Sunday, 29 November 2009

Pins to the balls

On Saturday i wake up early and make breakfast sandwiches, tea and coffee, empty the dishwasher, get the morning paper and some chives from the herb garden. i epilate a long time until i hear someone else has woken up. It is Lina.

i go up to see Mistress. She has just woken up, there’s some blood on the bed, She’s having her period. She orders me to change the bed linen and pillow covers. She is not hungry, She doesn’t want her breakfast on the couch where She heads. Her menstrual pains are very bad this time.

She orders me to put a machineful of preselected laundry into the washing machine, and after that install Her new printer and check why Her .doc files don’t open. After that i must continue sawing some logs which is hard work. It starts to rain, i put on a raincoat and continue. Then i need to return into house to sharpen the saw. i am already wet from sweat and She orders me to change my clothes and prepare lunch.

It will be steamed whitefish, sauce, potatoes and vegetables. i also lay the table and clean up the kitchen. i search the recipe from the web. We eat, i am allowed to eat also Mats’s leftovers. Then W/we lay about and consider what to do, W/we decide to go to movies by bikes. But first i must work on the shed project under the supervision of Mistress.

i get a headache and ask Mistress for some sweets (maybe it’s low blood sugar after the meal). i don’t get sweets, i get a painkiller. At the movies i get some snacks! After W/we get back home it’s busy time for me, i must make a fajitas dinner quickly and warm up the sauna.

Then W/we eventually get to the bedroom, i must get Her an additional sheet. Then She keeps me waiting on my knees some 6 minutes (i can see the clock), and orders me to get some duct tape, scissors and 4 pins from Her study. i hand them over to Her, and She cuts two 8 cm pieces of tape and orders me to strip. i take off my t-shirt, and pyjama pants, i’m stark naked, i get a hard-on.

She orders me to get closer to Her on my knees, fixes the first piece of duct tape over my belllybutton (a hairy place) and another to my chest (another hairy place). Then She wants to hug me, taking the pins in Her hans, and starts pricking me all over with the pins: my back, my buttocks, my sides – She tests the pain sensitivity of different parts of my body. She notices my sides have the greatest sensitivity, besides my balls: She orders me to stand up and pricks my neck, nipples, stomach, sides and penis, and orders me to spread my legs, and continues to prick my balls from below, and the insides of my thighs. She doesn’t perforate the skin, She just makes the skin stretch and form an indentation. My penis is erect and dripping, as the center of Her attention is me and my genitals. She warns me i can be made to wear clothes that have pins struck through it. She let’s me masturbate now, with full right hand. i am already so excited i approach climax fast. “Stop!”.

Still blue balls for me. The duct tapes stay on.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

At the mall

On Friday i must first take out biowaste and then Mistress allows me to eat and take care of the cleanliness of the kitchen (It’s fairly clean). Then out to paint the shed, until She whistles me back in like a dog. i must take Mats to his hobby. W/we are not left alone with Mistress, as Lina is ill.

Instead W/we all three go to the mall, where i am allowed to shop for groceries. However i need Her approval for everything, and i must take frozen lamb steaks back to shelf. The rest of the time They spend on the clothes, cosmetics departments and i follow them pushing the cart knowing that my big salary is reserved for Their purchases not mine.

During the trip Mistress informs me that i am to have a punishment, there has been a lot of faults. i have let the cat disturb Mistress in the mornings with its meowing, not waking up to let it out, She has found my used condom in the upstairs trash bin, a wrong place, and i have even showed nervousness.

At home i must make porridge, i ask whether W/we eat now. Mistress informs They eat now as Lina is tired. i have only time to clean up the kitchen before i have to go fetch Mats back. The we eat with Mats, and i hurry upstairs, there Mistress in already getting to bed, no punishments today!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

On Thursday Mistress commands me out to work. She orders me to dig out strawberry plants. As equals i used to defend these plants, no Mistress has the upper hand, and makes me dig them out. i don’t resist. i have given up my power. i continue, i don’t dares top though my back hurts already and i have worked more than an hour with the plants. Then She comes to check out the situation and frees me to indoors work. i joke that now homework starts to get completed as She has a slave that continues work until told to stop.

Mistress wants a certain type of porridge, i prepare it. She mentions there was one mistake in laundry sorting. i clench my butt, as i remember the threat of whipping. i ask Her about the mistake to learn from it, and She tells me there was one item that needs special treatment among the others. i clean up as the milk warms up, and i notice i am getting all wet without an erection again. i ask Her whether it is a standing order that i keep the kitchen tidy. We agree that whenever She finds fault in the kitchen, i get a punishment.

i lay the table, and ask Mistress, who is reading with Lina, if She wants tea also. i make green tea, inform everything’s ready. Mistress wants me to get Mats also, who is in his room upstairs doing homework. i make the bed as i go by. Mats wants tea too, i give him my cup and make another cup with the same teabag for me.

