Sunday, 23 August 2009

Smaller car for me?

While driving home Mistress gives me a shopping list by the phone, and i dare not buy practically anything else. At home i put the groceries in place while on a conference call and report to Mistress in Her study. Quick change of clothes and meal, then out to assist Mistress in the garden. This time i must dig holes in the ground for a creeper support, then collect trash from our meadow. Mistress shouts to me from the balcony, wants me inside. We take the kids to there swimming training together.

While we drive there we talk about cars. Mistress is now ready to take my big Saab. i will have to buy a new, small but safe diesel car for driving to work.

When kids are swimming, we are alone for 1,5 hours. At home Mistress says we can browse S/M gear in net shops. i present to Her dogs’ shock training collars, parachutes, shirts with straps in the back so that the backside can be whipped, harnesses, paddles, chastity belts, uniforms for women etc. etc. We cannot find anything She really must get, but finally i say on the top of my wish list there are the chastity belt (probably CB-2000) and Aneros for prostate milking.

Mistress suspects the chasity belt leads to smell, but i say i don’t have to pee that often, but a morning enema could be necessary so i wouldn’t need to poo during my working hours.

i return to collect the kids, Mistress makes sandwiches meanwhile. i have to wait until kids have eaten, and then i need to eat all that is rest. i clean up the kitchen and join Mistress who is putting the kids to bed. She has opened the bed already so i switch on the night lamps. i follow Mistress downstairs and back up, we brush O/our teeth together. The n i must read aloud the architecture book, beside Mistress in bed. Then Mistress orders me to remove briefs, and put on ladies high heels, my size, a pair we have had for many years. She orders me to masturbate with my fingertips standing on the heels. i comply, and soon about ten small drops of semen leak from my clitty after a ruined orgasm. Mistress doesn’t follow me closely, and does not notice what has happened. i mention it to Her, She orders me to wipe the floor, wash up and get to bed.

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