Wednesday, 4 November 2009

On Thursday Mistress commands me out to work. She orders me to dig out strawberry plants. As equals i used to defend these plants, no Mistress has the upper hand, and makes me dig them out. i don’t resist. i have given up my power. i continue, i don’t dares top though my back hurts already and i have worked more than an hour with the plants. Then She comes to check out the situation and frees me to indoors work. i joke that now homework starts to get completed as She has a slave that continues work until told to stop.

Mistress wants a certain type of porridge, i prepare it. She mentions there was one mistake in laundry sorting. i clench my butt, as i remember the threat of whipping. i ask Her about the mistake to learn from it, and She tells me there was one item that needs special treatment among the others. i clean up as the milk warms up, and i notice i am getting all wet without an erection again. i ask Her whether it is a standing order that i keep the kitchen tidy. We agree that whenever She finds fault in the kitchen, i get a punishment.

i lay the table, and ask Mistress, who is reading with Lina, if She wants tea also. i make green tea, inform everything’s ready. Mistress wants me to get Mats also, who is in his room upstairs doing homework. i make the bed as i go by. Mats wants tea too, i give him my cup and make another cup with the same teabag for me.

After W/we have eaten, mistress hints that porridge kettles dry up quickly, so i wash the dishes up, put them in cupboards, and clean up all the kitchen surfaces, the stove, wall tiles etc. Then i go upstairs where Mistress orders me to prepare bed and myself to bed. i remember now to also put the nightstand lamp on. After washing my teeth i make the mistake of staring at Her like not knowing what to do. Though Mats hears her, She says She already told me to prepare for bed, so i go and change into pyjamas. After that i join her again, waiting for next orders, but She just orders me out of Her way, so i go wait standing in the bedroom. As i hear Her go put Mats to bed i go with Her and wish him good night.

As Mistress joins me in O/our bedroom, i kneel before Her, but She orders me to look away (She’s on Her period, changing Her pad), so i move on my knees to a corner, where i stay until She, already in bed, notices that i’m still in the corner. Then i settle on my knees by my side of the bed, like i normally do, to wait what She wants next. She wants me to read on my knees the architecture book, i do that long and with devotion. After that a one minute masturbation. i check the method, She confirms it’s whole hand. This time She looks at me openly, and i become a little wetter. Afterwards i raise my pants and wait until She orders me to bed.

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