Thursday, 31 December 2009

New way to masturbate

On Sunday i wake up at 8, but before Mistress wakes up i succeed in preparing porridge, laying the table, put coffee maker and tea ready, epilate, get the paper and calculate the lumber need for the rest of the shed using method invented by Mistress. She wakes up, i pour hot water on tea and switch on the coffee maker, we eat and i must go alone continue with the shed project, as W/we are lacking. i succeed well with new strength and fresh mind and Mistress joins to finish it up. She has set a tight deadline for the shed, Lina’s birthday.

We visit Her mother. On the way there Mistress decides W/we’ll stop at a cafe and at the way back She send me to a shop shouting that i may buy sweet for myself also. Kids hear it all. i aso ask her which route to take. As W/we talk with Her mother, i make a suggestion about my winter holiday, Mistress turns it down publicly, She wants to make the decision when i will use my holiday.

Back at home, She decides i will eat a bar of chocolate, and wants Herself wine and chocolate, i serve it. She has decided W/we will still saw the remaining boards in the evening.

Later i will be made to read the book on architecture aloud. Then Mistress asks whether i want to masturbate. She lets me masturbate with my fingertips for a long time. As the touch of my fingertips seems to be leading me nowhere, i try another grip. i put my thumb on top of my penis pointing towards the root, touching with the tip of my thumb and putting the four fingers on the bottom of the penis so that the palm of my hand hits the tip of my penis during each stroke. i still touch with fingertips only. This works better, and finally,a after long, sometimes intensive and sometimes staring eyed and panting masturbation on my knees i get wonderful feelings and i withdraw my fingers to ruin the orgasm, but the feeling dies, i don’t get even a ruined orgasm. Wash up and to bed!

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Orgasm for Her only

On Saturday morning i wake up early, epilate well and pluck all the hair from my balls. i make porridge for breakfast, get the paper, clean up the kitchen, but don’t go to net, eben though no-one is still up yet. Mistress had said yesterday that i could examinen femdom material in the net, but She has to know about it.

Finally Mistress wakes up, i serve porridge and tea, pull a chair for Her. She is angry, because i have wasted morning time and not prepared to work with the shed project. It escalates so that She reused to order me out with Her, but i follow Her anyway. She finally orders me to go get more boards from the lumber store. Then W/we work on the project, it advances well, W/we work all the morning till lunch time. She sends me to prepare lunch. We eat fish in white wine sauce. We have a coffee break too, also i get some apple pie.

W/we continue with the shed project in the afternoon. It is heavier work now, but Mistress keeps us going well, except when She gets Lian back from a birthday party and i allows me a break. i check that the break is free time, and use it for looking at Femdom in the net. Then W/we continue until She decides to stop working at 6pm. We are really tired both. i’ll warm up the sauna. Mistress orders me to get a cd from Her study.

After sauna Mistress regains Her dominating role, but this time demanding and harsh. Lina hears her order yoghurt, and when i serve it, She taunts me with bringing it without a spoon, says She’s not going to eat it standing and lets me pull a chair for Her. i must prepare sandwiches and tea for her and serve them. i make supper also for children and i ask for a permission to eat a hot dog myself. i have got nothing after lunch.

Afted kids are tugged in, Mistress talks on the phone for at least 20 minutes. i wait on my knees. Then She rolls to Her side and says i may kiss Her ass. i kiss it and push my head to Her crack and start licking Her labia from behind. She gets audibly excited and orders to lock the door and get and put on a condom. She orders me to take off my pants and get on the bed on my back, settles on my penis and fucks me with energy as i just lay there. She orders me to sit up, remove my shirt and She removes Hers. Her bare breasts are now in front of my face. i suck them again in all possible ways and She orders me to fuck Her from below. Soon She orders me to move and settles down beside me facing away, and guides my penis into Her from behind as we lay on O/our sides. i squeeze Her breats (She orders not to touch Her neck) and i start fucking Her in accelerating tempo, which soon leads to Her successful orgasm. i was not even close. “Condom to waste bin, wash up, go to bed!”

Monday, 28 December 2009

The whip test

On Friday i go from home to a dentist at 10am so i have time to make the bed, and She lets me epilate and pluck hairs well by Her while She makes up. i have my suit jacket and shirt on, trousers in my ankles as i epilate. She squeezes and grabs my naked buttocks. i say to Her that plucking pubic hair has started to produce direct pleasure to me, maybe because of little sexual activity. She makes me stop epilating and says i could spend enormous amounts of time working my crotch.

She sends me to laundry room, putting dried laundry to piles and carrying them back to place. She is in O/our bedroom putting clothes on as i take her clothes there, and She guides me where to put everything. i kneel before Her as She sits on the bed and i am allowed to hug and kiss Her neck and sweetly on the mouth. Then She lets me masturbate 2 minutes using only 2 fingertips! i use my watch to track time myself, and i presume i have time for two edgings. Result is zero, maybe because of the time of day or the number of fingers used. Well, up with your pants then, says Mistress, and get the biowaste out to compost. And reserve time from car repair shop to take a look at my central locking system. As i have done these, She makes me fetch Her knitting work from upstairs: being Her errand boy and kitchen maid is the nicest jobs i know.

As i get home i am happy because my professional work has been praised today. She is ill, and orders me to wear a tight tricot shirt, corduroy pants and come eat fajitas. Then i clean up the kitchen. She plans that W/we will work long hours tomorrow with the shed project, She chooses a lunch that i can prepare fast. i must even wash the potatoes in advance.

i take the kids to their joint hobby in good time and get back home eager and as fast as i can. First i must fetch Her lip balm and make Her warm black currant juice. She directs me upstairs, sits on the bed, orders me to disrobe, take all whips out and line them up. Then i must put on a posture collar, ankle and wrist straps. She connects my wrists bracelets to my collar and connects ankle bracelets as i kneel.

