Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Finances in 24/7

i have been asked about money issues in O/our household – whether Mistress can use my account etc.

Well, we have joint accounts. We both go to work, Mistress works part-time, so i earn most of the income. i handle in practise O/our bank affairs, paying the bills etc, it’s part of my service. my responsibility is also that there is always credit in Her credit card and cash in her debit card.

She can use my earnings at Her will, but i cannot. i am allowed to go to lunch during workdays and i do all shopping for groceries, but according to Her wishes. i am responsible for keeping kitchen stocked. i update a shopping list according to shortages in stuff and menus that She approves beforehand.

Buying candies or alcohol for myself is not allowed. Regular clothes purchases for me are OK, sometimes She supervises that. i don’t use barbershop, She cuts my hair. She is talented in that. i would like to buy a lot of sex toys, but She allows it very rarely, even though we have large investments. i may take care of investments, as She is not interested in that.

All travelling, bigger purchases etc. are decided by Her. i don’t think any 24/7 Mistress should settle for less.

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