Monday, 28 September 2009

Epilation thoughts

Each morning i painfully pluck hair from my nether parts using an epilator. i have succeeded in keeping the area smooth and clean. i am growing a triangular form of hair lined from all sides by hairless skin. The most painful part is plucking hair from the inner sides of my thighs, up near the balls and perineum. You must draw your skin tight as you epilate your inner thighs, as the epilator easily grabs loose skin, and creates a lot of small bloody cuts.

Also epilating around the asshole is difficult. i don’t have time to do it daily. Every once in a while i take tweezers and pluck hairs from my anus area with a mirror to complete the asshole area. Regularly i epilate all sides of my pubic triangle, including between penis and the triangle, the sides of my genitals and the perineum. Besides i epilate round my nipples, and frame my thigh hair by epilating everything that would show above my stockings.

Mistress gives little attention to my well groomed genitals. During the last month She has touched my penis once, and She never feels my hairless crotch, but through clothes. A couple of times She has surprised me during this month, grasping my ass and balls from behind. She did that last weekend while i was cooking by the stove, and made me wet immediately. i like kitchen work anyway more than any other house work. i don’t remember Her touching my bare buttocks during this month.

So am i doing all this grooming for nothing? In a way, but epilating is the only long period of time reserved for me touching my undercarriage, and i get direct sexual stimulation from epilating – the pain caused by it to me nether parts – so i get wet from epilating. i wouldn’t be doing it daily though (5 mintues per morning and longer once a week) if Mistress hadn’t imposed that on me. That alone is a big enough reason for keeping my pubic area clean and smooth, even if She would never take a look there.

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