Monday, 2 November 2009

Allowed 1 minute play time at work

In the morning i have a late wake up. i rise after Mistress, make the bed, thinking about some of the Femdom images i looked through yesterday. Downstairs i hug Mistress, kiss Her neck, and turn to hug Her from behind, which i think might excite Her. She asks how hot and bothered i am. i say i have not been allowed to masturbate for two days now. She says i may masturbate a minute during the day. i may choose the time. With two fingers only. i get excited, thinking where i will do it, and can i view porn as i do it. Then i ask Her if it is OK, if i epilate my pubic triangle narrower. She says She wants a well-defined triangle, it suits Her.

i have plenty of time, so i epilate myself a thinner, sharper triangle. The bottom angle of the triangle stays in its original place. i continue to shave my armpits, locate a mirror so that i see my asshole, epilate the curly hair from my crack, my hairy lower back, which hurts, and closely the surroundings of my asshole.

During that time i still wasn't confined in my cb-2000 all the time so, in my office, after my secretary has left home at 3pm, i decide it’s time for my play minute. i draw the shades, lock my door, drop my pants to my ankles, and open my collection of Femdom images, find my current favourite image, a female-looking sissy maid, who has been tied in an uncomfortable position on the balls of her knees by her triumphant looking Mistress. The maid is wearing a rubber corset with openings for “breasts”. her hands are tied and pointing up, her nose is hooked and pointing up, her genitals are tied to the ground, and the clips at her nipples are tied to the ground. her ankles are tied to her waist with rope. her limp penis shows in the middle of a hairless genital region, between suspenders. In other pics a chain that digs into her groin as she stands, the chain going between her legs, and her hands are tied behind her back and raised up, tied somewhere up.

In still other pictures he’s lying on his belly on a table, balls tied separately, ropes taut between her buttocks that look soft and white. And yet another pose: same sissy wrapped in clear plastic on his back, only the hairless crotch bare and vulnerable. In some pictures he’s serving in a maid’s dress, nipples showing and clamped, wearing a pretty maid’s cap in all of the pics.

i look at the pics and my watch, excited i am about to start with my hand, but correct myself and start with allowed two fingers., one on trop and one below. In 45 seconds i am close to a strong orgasm, i let go of my willy, and about a spoonful of cum leaks on the floor. i lick it up. i get some sand in my mouth. i continue browsing my pic set and remove quite a few less exciting. It’s difficult not to continue masturbating while i’m at it, but i succeed.

On the way home i phone to Mistress. She’s afraid my sexual hunger is burning me at both ends. At home Mistress takes command: first casual clothes and food. i eat the oldest leftovers, and clean up the kitchen. Then out, get the barrow wheel, get strawberry plants discarded by Mistress, dump them in another place. Warm up the sauna, move heavy sunshade, i report back, get ordered to fell a tree. i get the sweat doing that, i’m ready for the sauna. Others come to sauna as well and i’m ordered to massage Mistress’s neck. In the warmth of sauna massage works well. i don’t dare stop until She orders me. i do the water aerobics program, measure the water quality and add chemicals. As i return, Others are already eating supper. i eat moderately, Mistress says a godd method is: stop eating as you start considering whether to eat more or not.

Mistress orders me to pay a bill, but i use the opportunity to go to the web page there these pics were, to see if there were any more. Mistress makes me stop, switch off the lights, brush my teeth. i try to prepare bedroom, but fail: i forget the night table lamp, and get scolded for that. i have to read the architecture book on my knees, interrupt this to get Her bag from downstairs, and finally i get ordered to masturbate 2 minutes with my fingertips only, as She reads Her magazine and talks with me about things like Grace Kelly’s hairy arms so that i cannot concentrate. After the 2 minutes She mentions washing up. i say i remained dry. She wonders why reading the architecture book was not enough fore play for me. i say what the problem was, and i think She wasn’t offended.

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