Monday, 20 July 2009

Interrupted by hamsters

In the morning i eat with Mistress and She tells about Her dream. i was sucking Her breasts a lot in that dream. i say i would like to do that more often. i also ask whether She would like to be fucked with a larger penis: i offer to fuck Her with a strap-on. She doesn’t want to be fucked with a larger one.

After work i get home and do that work Mistress assigned to me yesterday. As She gets home She says i may stop mowing and make porridge for supper. She stops me to give me a big kiss on the mouth and i kiss Her neck. Mistress fries some chanterelles She has collected. After the meal i clean up the kitchen and pack up the dishwasher. Then i may write this diary.

After brushing my teeth, and changing to pyjamas according to Her order i wait for Her in the bedroom standing in attention. She complains i was not there to say good night to our son. Well how could i, She ordered me elsewhere? She throws Her used clothes on the floor, orders them to be taken to laundry basket. i do it and say Good Night to Mats. i get back and She orders me to open up the bedclothes. She settles on the bed, i settle on my knees by the bed. i remind Her of her dream the night before. She wants me to show Her my penis, i let my briefs fall to the floor. She takes the architecture book, orders me to read it on my knees. So i read four pages, kneeling with my briefs down. i try to use as nice and lively a voice as possible, twisting myself occasionally in an awkward position to show Her the pictures as i read the captions.

She orders the bookmark back in place, sits up so Her breasts are facing my face. She orders me to move closer, and captures my penis between Her knees and squeezes it. She takes off her nightie and i am allowed to repeat Her dream by sucking, nibbling, drawing with my lips, and circulating my tongue around Her nipples. She orders me to remove Her knickers, lock up the door, and get a condom. i may tickle Her bush with my rubberized penis and then She withdraws and settles on the bed, sitting on the edge, supporting Herself on Her elbows. i penetrate Her and She raises Her legs in the air. i ask if i can support Her legs. She lets me and seems to enjoy, as i push and hold on to Her hips. i even start to draw Her towards me during each push. i enjoy so much that i will have to withdraw as i’m nearing the edge. She turns around and raises Her ass up in the air and orders me to lick Her pussy from behind. Then i am required to climb on the bed to fuck Her from behind. Just when i’m starting the first thrusts, Mats knocks on O/our door and shouts he cannot sleep as Lina’s hamsters are making so much noise. Mistress passes there and returns and we continue. Soon we are again in full speed and i can get Mistress to orgasm quite quickly. when i slow down, i start nearing the edge, like it sometimes happens to me. i withdraw immediately, and i can show Mistress a condom with an empty end, and an erection still intact. Mistress allows me to masturbate without orgasm when She ghoes checks the hamsters again, and i move from the bed to squatting on the floor, which i consider a suitable position for a masturbating slave. As She comes back, She says “that should be enough”, and orders me to wash myself and get to bed.

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