Thursday, 30 July 2009

New way to masturbate

Once at home after work i report to Mistress and say how nice it is to be Her most obedient slave again. She ponders on making me swim in the cold, autumnal water, but orders a quick change of clothes and eating so that W/we can continue with our garden projects. However, before that, She orders me to make some paperwork and warm up the sauna. W/we kiss, and She says it is nice kissing has again been an integral part of O/our lives. i run for the sauna. We work on the project, then i get to ask my neighbour for advice how to do some woodwork. Then She orders me to put things in their place and take the kids to sauna. Obediently i take a diet cola, not a beer, and do water aerobics in the pool naked, neatly epilated genitals rocking.

Next i have to make a porridge, which requires me not leave the pot while it cooks. i clean up the kitchen at the same time. Then i have to go check up on Mats brushing his teeth, go put him and Lina to bed with Mistress, interrupted by an order to fetch some medicine from downstairs.

Mistress sends me away from the toilet door while She’s there, to wait in the bedroom. There She gives a new standing order: i must open the bed in the evenings, and put the bed lamp on. Then i must read him the architecture book for a long time.

“Stop. Is there other ways to masturbate, or just that horrible pounding?” i start to list different ways: holding just the glans, humping some surface without hands, against a shoe… She suggests masturbating with rubber gloves, with sand paper, i add: with nettles. Mistress mentioned mouth, i state “To one’s own mouth”. i tell Her about prostate milking with Aneros for men who are in a chastity belt and don’t get any genital stimulation. Mistress asks when i have read about that, i say you can find information about that even at sex shops net pages. Then i add wanking with fingertips, or only with one’s thumb and forefinger. That interests Mistress, and She lets me masturbate that way. i ask, with all fingertips, or just with two fingers? She says with all fingertips, She will be progressing gradually. i start, but She expels me from the bed, as i start to rock the bed. i get on my knees by Her, and i state doing it on my knees or squatting are natural position for a slave to masturbate. i drop my briefs to my knees, and i ask permission to also undress my shirt. i get to put the hem of my shirt behind my neck.

What i may loose on the friction side, is twice paid back on the mental side. i get quickly excited with fingertips only. It feels as good as regular wanking. Only i can’t massage my glans. i push my hips a bit backwards. i emit panting noises, which get Mistres’s atttention momentarily, but She continues weaving. i get on the edge, and let go of my penis to see if cum will drop from my penis. Nothing comes out, i let go too early. i rush to continue, but Mistress informs me that will do. She says, i know what happens next. i go and wash myself. i come back with an erect penis not inside my briefs. She tells me to put in my undies. i ask whether i should do push-up’s, She orders 2 times 25. After them She digs my ears, sets my head on the pillow, kisses me froma bove and orders me to sleep.

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