Saturday, 28 November 2009

At the mall

On Friday i must first take out biowaste and then Mistress allows me to eat and take care of the cleanliness of the kitchen (It’s fairly clean). Then out to paint the shed, until She whistles me back in like a dog. i must take Mats to his hobby. W/we are not left alone with Mistress, as Lina is ill.

Instead W/we all three go to the mall, where i am allowed to shop for groceries. However i need Her approval for everything, and i must take frozen lamb steaks back to shelf. The rest of the time They spend on the clothes, cosmetics departments and i follow them pushing the cart knowing that my big salary is reserved for Their purchases not mine.

During the trip Mistress informs me that i am to have a punishment, there has been a lot of faults. i have let the cat disturb Mistress in the mornings with its meowing, not waking up to let it out, She has found my used condom in the upstairs trash bin, a wrong place, and i have even showed nervousness.

At home i must make porridge, i ask whether W/we eat now. Mistress informs They eat now as Lina is tired. i have only time to clean up the kitchen before i have to go fetch Mats back. The we eat with Mats, and i hurry upstairs, there Mistress in already getting to bed, no punishments today!

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