She orders me to turn around and place my forehead on the floor. She tries different tools on my behind, first a leather paddle, a bit soft, which gives a big sound but not so much impact. Next is a genuine ping-pong paddle, then a small leather penis whip, which She has made. i must assess the pain on the scale of 1-10. She does research. These won’t hurt much, i give figures 2-5. Then She orders me to move further away and turn a bit. i try to look at the floor and not Her through my legs. She tries a leather fly swatter type tool, leather and a wooden stick. It is also made by Her. It feels weird, i give 6. Then a riding crop, 8. Cat O’ Nine tales, 9. Finally She bites twice both buttocks, hard, 9½. She is bewildered at the results. i talk about perforated paddles, i would love one of them. Still She tries out my slingshot, but it is difficult to shoot with at least for Her. A few shots land on my back, but She orders the slingshot to be burned.

Next She orders me to masturbate with my whole hand to a ruined orgasm. i succeed well, i am warmed up. i edge quickly, i withdraw my hand, and in seconds two squirts land on the floor. When it is over i do one milking motion with my hand and a third drop joins the others. Next She orders me to wash the floor, i have been dropping precum all over, and when it dries it makes the floor slippery, She says. i must put on briefs to stop the dripping.

Next She presents me with a recipe for a mozzarella sandwich, and i rush in my briefs to make Her fried sandwiches dipped in egg, and make kids supper sandwiches. Colelcting the kids is my responsibility, i watch the time, and rush out to get my clothes upstairs at the right time and run to the car. She has time to knit peacefully.

As kids have eaten i wander off to watch some Femdom pictures. As She gets back from upstairs, She asks what i was doing. i confess, and i have to tell everything about my collections of Femdom pictures and texts on my PC. i offer to show them all to Her. She is angrier than ever having heard i look at pictures of other dominant women. i try to plead and apologize Her.

In the evening She keeps me on my knees for a long time, just looking at me angrily, not saying a word. She refuses to command me to bed, but i check Her, if i am allowed to.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Penis punished

On Thursday i came home late after work. Mistress chooses me some leftovers to eat: potatoes and beans. i eat and clean up kitchen. Then She orders me to empty the washing machine. Next order is go saw up rest of timber for the shed. Now i am already doing well with that. As She is testing Mats who is reading for an exam, i’ll have to install Office CD into Mistress’s laptop. i check out some femdom sites while i’m at it, with my own pc.

I’m made to empty the dryer. i am allowed to watch little TV and eat sandwiches Lina’s made for U/us. Then kids are going to sleep. i’ll have to wash Mistress’s feet in the sink while Mats is still up. i must dry Her feet while She sits on the toilet bowl and pees, and changes Her pad. She drives me away and i go wait for Her kneeling in the bedroom while She tugs kids in. i kenel p looking attentive and eager as She enters the bedroom. i am made to grease Her feet and put socks on them. Then i have to read a long time aloud about architecture.

As i have put the book on the table She looks at me and then the clock. i have a premonition that She is going to have me masturbate for two minutes and i miscalculate by putting my hands ready for tugging down my pyjama pants. She notices it and asks if i consider Her an automate or something. i reply that i really think She is surprising and unforeseeable. She orders me to drop down my pants, put my ha nds behind my neck and kneel closer to Her. As i am near enough, She hits my penis with Her knitting needle so hard my hands automatically come down to protect my private parts. She is angry about that, i put my hands back. Next She lets me masturbate with a whole hand for 30 seconds, and then get Her a glass of water. Lights off!

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Training a young boyfriend into a slavegirl - STORY

I´m a 42 year old lady. I am a small business owner; I own a shoe shop with five salesmen. I have chastised my 22 year old boyfriend I call slavegirl and a 30 year old houseboy. The younger is still a virgin. They may get one supervised and humiliating orgasm in two months, if they serve me excellently. They have to service me orally and I cuckold them by having sex with other men regularly. How did I got them little by little deeper into 24/7 slavery?

As we started out slavegirl was a very horny young male who was ready for anything to get rid of his boyhood – a little too eagerly when you think of what happened to him. We met at a night club. I am a quite goodlooking woman, and he tried to get in bed with me one way or the other. I acted reluctant, and that way disguised my dominative nature. However, I took him home and we started going steady. I allowed him some sex play, little by little. I didn´t take off my clothes but allowed him to undress, which he willingly did. I insisted in him having a blindfold for any sex play - because of my prudency, he thought.

Gradually I allowed him to suck my breasts, and lick my thighs, my legs, my buttocks and finally lick my sex. From the beginning I insisted in having him tied up because I didn´t trust he can control himself. I tied his wrists behind his back and his legs in a spreader bar.

So tied up he had to first lick me kneeling and then lie in the bed while I sat on his face and he had to first lick me an orgasm or two and then I gave him a handjob so he came all over his stomach. He still thought that having vaginal sex with me was just behind the corner – ha ha.

Little by little our sex session turned into acts of domination. I started to use very sexy lingerie and even high heeled shoes or leather boots even indoors, then leather skirts and other leather garments: gloves, trousers... In the early days, as he entered my apartment, I used to order him to undress and bring the straps and spreader bar. Then he had to put them on him and offer his wrists (later also elbows) to be tied behind his back. Then he licked my boots, my legs or armpits, whatever I decided, more and more, longer periods.

I had had SM sex with other guys, especially my earlier hubby, but I had just divorced him because he was reluctant to me taking total control. My plan was to gradually accustom my slavegirl to total submission, full time slavery and ultimate humiliations. Next I had him lick my asshole while I masturbated him and later keeping his tongue in my asshole while I did it – I only continued if he did. Those days all domination was connected to most delightful sex play, so he learned to join submission together with pleasure in his mind. He never said no to anything new I required from him.

