Monday, 26 October 2009

An accident in bed - nearly

In the morning we wake up at the same time, i make the bed. i am ordered to bring one of the laundry piles i sorted to the washing machine, She says it was sorted right. i put on the new present tricot shirt and Sloggi briefs, it pays, as She bites my nipple that protrudes slightly through the shirt. Downstairs mother-in-law has already done some breakfast; my Wife gives orders to her too. Soon we are working in the yard with the garden project, working a long time with Mistress supervising. She says She might be interested in intercourse today. It triggers some daring talk from me, but She puts me in place by saying She will use a dildo if I’m not good. i come into problems with my work and i swear. Mistress forbids the use of ‘fuck’ as a swear word.

She makes me run errands: concretely running, for instance to get a measuring tape from the other side of the yard. Lunch is done by mother-in-law. Mistress discreetly directs me to eat leftover minced meat sticks. i try as discreetly to ask for a permission to have some dessert. Then i make coffee for all and clear the table, clean up the kitchen. Nobody’s picked up the paper, i may do it, running. Again back to yard, we continue until all boards are used. i am so tired i say all thinking is up to Her from now on. Then i have to put tools in place and go warm up the sauna. i get ordered to go to sauna first. i ask and get permission not to do water aerobics and to take my weekly bottle of beer.

After sauna i have to lay the table for supper, clean up the kitchen, lights off, kids to bed, washing my teeth. Mistress orders me to lock the bedroom door, strip, get on my knees to Her. She rises, turns Her butt to me, lifts her skirt, Her bare buttocks in front of me. Order to kiss the butt (and nothing but Her butt, e.g. not Her pussy). She orders me to get a condom, put it on. i take care the condom keeps my foreskin in front so it covers my glans. That’s my secret way of making me last longer than Mistress. She orders me in the bed on my back. She sits on my waist, uncovers Her breasts and lowers them on my face. i suck each nipple in turn, stretching them with my lips and biting them with my gums.

She settles on my penis, and fucks me a few thrusts, then gives me permission to fuck Her from below. keeping Her supported by Her hands, which rest on my wrists, pinning them to the bed. She lets me suck Her nipples simultaneously, but i have to raise my head from the bed to be able to, and strain my neck.

The bed is too noisy, She doesn’t want to disturb Her mother, She moves the blankets on the floor and orders me lie on top of them. Now the cupboard starts to squeak. She orders me back on the bed, on my side. Finally we get into a steady rhythm, with me behind Her, partially even on top of Her. i accelerate gradually. When the rhythm is quick enough, i lengthen the thrusts, until i’m fucking Her with frequent, deep thrusts. She orgasms before i’m even close. She spasms long, stopping my movements, holding me in place by digging Her fingers in my buttock. All of the sudden i’m getting close to orgasm, but i manage to hold it until She withdraws. She asks whether i was close, and orders me to lie on my back and masturbate my condomed penis with my full hand, kneading my nipples painfully. i edge two times until She notices and She orders me to bed.

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