After W/we have eaten, mistress hints that porridge kettles dry up quickly, so i wash the dishes up, put them in cupboards, and clean up all the kitchen surfaces, the stove, wall tiles etc. Then i go upstairs where Mistress orders me to prepare bed and myself to bed. i remember now to also put the nightstand lamp on. After washing my teeth i make the mistake of staring at Her like not knowing what to do. Though Mats hears her, She says She already told me to prepare for bed, so i go and change into pyjamas. After that i join her again, waiting for next orders, but She just orders me out of Her way, so i go wait standing in the bedroom. As i hear Her go put Mats to bed i go with Her and wish him good night.

As Mistress joins me in O/our bedroom, i kneel before Her, but She orders me to look away (She’s on Her period, changing Her pad), so i move on my knees to a corner, where i stay until She, already in bed, notices that i’m still in the corner. Then i settle on my knees by my side of the bed, like i normally do, to wait what She wants next. She wants me to read on my knees the architecture book, i do that long and with devotion. After that a one minute masturbation. i check the method, She confirms it’s whole hand. This time She looks at me openly, and i become a little wetter. Afterwards i raise my pants and wait until She orders me to bed.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Short story: Minnie and gary

Minny and Gary knew each other since they were five. Gary was the son of a well-off family, while Minny´s parents were much poorer, even though they owned a barber´s shop in the city. They were mates in kindergarten and then in school, and they played a lot together.

Already before Minny was 10 she knew that by having Gary as her boyfriend she could get a lot of things she desired. Minny was a wild and energetic girl, while Gary was timid and sometimes shy even though he was bright in school.

I don´t want to bother you with a more detailed desciprion of their childhood, let´s jump over those years, and go directly to she was 21 and he 20.

They were now living together in a large apartment bought with money donated to him by his parents. Minny was a beautiful girl with long black hair, big breasts and good figure. Gary was a tall but very slim young man with long legs and arms. After they started going steady Minny soon learned that she would get a lot of privileges if she would be the dominant partner in their relationship. She could:
-have the last word in any real matter any time she wanted to
-have him do his part of the household work, and even sometimes something extra just to get her excited like bring her a drink in their bedroom just dressed in a lacy apron and stockings.
-get as much sex as she wanted to (and it WAS quite a lot), and get it in the way that suited her
-make sure he was not chasing other women.

She started by trying some physically dominant stuff on him, pinning him down under her, tongue-fucking his mouth etc. It turned out that he was more than excited and willing to adapt the passive role, which later turned into slavery. It was slavery in every meaning of the word – any meaning SHE would define.

Minny wanted to have a slave-husband whom she could fuck. As a first step, when they started to explore B&D, she started to tie him down on the bed, normally spread-eagled, knelt on top of him and made him fuck her by thrusting his loins up and down. He was very excited being tied down like this, but he didn´t dare come before Minny, as he was instructed. The problem was that he had to stop every once in a while for not coming too early. She had to do something!

After she had had her orgasm, she used to let him come by fucking him. When she fucked him, he had to lie still, not move a muscle. Quite suprisingly, this always succeeded to get him to orgasm. But then she decided to put an end to that and make him come only in totally different sessions, trying to condition him into not getting excited while they fucked. She liked the idea of making him come passively, not thrusting his penis inside her, but lying still, with only minimum stimulation on the penis, in a helpless, humiliated state. That way he was conditioned into combining mentally satisfaction and being under her ultimate domination.

She went on to have him shave most of his pubic hair. The rest was formed according to a model designed by her: there was no hair between his penis and navel, on his ball sac and between his legs, but on each side of his lower abdomen was a rounded half-circle of hair.

She had him install rings in the ceiling on top of each corner of the bed, and one more in the center. They had purchased some SM gear also, ankle and wrist straps and a letter helmit among others. He was trained to on command wet in his mouth and insert in his anus a smallish butt plug. He kind of liked the feel of the small plug sliding in him, and he always got a firm hard-on while inserting the plug. She had bought a couple of larger plugs too, but he couldn´t insert those by himself.

Then it was time to start his orgasm training. She ordered him to get naked, open the gear closet. From there Minny chose some fetish gear for use: a leather helmet, a posture collar, a new purchase, which was basically like a leather corset for the neck. She made him put in place the wide leather inforced ankle and wrist straps and a full body harness, which consisted of only leather straps connected together.