Into drag at 19

We were about the same size, and one day when he had undressed and was ready to play, I casually asked him to try on a lacing corset and stockings I had used sometimes. He did that, and I told he was looking really sweet, and asked him to stand and bend over so his butt stuck out, and I circled him for a long time, touching his buttocks, while he remained bent over all the time. I ordered him to spread his legs as wide as he could and grabbed his balls from behind, bited his buttocks and did other things that drive him mad. After that we played with the garments staying on, and that became a routine too. At his 19th birthday I had him come over to my shop at night, try on different ladies shoes and I chose 4” ankle strap shoes for him as a present for him.

I like a penis in my pussy, and I said to him that even though I´m not ready for fucking with him yet, I will let him practice fucking me with a rubber cock. I bought a strap-on. He tied it onto his waist so it protruded a little above his penis, and I had him fuck me from the below and from behind. This became a regular part of our scene and I asked him to do that quite often.

As a next step I said I liked him in girls´ lingerie so much I want to watch him vacuum my whole apartment dressed only in them. Having a woman watch his naked butt and privates for a long time was too much of a turn-on for him, so he didn´t turn me down this time either. I presented a small lacy apron for him (which didn´t hide anything), and watched him at close range, and ordered him to vacuum again a few spots there he missed some dirt.

We didn´t live together but from now on, he had to spend a lot more time with me (earlier he came here for merely sex only). At that time we met 3-4 times a week, and he slept at his parents´ home (they didn´t know about me, they thought he was dating a girl of his age). After vacuuming we made love like before, I blindfolded and tied him up first etc. I made these chores in drag a habit.

Light shackles

I introduced a few other household tasks for him also, but was careful to always fondle his behind and naked upper thighs when he washed my floors, hand washed my undies or cleaned my toilets. I used to let him do tasks independently, but interrupted to check the condition of his penis every once in a while. It was always wet with precum. I mocked him for masturbating even though I never caught him. Anyway I later introduced a leather collar and leather wrist straps connected with short chains as a solution to what I described as the ever worsening wanking problem. He didn´t argue with me - our relationship changed so subtly he never did.

Now I had him teetering in high heels in my apartment doing whatever chores I ordered for him, in light shackles. I started using a chain leash with a leather handle on him at times. Every now and when I clipped the leash to his collar and harshly yanked his head down. I had taught him that in such an occasion he had to spread his legs wide, bend at the waist, keep legs straight, put hands behind his neck and elbows up, hold his chin up but watch the floor , (later known as “punishment pose”). As he obediently spreads his stocking-clad thighs I grab his balls from behind, and lift them so his penis points to the floor and drips even more. This kind of attention by his Mistress was a big enough pay-off for the hard work he did, and he had already grown to like being my little maid.

Smooth slave

Next step was to have him shave away all his body hair. I wanted to fool him taking advantage of his male vanity. I said I liked his naked butt in corset and stockings, but the hairs ruined the sight. So I asked him to start keeping his legs always shaved, and he agreed without a murmur. Soon he had to shave all his body hair, as I told him I considered his boyish looks without hair in his crotch, armpits and chest much sexier.

First slave protocol

I introduced my first formal rules for him, while I was sitting in an easy chair and he was in her sexy maid outfit kneeling in front of me and sucking my big toe.
1. He needs my permission to everything he does.
2. He has to address me always as “Mistress”, his name is “slavegirl”.
3. slavegirl does not have any hair but on the top of his head
4. Each time he approaches me, he has to curtsey like the maid he is. After that he has to kneel before he speaks.
5. If he does not have any orders to fulfill he takes the Present-position, and says “Mistress, your slave reporting”. For Present-pose he has to kneel legs spread as wide as they go, lower his forehead and nose to the floor by my right foot, push his hands behind his back as far as the chains allow, keep his butt as high in the air as possible, and, importantly, keep perfectly still until I give him new orders.
6. As he arrives, he has to undress immediately, change into the maid outfit, and then he has to kiss and lick my toes and feet in Present position until I release him.

I chose these rules so they were sexually stimulating, in the same time reinforcing our Mistress-slave relationship.

I tested him on the last rule some times, and had him lick my toes for periods up to half an hour.

Next day we started with a written test. He had to write down these rules from the heart. He forgot a couple of details, and as a punishment I had him kneel upright with the blindfold on for half an hour. The day after that the test went fully OK.

Then I gave him thorough curtsey training; he must have curtseyed a thousand times in front of me then during the next week. After that his curtseys have always been natural and elegant, and now he curtseys just automatically whenever he sees me.

After laying out the rules I enjoyed hearing his boyish voice utter phrases like “Mistress, can I use the toilet”, “Mistress, can I watch the Formula 1”, “Mistress, can I use the web” (rule 1). I was not very strict on him just yet, but cut him off from TV sports and net, and had him do more chores instead, do exercises or read selected femdom stories which included some hardcore. He was very turned on by them.

During this time we used to have some relaxed time after sex in the evenings. He prepared tea and sandwiches for both of us and we ate them by the kitchen table and talked. He was interested in sports, and cars, and computers; he was half my age, didn’t know much about anything, of course these chats were not important to me, they amused me until I had heard all the stories he had.

This was such happy time for my puppy. He was constantly dripping streams on the floor, and had to lick them up when noticed. He had found a Mistress, who allowed him to show off his bare butt and to lick her sex, everything at my place was so sexually loaded. When he ate me and got a hand-job, the leather collar stayed on, with a new leather blindfold, while I removed his hand shackles, and tied his elbows behind his back. Because of rule 1 he has to ask permission to cum, and I started edging him before I let him shoot his load. Sometimes I quite accidentally caused him a ruined orgasm, as he came even though I took my hand away. He squirmed under me in a lovely frustrated manner as his penis spurted the semen into the air.

