Thursday, 29 October 2009

D/s during mother-on-law's visit

This morning i leave for work later than usual, which means i will make the bed, i get a wonderful, long kiss from Mistress and i have time to epilate 10 minutes. The triangle which is left of my pubic hair is nearly finished. i have been gradually enlarging the area which i keep epilated.

In the evening Women go for a walk, while i’m busy with my chores. My mother-in-law is still on Her long visit to O/our house. They make the meal while i continue with my chores. i eat with moderation, i take care to lose weight myself. i get also a little cheap white wine. i get to clean up the kitchen. Then i massage Mistress’s toes in the living room, even though mother-in-law comes to sit nearby. They start watching telly. i ask if i can go and fell a tree, but instead Mistress puts me look up small, but safe cars in the net. We have been talking about me and Wife swapping cars and me getting a new small car. From tests i find bmw118d, volvo c30, toyota corolla and kia ceed.

Then i must make tea, i bring tea cups to the Women watching TV, mother-in-law says i should have not bothered. i go supervise Mats getting to bed, and leave to pluck my ball hairs with tweezers. It is difficult for Mistress to deal out direct orders when Her mama is there. Then She gets upstairs, orders me to brush my teeth, change to pyjamas, get Her a flashlight for Her nightly toilet trips, do 25+25 abdominals, and read a novel while She reads Hers, on my knees.

The next day is quite uneventful. Women are at a party. i am ordered to move pictures from the camera to the computer and eat leftovers. After that i browse S/M pictures that i have copied from the net, as there are no other orders. They get back, not many new orders. i show my car favourites from the net, i get allowed to test drive them. As mother-in-law talks over the phone, Mistress orders me to prepare porridge and tea. In the evening i have to do some aerobics. After that i wait on my knees for further orders looking Her intensively in the eye. She reads Her book, and is happy for me attentiveness. Then early to sleep, no permission to masturbate.

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