Sunday, 29 November 2009

Pins to the balls

On Saturday i wake up early and make breakfast sandwiches, tea and coffee, empty the dishwasher, get the morning paper and some chives from the herb garden. i epilate a long time until i hear someone else has woken up. It is Lina.

i go up to see Mistress. She has just woken up, there’s some blood on the bed, She’s having her period. She orders me to change the bed linen and pillow covers. She is not hungry, She doesn’t want her breakfast on the couch where She heads. Her menstrual pains are very bad this time.

She orders me to put a machineful of preselected laundry into the washing machine, and after that install Her new printer and check why Her .doc files don’t open. After that i must continue sawing some logs which is hard work. It starts to rain, i put on a raincoat and continue. Then i need to return into house to sharpen the saw. i am already wet from sweat and She orders me to change my clothes and prepare lunch.

It will be steamed whitefish, sauce, potatoes and vegetables. i also lay the table and clean up the kitchen. i search the recipe from the web. We eat, i am allowed to eat also Mats’s leftovers. Then W/we lay about and consider what to do, W/we decide to go to movies by bikes. But first i must work on the shed project under the supervision of Mistress.

i get a headache and ask Mistress for some sweets (maybe it’s low blood sugar after the meal). i don’t get sweets, i get a painkiller. At the movies i get some snacks! After W/we get back home it’s busy time for me, i must make a fajitas dinner quickly and warm up the sauna.

Then W/we eventually get to the bedroom, i must get Her an additional sheet. Then She keeps me waiting on my knees some 6 minutes (i can see the clock), and orders me to get some duct tape, scissors and 4 pins from Her study. i hand them over to Her, and She cuts two 8 cm pieces of tape and orders me to strip. i take off my t-shirt, and pyjama pants, i’m stark naked, i get a hard-on.

She orders me to get closer to Her on my knees, fixes the first piece of duct tape over my belllybutton (a hairy place) and another to my chest (another hairy place). Then She wants to hug me, taking the pins in Her hans, and starts pricking me all over with the pins: my back, my buttocks, my sides – She tests the pain sensitivity of different parts of my body. She notices my sides have the greatest sensitivity, besides my balls: She orders me to stand up and pricks my neck, nipples, stomach, sides and penis, and orders me to spread my legs, and continues to prick my balls from below, and the insides of my thighs. She doesn’t perforate the skin, She just makes the skin stretch and form an indentation. My penis is erect and dripping, as the center of Her attention is me and my genitals. She warns me i can be made to wear clothes that have pins struck through it. She let’s me masturbate now, with full right hand. i am already so excited i approach climax fast. “Stop!”.

Still blue balls for me. The duct tapes stay on.

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