Sunday, 4 October 2009

Bad Monday

Monday. As i get back from home, Mistress is cooking, and i am sent to pick up herbs from the kitchen garden. After that i may work in the study, and then dig holes in the ground for Mistress’s new pergola’s supports, and help Her erect them.

Back inside, i must make supper with Lina as Mistress is helping Mats with his homework. i make sandwiches, tea for Mistress, i clean up the kitchen and empty the vegetable dryer. Up, i prepare the bedroom. Mistress has PMS, She’s is irritable. She’s not in a shape to order me around today. Normally She likes me report to Her after tasks, so i keep following Her, but She gets tired of that too. i say “Now it has lost its taste” i’m depressed: She has grown tired of this after all.

She notices the situation, and tries to make it all right by cuddling. Then we have to put things in place together, as O/our cleaner woman is coming tomorrow. Mistress notices that i have been eating my birthday candy again today, She notices that i need permission for that from now on. She order me to put on night clothes. After brushing my teeth i have to read the architecture book to Her while kneeling by O/our bed, pants in knees. Then to sleep.

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