Corporal punishments start

I started turning the hair check into a ritual. He had to stand in Punishment pose, as I checked his body for hairlessness. Every now and then I found some in the crack of his buttocks, or at his balls, and after asking him many times to be more careful, I introduced punishments for the first time. I said I need to get him understand this is a rule he has to obey, and that I will give him a beating the next time I still find body hair. He was an expert already with the razor, and his skin had adapted to being shaved so that he was not getting nasty little cuts anymore. However, the next time my hawk’s eye found a few hairs in his arm, I hissed
-“You incompetent little sissy, now you are going to get your first spanking”.
I didn’t release him from the Punishment pose, he stood with his back horizontal, and head straight ahead (he wore no blindfold). He did not know I had a selection of punishment instruments – I took a wide heavy paddle. So the first blow took him by surprise and he nearly fell over. It was a sturdy wooden leather-covered paddle with holes in it, so especially the sounds were very impressive. He was not restricted any way, faltered at every blow, but always returned to the position for next stroke.  I didn´t use full force in the first punishments, it seemed a good idea to proceed gradually also in this area. Later I punished him also for poorly done tasks.

Slave status reinforced; new stricter protocol

Now we were (only) half way through his training. I had a toyboy aged 19 who was totally hairless, cleaned my toilets in corset and high heels, with his butt always bare and available for my hands or sharp teeth. He licked me to orgasm whenever I wanted, and as a reward I masturbated him. I was happy with my progress, but I was not done with him. I decided to proceed in many areas at a time. I laced his waist in tighter and tighter. I introduced more and more humiliation, more ass checks in Punishment pose during his chores. I started to get his ass accustomed to the whip, by carrying my riding crop fixed to my belt, and gave him a lash on the bare buttocks whenever he was clumsy or slow, or bending unladylike at the knees. Instead of caressing his ass with my hands, I started mostly just letting my crop wander about his naked parts.

He was again sucking my toe in Present pose, as I laid out new slavery rules for him.

1. Furniture discipline. All furniture got banned. My fine chairs, sofas and divans were now off limits for my slave. Especially resting his butt on any furniture would earn extra punishment. He may sit or lie only by special permission, otherwise he is allowed only to stand, kneel or squat on the floor. I was nice enough to donate him a pair of knee pads, as he would need to be kneeling so much that his knees would have a tough time.
2. He would need to ask permission to speak, if he was not completing a task or reporting.
3. If he is not replying to me, he needs to get to Present-position in front of me before speaking to me.
4. He would not only start, but also end every sentence with the word Mistress: “Mistress, may I speak, Mistress?”
5. When entering a room where I am or may be, he has to knock and wait to be called in, except when he has only fetched me some item.
6. When using toilet, he must ask in a detailed way, like this: “Mistress, may I use the toilet, big business Mistress”. Furniture ban also includes also toilet seat: he must sit directly on the rim or urinate kneeling. He must keep the toilet door open.

I tried to make him figure out the toilet seat ban by himself the first time he had to use toilet for big business. It was hopeless, as he can be very stupid sometimes.

-“Now what do you have to do differently now with the new rules when you take care of that big business?”
-“Mistress, mention I have to do big business, Mistress?”
-“No I mean apart from that, slave”
-“Do you think your naked slave ass is worthy of using and contaminating the seat your Mistress is going to use later?”
-“Mistress, do I need to put on some toilet paper on the seat, Mistress?”
-“You are not allowed any of my other seats, remember? Should you be entitled to use my toilet seat at all?”
-“Mistress, no, Mistress. Should I start using a potty, Mistress”
-“Oh, you moron, you will raise the toilet seat and sit directly on the rim!”
I sat on an easy chair with a view to the toilet and watched him do his big business sitting on the cold enamel.

Our evening tea routines changed. There was no longer relaxed chatting between two equals. After sex I had him right away in Punishment pose, and gave him a few with cat-o’-9-tales “to equal pleasure with pain”. After that I had him get back to subspace in Present position, and later commanded him to make us supper. He served it to me, while I was sitting in my easy chair, and got back in Present position according to the basic rules (no new assignment). “You can have supper now”, I said. At that he raised, knelt at the other side of the table and ate.

A few weeks after this, I started to command him to make evening tea and sandwiches for me only. I instructed something cheap and tasteless for him, like cheap pasta without sauce, which he had to gobble in his mouth without hands from a plate on the table.

Orgasm control

Now it was time to introduce orgasm control. First I ordered him to start telling me when he was close to coming. Sometimes I stopped where, sometimes I continued. One Saturday evening, when I had had him with me from the morning, vacuuming, preparing lunch, washing toilets and windows, I quit milking him and told him: “Playing with you slave is so fun I want to do it again tomorrow. But I´m not sure you are ready for this again tomorrow if I let you cum.” This was the first time he talked back! He promised me he would be ready to do it all over again tomorrow even if I let him come. Even though I said I doubt that, he continued to talk under my hairy butt. At that time he had already become so submissive I could calmly say “I am your Mistress and I tell you when you can orgasm. If I hear one word more, you get 20 with the paddle. Remember you are my slave. You will not have an orgasm today. Instead I´ll give you another treat. This will be the first night you spend here.”

Staying over

I had him call his parents to inform them he´s staying over. Then I pulled him up by the leash, and lead him away by his collar. It was not easy for him to follow blindfolded and tethered as he was, and teetering in high heels, as I dragged him into a large closet in my cellar where I store old clothes, and said “Did you think we will share my soft bed? Oh no.” I lead him on a thin plastic-covered mattress and had him lay down on it on the floor. I hogtied him on the mattress by tying his wrists and ankles together behind his back so he could sleep on his side or on his stomach. To make it more comfortable for him I removed the elbow strap. I covered him with a small, old rug carpet and turned the light off in that windowless closet, and locked him in.