Straps went around upper arms and legs in two places, around the waist, the chest and the neck. They had O-rings, for nipples in the chest strap and four around the waist strap. These were used also to connect the different straps together with vertical and diagonal straps. There was also a detachable Y-shaped chain which was connected to the front of the waist strap and after going between his legs attached to the back ring of his waist strap. This could be used for holding a dildo or butt plug inside his smooth-shaven ass.

When he had the harness in place, Minnie locked it on with three little padlocks at the back of the waist strap, breast strap and collar, while he held Gary standing at attention. Then he had to insert the butt plug, lock the Y-chain in place and kneel on the bed. She put on him the tight leather helmet which had no openings for eyes and a zipper for the mouth. It has just two small open rings for each nostril. It confined him in a leathery odour. It was tightned by a strap at the neck, and then she fixed the posture collar on top of it.

She fixed his hands together behind his back by attaching each wrist to the opposite shoulder, to O-rings of the breast strap. Then she took hold of a black, 20cm wide leather corset that could be laced on top of the other gear. She fixed it loosely in place and ordered him to kneel and lower his head so that the D-ring on top of the leather helmet was touching the floor. She put her foot on the small of his back to tighten the corset to its limit and tie a knot to its cord.

“Up!” He hurried to obey her commands.

As he stood in attention, she attached a leash to his collar and admired her handiwork. Totally hairless erect dick stood obscenely between the straps and the black corset that really made him a waist and hip curves. Cruel chain on top of the small batches of hair left. Vulnerable balls between the cold chains. Normally she wouldn´t want to make him too hot before making love to him, but now she was too horny and full of might, so she decided to fool him around a bit. She had him stand up and step into a pair of high heeled women´s leather boots which were a little bit too small for him. When she lead him around with a leash connected to the collar. He didn´t see anything, but had to follow quickly with wobbly legs, headfirst and bent double, as she held the leash tightly on thigh level. When she stopped, and ordered “On your knees, legs wide”. Her orders were always very brief. He sank to his knees, then spread his knees a lot and joined his toes together, like he was instructed to do. She then opened the mouth zipper of the helmet, and ordered “Start licking my toes, slave”. Obediently he dropped his head down and quickly found his way to her stockinged leg. He licked the toes individually and then took them in his mouth altogether

He was lead to stand on the bed while she attached the wrist straps to the ceiling rings. After that she connected ankle straps loosely together.

“Let´s get your bottom hot and red first”, said Minnie, as she grabbed a table-tennis racket. She used it with force and loud banging noise filled the room. Gary whimpered in his helmet, but with his feet tied like they were, all visible he could do was to wince his buttocks and squirm. His ass was nevertheless an easy target for Minnie´s racket, which found its way again and again to the reddening goal.

She stopped to hoist his legs one at a time and attach each by the ankle strap to the remaining rings so that he was hung face down by his limbs. She took hold of his balll sac which was hanging down, put a small put wide strap tightly around it, and attached it to the remaing ring in the ceiling with a chain. She tightened the chain until his balls were drawn back as far as possible, and his cock pointed straight down to the bed. This built up some tension in his cock, and caused the foreskin to pull back and reveal the head of the penis. Next she rolled on a condom as he squirmed in anticipation and lust. Then she took a normal dildo, and strapped it under his penis with two littele straps, one going around the base of his penis and the base of the dildo, and another going around just below the head of his penis and – as the dildo much bigger than his penis - the middle of the dildo. She turned the dildo on. Feelings of vibration on his penis and especially under the penis head made him quiver helplessly in his bonds.

She started to simultaneously grap his penis and pull on the butt plug until its bulkiest part stretched his spintcher muscle. Clamping the penis to the dildo intensified the vibration on his penis. She went on to rhytmically loosen and tighten her grip on both, which soon caused him to start moaning in his helmet and shoot his load in the condom in less than half a minute. This was partly due to the fact that the load in his balls had been building up for a week. From now on this treatment was the only permitted way for him to reach orgasm.

Minny liked this for many reasons: there was no movement of the penis (or any other part of his body as a matter of fact) involved so this conditioned his orgasm to total passivity. Earlier there had been a kind of movement involved when she used to fuck his penis with her pussy. Her goal was that being active and fucking her for a long time would not get him excited, but in total state of passivity he would come quickly on command. Later she wanted to see him even come with no penis stimulation at all, only having his ass fucked and being rhytmically pulled by the ball sac. She fantasized of fucking his arse with a bulky plug which would be connected to a wide strap at the base of the ball sac so that every time she pulled the plug back, the ball sack would be pulled back,too. Of course it was also most humiliating for Gary to be allowed to orgasm only hanging down and tied up, with a plug in his ass stimulating him. He became conditioned to the fact that these rare moments of absolute humiliation would be his heaven.

