Saturday, 17 October 2009

Back to D/s

i’m working in the evening tonight as well, so nothing happening with my Mistress. During the night She awakes me. “The cat is meowing, let it out”. i am a very hard sleeper, when the kids were small, She couldn’t get me up and take care of them during the night. She has now said that if W/we had been in D/s already during that time, She would have used me to care for the kids, and as a consequence, She would have agreed to have more kids. What a pity, i would have liked that.

i hit a door trying to walk out the bedroom to find the cat. i close it into a room in the other end of the house. i am glad She used me.

On Friday it’s back to business. Mistress selects me certain leftovers for my meal. She uses me as Her worker in the yard, at Her beck and call, digging plants from the ground and moving them to other locations. fixing the climber plant stand, putting things in place.

Then it’s time to take kids into their hobby; we are going to have time together with Mistress! First She orders me to undress to my briefs and don an apron that leaves my butt uncovered. then i need to run Her errands, arranging things around the house and i must pass several windows while at it.

Next She supervises an aerobics workout for me: “on your back on the living room carpet, raise your legs up, let them down slowly… more slowly!. Push-ups, keeping my neck up without support. She makes me take a break to make tea for Her.

i’ll fetch kids and prepare sandwiches and tea for supper. Lastly i may masturbate one minute sharp, taking time with my own watch, first time with two fingers only, on my knees of course. i belong to Her again.

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