In the night I calculated my next move while sleeping in my king size bed, knowing my virgin boyfriend was painfully sleeping in his tight corset on the hard mattress, maybe getting his butt a little cold, with his penis erect, but without means to fulfill his urgent need to come.

Next day I kept him on peck and call, e.g. ironing a huge pile of clothes, and in the evening let him come after eating me a few times. Later he said this was the most remarkable experience so far in his young life. The important change was that later I only let him come about every other time. However, as he was studying in the university, I couldn´t control him all the time, and many times I told him he must not masturbate himself, ever – his private parts belonged now to me, and I would allow him to touch them only to wash and shave them.

CB-2000 for 20th birthday

However, on his 20th birthday, after one very successful domination evening, I told him I will give him a present now that allows me to control his orgasms from now on also while he is away. I produced a nice pink CB2000 with the points of intrigue. I told him what it was, and that he will be wearing it always, with the exception of getting milked. Then I told him it was the easy part and the hard part is that he will now have to make his penis soft because otherwise it doesn´t fit in. It didn´t work out until I produced a ruler and told him I will smack his balls with that plastic ruler until the penis fits in. After that he surprisingly got it down, and I quickly fitted it inside the CB2000 before it got erect again. It tried to, but then it was too late and he writhed in pain. Well, he got over this initial problem, but it has always been hard to fit the CB2000 on him after an interrupted milking or masturbation session.

After having sent him home, I masturbated in bed with the thought of having my virgin (He had not yet fucked me OR any other girl!) boytoy now chastised and ready for a progressively tightening orgasm control.

Clothespins, mild bondage

That time we met every evening and spent all weekends together. I introduced new instruments of torture to our relationship. I began attaching clothespins to his nipples and ballsac during our sex play. I started tying a small strap about his ball sac, and had him install a small pulley on the ceiling, so that when he lies on his back and eats me, I may thread a cord from the ball strap through the pulley, and by pulling the other end of the cord, his ball sac is drawn directly up towards the ceiling so he has to arch his back to eliminate the pain in his balls. He can arch his back to raise his buttocks about 30cm from the bed. I started to sometimes tie him up in that position for short periods like 30 minutes. I may help him a little by hogtying his wrists to a 5´wide spread bar between his ankles (the boy is 6’1 with long legs).

Now that I had him in CB2000, I gave him fewer and fewer orgasms: from 3-4 per week I go to 2 per week, then 1 per week, then one in two weeks. Sex play is as common as before, and I get more orgasms than ever.

Masturbation service ends; punishments get harder

Then I stopped masturbating him at all. I told him that I need my hands to play with my clitoris, with the clothespegs and the new ball cord, and so I will allow him to masturbate himself, because I know he is so talented in that, though short of practice recently. To make it more challenging, I let him do it with his left hand, while the right hand remains tied behind his back.

He had to always tell me when he is nearing orgasm, and get my permission before he can shoot his load (and the loads were getting bigger and bigger). After he had a few times had an unauthorized orgasm I laid down a new rule for my slave: when I order him to wank, he may not stop nor come before commanded. And at my command, he must come in 3 seconds. This way, I told him, I can orchestrate most pleasurable orgasms to him and our lovemaking will be perfect. If he would stop to wank, I would choose him one of the “B-level” punishments, like 50 from the paddle, or 20 from the riding crop or cane, or a night he must spend tied up standing on high heels. If he would come before I order him to, he would get an “A-level” punishment which means two “B-level” punishments plus a number of weeks in CB2000 without orgasm. I raised the number of weeks gradually to 4 weeks. When I give him permission to shoot, I take time, and every second after 3 seconds means one tenth of a B-level punishment. Even tough it was difficult procedure for him at first, now he quickly learned to perform in a satisfactory way.

A typical night

A few months later our typical night might be: 1) He undresses to his CB-2000. I continue in leather skirt, suspenders, stockings etc. Hair check, possibly a punishment 2) He dresses in collar, wrist cuffs, corset, stockings, high heels and a very small apron that leaves his backside totally uncovered. He locks his cuffs to his collar with chains 3) His chores, servicing meals etc. 4) I tie him in a spreader bar, tie his elbows and wrists behind his back and blindfold him 5) He licks my boots kneeling on the floor 6) I take off my boots. He licks my hot toes and sucks them: each individually and then in groups, finally taking the whole foot in his mouth. 7) He licks my legs: first the soles, then up till the buttocks 8) I command him to lie on the bed on his back. I take off the CB2000 and put on the ball strap. 9) I guide the cord from the ball strap up to a pulley at the ceiling, and down again so I have it handy 10) I settle my sex on his mouth and he licks me until I say no (after 1-3 orgasms). While he is at it I put clothespins on his nipples and twist them round, gradually harder and harder: 540 to 720 degrees. I pull on the cord so his balls are drawn up, and he has to arch his back, and let him lower his butt again on the bed. 11) I have him raise his upper body, and free his hands, have him lie down and tie the right wrist to the ball sac through the crack of his butt (he arches his back so I can do that). 12) I sit again on his face and let him start wanking with his left hand his tongue stuck in my asshole. I continue to twist the clothespegs on his nipples and every once in a while lift his pelvis from the bed pulling the ball cord. He knows he will have to go on wanking a long time without interruptions, and without coming, so he tries not to overdo it. I may order him to wank faster, and he has to obey: normally he has only a loose grip on his penis to cause as little pleasure as possible. 13) Sometimes I lift his pelvis again by the cord to his balls and order him to come. If it takes too much time, I order the punishment and deliver it at once as soon as I have him standing. After the orgasm he always gets 20 with the cat-o’-9-tales.

