a day, a good moment to stop me. She orders me to raise my pants, wash my hands and start reading the architecture book for Her. i comply and read a few pages. Then Mistress gives me orders for tomorrow, as She will be away: change into casual clothes, eat, check the accounts of an organization there She’s active, and mow the lawn if there is enough time.

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