Thursday, 27 August 2009

CBT Punishment

On Saturday i wake up first, make porridge and lay the table. i also manage to prepare tea and coffee before She rises. i greet Her eager as a puppy. i get Her the paper from the mailbox, then we eat. i always wait for Her to start eating before i eat anything in the morning. Then i clean up the kitchen, and get out to assist Mistress in the garden. Then She orders me to change clothes, we are going on a fair. i trail Mistress, She informs what She wants: a feta olive sandwich, a pie, cowberries. Lina wants a Minnie balloon. Then to a café. Mistress informs i get a bun, and She takes one too. As we get back home, She orders me to wait outside for 5 minutes before getting in, probably some preparations for my birthday tomorrow. In the mean time i take garbage to the bin, and the trash from the meadow to a compost. Then i may get in, wash the potatoes and prepare lunch. Mistress helps, says that cooperation in the kitchen starts to work. After lunch Mistress says in the presence of O/our kids that i may now have coffee and prepare Her green tea, and take it out to Her. She also says kids will need to clear the table. However i do also most of that, and soon i take the tea out to her.

We work on the fence for a long time, and as we get in, i am an eager servant, and get to put Mistress’s coat and shoes to their place and make slices of pie for everyone. We eat the and i may write my diary until now. While writing, i suggest oven porridge for the evening, and i get praise from Mistress and permission to prepare it.

Then back out again, more fencework. i may help Mistress put on Her shoes, and also outside She holds my reigns, tells me exactly when to stop and start assisting Her with the creeper support. i’ll have to fill the two holes i dug yesterday, as the sizing is wrong. i say i would dig and fill holes under her rule every day. Then back in trailing Mistress, Her shoes off, ironing work, i am ordered not to disturb Her for half an hour. i work on the diary again after the ironing, then epilate. In the evening Mistress mentions i had left the coffeemaker on. Then She wants to know all TV programs, and selects a movie. i start watching it by Her feet. She says, with the kids hearing, that She would like to have a glass of red wine. i scamper immediately to the kitchen. She let’s me take a sip – oh how good these expensive wines are. During a commercial break i take the porridge out of the oven and serve it in the tv room. During the next break i start washing up the porridge kettle, put dishes in the dishwasher. She wants more wine. After the movie i remain scraping the kettle, then i get upstairs – the usual going to bed routine – open up the bed, put on the light.

Mistress orders the bedroom door locked, me get naked, toy chest open, takes a chain connecting two clover clamps, orders me nearer. i offer my nipples, She pulls on them, asks what went wrong today. i apologize for my tenseness in the morning, and accidentally stepping on Her foot by the fence, but She says it has got to do with coffee. i am puzzled at first, the i remember – i left the coffeemaker on. i deserve a punishment. She attached the clamps to my earlobes, then She wants a collar. She accepts the one i find: a real brown dog collar with a chain ending in a leather loop as a leash. She sits on the edge of the bed and i must lower my head to Her lap and accept the collar. Then i must empty nearly the entire chest to find the rest She wants: a 2 kg weight, a small strap for the balls. She orders me to hang the weight from my balls. i fix the little strap round my ball sac, attach a short chain to the strap but have trouble attaching the strap to the weight. The weight is a pervertible, an old weight used in shops in then 50’s or 60’s. i ask for Mistress’s help, settle down so She can reach it. She takes a length of slim rope, ties it handily around the neck of the weight and the other end to the ball strap. When it is ready, i ask whether i will raise the weight with the front, back or side of my ball sac. She chooses the front side.

Then She orders me to stand up, and raise the weight with my balls. She holds the leash so that i cannot move back. i must stand by the bed for 5 minutes while She reads the Vogue and glances at me once in a while. The weight really is heavy, and the strap bites into my ball sac, but i endure the pain silently, staying still. Finally She admits me to kneel and lay the weight on the floor. She draws my head to Her breasts using the leash, and removes the left nipple clamp, then turns my head to the other side and removes the other clamp. “Stand up” i have to lift the 2kg weight again up. i succeed and have to stand another 10 minutes, then i may rest it on the floor, remove it, take the collar off and put all toys back in the chest and go to sleep without any more fun. Tomorrow’s my birth day!

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