Standing up all night

The new punishment, standing up all through the night, is carried out in his slave room (the cellar closet) where I had him attach rings on the walls. I purchased a slave leather helmet for these punishments so I can suspend him from the ring on top of the helmet. I just attach his wrists to the collar of the helmet with 10cm chains so he has good access to his nipples and can play with them during the night to get the time pass easier. Then I leave the pure boy teetering in his high heels. Because of the tiny ankle straps the shoes won´t come off even if he would try to ease the pain in his toes and calves. I admire my creation and I love him for being so helpless, his hairless crotch between the stockings and the tight corset, the pink cock cage, which makes ugly male genitals look so much better, the leather slave helmet covering his identity, his hands on his titties like the paws of a begging poodle. This pathetic sight sometimes makes me ask him turn his back and take a few good bites on his buttocks or just put on leather gloves and feel the smoothness of back, tightness of the corset and the nakedness of the buttocks under my touch, before I wish him good night and turn the lights off and leave.

What a great slavegirl I have created – he had grown pubic hair only for a few years, now his crotch would be hairless forever. But the training was far from over. We were only nearly half way through, and the latter part would be the biggest challenge to the puppy that once was too eager to find a bitch to mate.

Dog school

I noticed that I had not been giving him any serious puppy training! We made a pilgrimage to a pet shop and returned with rubber bones, dog bowls, pig´s ears for him to chew on, a choker collar, a shock collar for his genitals and dogfood – cans and biscuits. Any hesitation in dog play would cost him a very painful shock in the genitals, I gave him a sample as a warning as he was in Present and learning about puppy play from me. It was great fun already to decide the commands used. It was spring so we always went to train in my secluded garden. He was naked apart from the choker and shock collars and knee pads (and of course his regular companion, the pink cb2000). I had a long leather jacket, trousers and boots. First I taught him to heel. I explained the object: to follow me, nose as near as possible to my left boot, on all fours, and when I stop, put his butt down on his heels. I kept the leash tight, he followed nicely from the beginning. We walked a good 50 meters on the wet lawn straight ahead, when turned around by the left so it was easy for him to follow. But then I turned right, which meant he had to speed up, which managed with me tugging the leash a bit. I pressed my remote to give his genitals a minor shock, which made him utter a little yelp. We continued turns, right and left, and he really tried. When I sped up, and he had to raise his knees from the ground and continue on his bare hands and feet. I stopped and he lowered his butt. I taught him “Beg” position: on his knees upright, holding his hands out like little paws. Then I taught what “fetch” means, and I removed the leash, threw away a rubber bone and commanded “fetch”. He galloped away on his hands and bare feet and returned with the bone in his mouth, hands and feet wet from the grass. He offered it to me in Beg pose. Later we practiced these every weekend, and he also learned to “roll”, rolling over in the wet grass. “Stand” That´s a special one, he has to stand up in attention like a soldier, but with hands behind his neck. “Crouch” He dives down so he lays his upper body on his folded legs and presses his snout to ground. “Down” He falls on the ground on his stomach, wrists crossed on top of his small-of-the-back, legs spread “Present” The already familiar command makes nice round buttocks appear as he raises his butt in the air spreading his legs. “Present up” He lifts his head from the ground, supports his upper body with straight hands, raises his knees off the ground, straightens his legs, and raises his butt even more, but keeping his head straight. I often keep him long times in Beg or Present-positions outside, and touch his crack and cock cage with the crop. What a nice obedient puppy he is.

This doggie can do complicated tricks. “Run twice round the house, heel and present” Oh what a sucker he looks like when he tries to run using his hands as forelegs – what a cocksucker. As he returns, panting, I pat his butt, say “heel” and attach the leash. We practice heeling, I say “good boy” when his snout stays to my boot. Right turns are difficult, but he tries his best. Then he has earned his meal. “Up run to kitchen, fetch bowls, water, biscuits”. He runs (not on all fours, but normally), returns with filled bowls, curtseys hesitantly, not knowing whether he should do that this time, kneels, offers them like he did with the bone. I put them on the ground. He stays kneeling. I wait for awhile, looking sternly in his eyes. “Eat, stay” . The eating pose is similar like “present”, so that I can tease his genitals and asshole with my crop while he eats, depending on my mood.

He turns to bowl, arching his back to offer view of his balls, and quickly eats all 20-30 small dry dog biscuits, then stays in the exact same position, head down in the empty bowl. Good. “Up run, fetch garden chair” I need a chair for the next part, so I have my dog fetch one. “Drink” It takes a long time for him to lap up the contents of the bowl, but he does it – he has to drink everything unless I interrupt him with a new command. I sit in my chair and feel great. I admire myself, and feel powerful and feel wanting to go all the way with my own puppy.

We have one thing left – what is the main reason to take the dog out? Well, this boy will not piss under my tree. He will have to fetch a potty, crouch on top of it, piss into it and carry the potty in his mouth to a compost. Then he will have to clean it with a water hose, and I finish our trip by hosing his butt.

Eating from bowls

I like this doggy play so much we keep these commands for everyday use, and gradually have him eat and drink all the time from the bowls. He makes me tasty meals, but I start to watch his diet, which is a balanced diet consisting of everything cheap: dog food, oat meal, potatoes, my leftovers, all mixed together with water and milk. To stop him from overeating, I carefully control the size of the meals. And no snacks, only 3 doggy meals a day. Besides, lapping and sucking water from the bowl fills his tummy and is good exercise for his tongue, which has become very enduring.

