Thursday, 8 October 2009

D/s helps lose weight

In the morning Mistress supervises my daily epilation. She has waken up because Lina had an early start, Lina’s already left. She’s again my strong Mistress, gives orders about things to do, talks about redoing together, just the two of us, the 11th August trip that started all this D/s. We notice that my newest belt is too large for me – i’ve lost so much weight. She informs me that She will increase my gym workouts, but i will get solid food. i’m enthusiastic again.

i get back from work assignment which included a trip to the theatre with our bankers only when Mistress is already in bed. i tell Her about the play: Beauty and the beast from a D/s perspective: subdued servants, a Candle figure holding his hands up and a Cup which wears a sailor suit, and spends most of its time on his knees, walking on his knees etc.

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