Thursday, 24 September 2009

Slave's birthday

It’s my 42nd birthday today, on a Sunday. I am the first to wake up in the morning, but Mistress is wakes up too. i ask whether She wants sandwiches or porridge. She lets me suckle on Her nipples and masturbate with my fingertips until She orders it to stop. I get up, lay my bed, dress, put the porridge kettle on the stove and go epilating and shaving for 5 minutes while it cooks. i get back to the kitchen and wait until the porridge is ready. Mistress comes down, i greet Her eagerly. i get Her the morning paper. As i go, i take care to close the closet door neatly, i had a bad habit of leaving them open, i try to get rid of all my sloppy behaviour as i might get punished for it now, i don’t know.

i put the paper on the kitchen table by Mistress’s place. As She comes, i draw the chair for Her. A hot steaming tea cup is ready for Her too. Soon i sit by Her and eye Her paper.

She doesn’t mention my birthday, but then She gets me a parcel and i hug Her. In the parcel there is a red and grey striped tricot shirt, long sleeved, and sloggi briefs. She wants to see them on me at once. i ask if i put only them on, She says: “Also your pants”. i go and change. The shirt is very tight. It is going to me my new slave costume. You don’t get macho in a red striped tricot shirt. In the birthday card it reads “Have a surprising birthday”, it gets me excited.

As everybody’s eaten there is excess porridge, i have to eat it from the kettle so that nothings goes to waste. Now Mistress inform me and Mats that it’s time for a game hour. Mats chooses Carcassonne, we play one game, i win 120-98. Next She orders me to turn the car, as i try to get back in, She says to wait by the car, i return there. They come out, they put a blindfold on me right on the yard! The kids are taking part in this, dad will get into the back seat blindfolded and he will be driven to a secret place. The blindfold is thick and tight, a bug scarf, i can’t see anything. Anyway i am able to track the movements of the car well at first, but it goes on tens of kilometres, and finally i am totally surprised when they remove the blindfold and we are in the middle of fields. They still don’t tell me where we are, they take me on a nature hike, in the forest. We look at various objects, gradually i start to get a hint of where we are.

She hints me to go not on the track but by the track and pick mushroom the sort She likes. i move off the track immediately. She instructs me how to serve O/our snacks, i get a choice of old instant coffee or tea. After the break She instructs how to pack O/our bags and off we go. W/we have another break, i arrange seats for all, Mistress orders me to pour the drinks, and says openly that i get a drink only if there’s something left after all Others. There is none left.

When i eat, Mats gives me his present, self made toffee sheets! They had not forgotten my birthday, just lured me. Normally i am not allowed to drink alcohol and eat sweets so i ask Mistress when kids don’t hear, whether i may eat it and how much. Mistress gives me permission to eat this candy my whole birthday. After being without candy for weeks this IS a good present. Of course i share my gift with O/others, T/they too like it.

The trek continues, i try to move as quickly in the woods as T/they on the track and then on the road. We get back to the car and as a chauffeur i may now drive the family to a nearby design shop of Mistress’s choice. i ask Mistress if i my sit in its café, i may not. It starts t rain. i offer to fetch the car to the door, and drive the family back home only a little wet. Mistress reminds me discreetly about the rule to always stay exactly on my lane on the road – i had forgotten that already.

At home starts hard work. i must clean and peel the mushrooms – whole 10 litres of them. A bit embarrassed i ask permission to make coffee for myself. Normally i may not ask anything for myself as i shall want what Mistress wants and no more.

Mistress helps me with the mushrooms at first, then goes do some woodwork. What a lovely, public, humiliating switch of male and female roles! Next i am ordered to make a full dinner: salad for starters, mushroom-veggie casserole, cooked vegetables and steaks. Simultaneously i need to heat up the sauna. i really need to hurry, there are so many dishes in my birthday dinner.

We eat, i clear the table, we go to sauna. Mistress just visits it briefly, i stay longer, drink my allowed diet cola, and do the long water aerobics. Later i may work on this diary while She puts the kids in bed. i report to Her, change to night wear, wash up and report again. She sends me to wish goodnight for Mats who is reading in his bed. Then back to bedroom. i am made to read aloud for a while sitting on the bed, but Mistress is tired.

She allows me a birthday wank, with whole hand, on my knees on the floor, pyjama pants in my knees. i get to the edge quickly, and as i slow down because of that, Mistress orders me to stop. This birthday stays in my mind long, because of the fun “kidnap” section.

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