After my evening tea, I supervise him making the supper. When it is ready in his bowl, he waits in Present. I remove his hand shackles and with “Eat”-command I switch on a timer, he moves the couple of meters on his hands and knees to his bowl, reaches beneath his legs and grabs his ankles and starts gulping down the repulsive feed. He is hungry, the last meal was already 7 hours earlier. Normally I move near him to watch how he smears his nose and chin in the feed, and greedily gulps down the mixture. I may try to distract him by feeling his butt while he eats.

Drinking water is easiest by puckering his lips, pushing the mouth in the water, and sucking. He must not make too much noise when he eats, so he has to suck the water carefully, so that no extensive slurping sounds can be heard. While he chews the feed, he may rest his forehead on the floor, but his butt must stay in the air all the time, which makes it strenuous. He may also rest his shoulder on the floor. As he is ready, he needs to lick the bowls clean. He must eagerly take everything I allow him and show he likes it. When he is ready he has to clank the plate so I hear, and wait with his forehead resting on the middle of a bowl.

As he hears my fingers snap, he raises and washes his face and returns to me bringing the bowls and Presenting. If the bowls are badly licked clean, he gets a B-punishment, and if there is something deliberately left uneaten, he gets an A-punishment. If he has used too much time in my opinion, he gets a B- or A-punishment. . If he has kept up with his maid chore schedule (which is possible if he works very busily all the time) and has not done anything that has caused him to get the whip, I will allow him to eat even 6 minutes, which is enough for him to eat a full bowl of oatmeal even without the use of hands (he is not punished for a messy face, but gets to wash it with cold water). Normally I allow him 3-5 minutes without punishment.

That was quite an improvement from eating as equals by the table in just half a year.

Swaying that sexy butt

Not to forget his maid role, I also trained him to walk on high heels. He was in his usual outfit, back and buttocks naked, using 5” long narrow heels, as he had to walk in a circle in our living room. I walked by him first, and motivated him to learn with my riding crop. First I concentrated in having his back straight: “straighten up” and a hit on the back of his thighs. Next I wanted to see his ass high and swaying from side to side each step he took. “Wriggle that sexy ass!” I shouted with an angry voice. “Sway that slut ass” “Keep your sexy ass high and your back straight”. I was becoming a demanding and stern Mistress. In the end I succeeded in getting him to walk femininely and sexily. His buttocks, thighs and back had welts allover. The lessons were continued day by day. I put the shock collar around his genitals, and sat in my easy chair. If I was not satisfied, he got a jolt in the balls, which made her lost the balance momentarily. I took care that in my house he has had to always walk like a slut swaying and wriggling her ass like mad. It took a month, but now that is the only way he walks if not pretending to be a man at the campus.

Moving in

Next step was to have him move over to my flat altogether. He was allowed to keep only what stuff he can pack in one suitcase, besides his pc. Most of his stuff stays at his parents, and I destroyed most of his male clothes. I have him buy a lot of women´s shirts and trousers, so his appearance starts to be quite androgynic.

Nose ring, “dancing” punishments

After he has moved in I took him one day to a piercing studio, and had them make him a nasal septum piercing. A bead bar was placed there, but at home a nose ring became a new permanent addition to his maid attire (I will not allow him a maid´s dress even though he has had the courage to ask for one. I like this all-revealing outfit of stockings, corset, shoes and pinafore which I call the sexy maid outfit). I was clever to find uses for the nose ring. He had to take the whip being only attached by the nose ring to the ceiling, and wrists tied to collar. Any staggering would hurt his nose, so he had to concentrate on taking the beating like a lady, with as little wriggling as possible. I just love to see him take the paddle and whip like that, and always remember to tell him that it looks adorable. After a long whipping session restricted like this, as he gets tired, he starts to lose orientation. To make it easier for him to get back to position for my whip, I had him draw footprints on the floor at a suitable distance from another. After that I added a new rule to the punishment routine: if he is not back in footmarks in 10 seconds after the lash, he gets a new clamp somewhere (ball sac, nipple, nose, tongue) for the rest of the session.

Physical exercises

I started to require the boy to exercise for me in his sexy maid outfit with a treadmill. I also started to train him in suppleness by having him try to kiss his penis head and after that tying his nose ring tightly to his ball strap.

Anal virginity taken

Once as he had been denied orgasm for more than a week and he seemed to be especially horny, I told him, after a masturbation session without an orgasm, that if he puts his penis quickly into the cb2000 (without taking the ball strap away), he will get a special treat that he may like as much as an orgasm. He was under me on the bed, and I had detached the ball strap from the pulley. He succeeded by smashing his balls through the a-ring, and I untied his right hand. “On the bed, present”. He turned into that position with a little trouble caused by the 5’ spreader bar locked between his stocking-clad and high-heeled legs. I pulled his hands between his legs and strapped them to the middle ring of the spreader bar. I attached the ball cord again, tying it to a hook on the wall so his butt stayed up, but so that the cord didn´t block the access to his asshole. I donned plastic gloves, took some Vaseline. He was still blindfolded, as I had decided to continue with blindfolding until later, when training is over and having him see his own humiliation will put him into deeper submission.

I entered my fingers into his butt. Even though his asshole was always accessible to me, I had kept him still a virgin also when it comes to anal play. I started easily, gradually shoved 3-4 fingers in, stretched him a bit and when started to rhythmically massage his prostate. My greased fingers slid in and out easily. His penis couldn´t get erect in the cb2000, but it surely secreted a lot of precum (possibly cum). Afterwards when I interviewed him about the experience, he said he had liked it.

