Wednesday, 7 October 2009

First D/s month complete

Tuesday. That day i had been Mistress’s slave for one month. (It has took me now 8 months to post my diary entries form that month, sorry).

The day starts well, as Mistress rises up before me, and i can make the bed as i wake up. i told her yesterday about a funny fantasy game: let’s paint a target in my butt, and She starts to hit it with a slingshot, shooting little U-shaped pieces of wire into my buttocks. i decide to do a slingshot for Her for out 1 month anniversary, i think i can do it without her permission as it is my present to Her. i cannot find materials for that in shops, but luckily Mistress has programmed my evening so that i take Lina to rehearsals first and then Mats to orienteering, as She goes to an exhibition opening to the neighbouring town.

i take needles and thread with me, thin green rubber coated wire, scissors and a knife. During the orienteering i walk in the forest looking for the perfect branch fork to make a slingshot. i keep looking, 20 minutes go by, and i have to settle for a living willow tree as Mats calls me that he’s already finished. i cut the fork part off. So i didn’t have time to prepare the slingshot in the car waiting for Mats as i had planned. As i am ready with the fork, to my great dismay i notice that the stealth of the knife is missing, i must have left it in the woods. i try to look for it but have to stop as Mats is waiting for me.

At home i carve the slingshot, i make a nice handle, i stitch a rubber band into place, i make 10 shots, and put everything in the bedroom in a present bag. i have also warmed up the sauna, i go to sauna with Mats and do water aerobics for a long time. She arrives home, goes to sauna quickly while i continue my aerobics. As i join Her, i am somehow stuck because of her weariness yesterday, and maybe the novelty of this D/s has worn off for my point of view as well. i am also annoyed by the loss of the shealth, and i am not the usual puppy enthusiastic about its Mistress. Instead i sigh. Mistress and even Lina notice my sigh. Lina imitates it. They have already made supper sandwiches for themselves. Kitchen is dirty, has been the whole evening, i have not had time to clean it up. i start making sandwiches for myself. Mistress comes to me and returns me to my subdued position by saying “Oh you are going to eat. The laundry basket needs to be taken upstairs” while Mats is in the same room and listening. “Yes” i say, and start taking it upstairs right away, putting my and Mistress’s laundry in place in O/our closets. Then i am allowed to eat.

i clean up the kitchen completely before reporting upstairs. Good night to Mats, brushing my teeth, Mistress already in bed. i may give Her the present, She tests the strength of stitches, and debates if i would have needed a permission – i had used Her equipment. i also disclose the stealth is missing. She is very annoyed, it was Her “Missyknife” and now the edge may get damaged. She says i will have to go looking for it again. She doesn’t thank me, says that if i imagined it being used right away, i will have to get disappointed. She points out it’s is fresh wood, the wooden handle being still damp.

i warm up the soles of Her feet against my balls as instructed, on at a time. She says that She nearly fell asleep yesterday, while i was doing the same thing. Then She commands me to get her woollen socks and put them on Her feet, and settle on my knees to l read Her architecture book. Now and then i wriggle into a crouching position to show her the pictures. i read aloud half an hour, then She orders me to stop. She wants water, i have to get a glass downstairs. i may have some water myself, i am thirsty after the sauna.

Then i may masturbate with my fingertips. She says She doesn’t like the bed swaying. i say it’s ok to do it on my knees or crouching on the floor. She wonders about the crouching position, wants me to sow it to Her. i take my pyjama pants off, and tell Her it’s strenuous to be crouching, it puts a time limit into masturbating. She thinks it’s weird, but She lets me masturbate crouching. The expression on my face becomes soon ecstatic and i start to stare into space, so She makes me stop shortly. Then to bed. i may not kiss Her now, but i am allowed to feel Her neck etc.

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