The other part of conditioning him would be to make fucking her not exciting sex but more like physical training. So she started training session, where his hands were tied together by the wrists and elbows behind his back, he had his helmet on, which was attached to the head of the bed, and his legs were tied together at knees and ankles. On command he had to fuck the air by lifting his butt from the bed. This was continued for ten minutes, later even half an hour, as his physical condition improved. When he got tired, she would tie a small chain to the base of his ball sac, and force him to continue by lifting the chain with her hand. He had to do also other physical exercises being tied up like this: lift his legs in right angle to the air, and also lift his upper body the same way.

This way fucking her become like a sport performance to him, and he concentrated for it inside the confinement of his black helmet. Their sex sessions were no longer interrupted by breaks for him to calm down.

Allowed 1 minute play time at work

In the morning i have a late wake up. i rise after Mistress, make the bed, thinking about some of the Femdom images i looked through yesterday. Downstairs i hug Mistress, kiss Her neck, and turn to hug Her from behind, which i think might excite Her. She asks how hot and bothered i am. i say i have not been allowed to masturbate for two days now. She says i may masturbate a minute during the day. i may choose the time. With two fingers only. i get excited, thinking where i will do it, and can i view porn as i do it. Then i ask Her if it is OK, if i epilate my pubic triangle narrower. She says She wants a well-defined triangle, it suits Her.

i have plenty of time, so i epilate myself a thinner, sharper triangle. The bottom angle of the triangle stays in its original place. i continue to shave my armpits, locate a mirror so that i see my asshole, epilate the curly hair from my crack, my hairy lower back, which hurts, and closely the surroundings of my asshole.

During that time i still wasn't confined in my cb-2000 all the time so, in my office, after my secretary has left home at 3pm, i decide it’s time for my play minute. i draw the shades, lock my door, drop my pants to my ankles, and open my collection of Femdom images, find my current favourite image, a female-looking sissy maid, who has been tied in an uncomfortable position on the balls of her knees by her triumphant looking Mistress. The maid is wearing a rubber corset with openings for “breasts”. her hands are tied and pointing up, her nose is hooked and pointing up, her genitals are tied to the ground, and the clips at her nipples are tied to the ground. her ankles are tied to her waist with rope. her limp penis shows in the middle of a hairless genital region, between suspenders. In other pics a chain that digs into her groin as she stands, the chain going between her legs, and her hands are tied behind her back and raised up, tied somewhere up.

In still other pictures he’s lying on his belly on a table, balls tied separately, ropes taut between her buttocks that look soft and white. And yet another pose: same sissy wrapped in clear plastic on his back, only the hairless crotch bare and vulnerable. In some pictures he’s serving in a maid’s dress, nipples showing and clamped, wearing a pretty maid’s cap in all of the pics.

i look at the pics and my watch, excited i am about to start with my hand, but correct myself and start with allowed two fingers., one on trop and one below. In 45 seconds i am close to a strong orgasm, i let go of my willy, and about a spoonful of cum leaks on the floor. i lick it up. i get some sand in my mouth. i continue browsing my pic set and remove quite a few less exciting. It’s difficult not to continue masturbating while i’m at it, but i succeed.

On the way home i phone to Mistress. She’s afraid my sexual hunger is burning me at both ends. At home Mistress takes command: first casual clothes and food. i eat the oldest leftovers, and clean up the kitchen. Then out, get the barrow wheel, get strawberry plants discarded by Mistress, dump them in another place. Warm up the sauna, move heavy sunshade, i report back, get ordered to fell a tree. i get the sweat doing that, i’m ready for the sauna. Others come to sauna as well and i’m ordered to massage Mistress’s neck. In the warmth of sauna massage works well. i don’t dare stop until She orders me. i do the water aerobics program, measure the water quality and add chemicals. As i return, Others are already eating supper. i eat moderately, Mistress says a godd method is: stop eating as you start considering whether to eat more or not.

Mistress orders me to pay a bill, but i use the opportunity to go to the web page there these pics were, to see if there were any more. Mistress makes me stop, switch off the lights, brush my teeth. i try to prepare bedroom, but fail: i forget the night table lamp, and get scolded for that. i have to read the architecture book on my knees, interrupt this to get Her bag from downstairs, and finally i get ordered to masturbate 2 minutes with my fingertips only, as She reads Her magazine and talks with me about things like Grace Kelly’s hairy arms so that i cannot concentrate. After the 2 minutes She mentions washing up. i say i remained dry. She wonders why reading the architecture book was not enough fore play for me. i say what the problem was, and i think She wasn’t offended.