That was of course an essential new area of play that I intended to make an important part of his sexual life. I bought soon new strap-ons, and had him don them on me after our sex act. That became soon new part “14.” of our sex act: when his penis is forced back in cb2000 after a supervised, but unconsummated wanking session, I take him from behind with my strap-on or my fist (my slender hand goes nowadays in all the way, but only after a great fuss). He is normally always tied like the time he lost his anal virginity. I invented a system where two straps separated by a bar go from his ball sac to the ceiling pulley, so that the straps go each side of the anus: I get easy access to his butt and his balls get drawn back so much the strap-on occasionally massages them too. He has said he likes it a lot. He has even had a few accidental orgasms inside the cb2000 while I fuck him, when he has been in great need. Later we added the last part “15.” To our sex act: me sitting at the side of the bed and him kneeling on the floor sucking the strap-on clean from his shit.

Public showings

At that time I started to dress him as a girl also publicly. His hair was now long, and he was quite pretty with make up. I liked our switched roles so that I even fucked him in a park on his 21st birthday, I was dressed as a man. I had him stand and hug a tree, when entered his butt with a strap-on.

Raped on a picnic

Later I had him accompany me in a park in a minidress with him wearing a cache-sex instead of a cb-2000, a new device hiding his genitals. We had picnic, I tied his hands with cords to his waist so he could not fight back in earnest, then commanded him to try to resist as I am going to have my way with her now. He tried to keep the hem down, but I exposed his thighs, bare buttocks, tossed him to the ground face down, twisted his arm behind his back until I could handcuff him so that the handcuffs also attached his hands to a D-ring in the back of his corset (all his corsets have D-rings). I could now easily keep him down with a knee to his small-of-the-back, so I took out a ball-gag from my pocket, and pinched his nose with one hand stuffed it in his mouth with the other. I knew this would be painful for him and where would be some crying, and I didn’t want to have someone call the police. Then I opened my zipper, took out a lifelike strap-on dildo I was wearing all the time, rolled a condom studded with rigid, tormenting rubber studs on my dick, and proceeded to open his buttocks with one hand, and started pushing my monstrous intruder in his ass. I didn’t bother to lubricate it, so he would be really hurt and feel like a woman actually raped. Brutally I forced the studded penis in his young ass and started sliding it in and out forcefully. He was crying like hell into the gag, but only blurred sighs came out. As I decided I have had enough fun with her, I slid out, opened handcuffs, and walked away. He was at home two hours later, looking like a whore with smeared make-up, still carrying the picnic basket.

Rape hunt

Then I invented rape hunt. We go to a secluded forest, he is a girl with corset, high heels and hobble skirt, I am a man with army clothes and military rubber boots. I force him out of the car pulling from his ornamental girls´ slave collar. I release her and give her 50 yards head start. She knows that the longer he can avoid getting caught, the easier I will go with her. If I think she has not tried to run for her life, I rape her very violently, I may push her into mud with my knee, lay on top of her with all my weight and dry fuck her ass aggressively and violently with the studded condom, so that it takes a week before it stops bleeding while he shits. Well, he knows this from experience, so he really runs for her, sorry, his (miserable) life when I release him. If I´m satisfied with the hunt, I maybe let her moisten the strap-on in her mouth before tying her up against a tree or head down, ass up and raping her. Cb2000 stays on during rape hunt, which is a good thing for her, as it protects her penis if she falls over, which happens quite often.

A girl to all

I had him visit his parents dressed as a girl, and tell them she is transvestite. She did that and her father got so angry he wouldn’t see her again. Now slavegirl meets his mother in a café once a month, dressed as a girl. He is still a university student, and goes to university dressed as a feminine boy. Neighbours think he is a girl, who wears trousers a lot on weekdays. His natural hair is now liong and worn in feminine/androgyn styles.

Coming in his mouth on command

My next move was already planned. He was very frustrated (but eager and sexy) that summer as I insisted in having him orgasm only every 14 days. So he was very interested when I mentioned a possibility of him having an enjoyable orgasm in every 7 days if he took part in an experiment I was planning.

I had him in quite good condition and he was now very supple and could easily take his own cock head in his mouth. So we changed parts 11)-13) of our lovemaking as follows: 11) his legs are raised high and bent over so his knees finally settle on each side of his head. I secure the spreader bar to bed frame. I take off the blindfold. From now on I want him to see it all. He is staring right into his penis. Everything else he sees is his hairless crotch, his ball sac stretched with ball strap and hairless tops of his thighs, disappearing into black stockings 12) I attach his nose ring to his ball strap, drawing it so tight his penis head slides all the way into his mouth when I order him to open up and take it in. I tie the ring to his balls so that he cannot get his dick out of his mouth. I must admit his suppleness is superb, later I have learned that normally it takes more training to train a boy to touch the penis head with their lips. He knows all too well not to start sucking himself yet. 13) I don a strap on, and push it in his ass. His penis slides back and forth in his mouth according to my movements in his ass. I tell him to start sucking himself, but not to come yet. He cannot do really anything, as he must get my permission to cum, and sucking would get her over the edge right away. His thoughts are on this sexy sight of his thighs framed with stocking tops, which reminds him vividly of all the sexy girls of porn magazines he used to consume. The sexy sight of his Mistress towering on top of him. The feel of getting fucked in the ass. The humiliation of having to suck his own cock, which is beyond our understanding. The total bondage with his elbows still strapped behind his back, and clothespins in his nipples. The fear of cumming accidentally, and having to wait a long time in the hot summer for next time to be allowed to humiliatingly discharge in his own mouth… I grab his ballsac, and start grinding it around in front of his unbelieving, fearful eyes, as my violent moves twist even his nose. It´s too much for him, he gets too close, and comes first time in his own mouth, and swallows one mouthful after another even without being told so. He feels like a sorry shit – he came without permission!

This was the first time my slavegirl came without permission. Needless to say the “experiment” was a total success, and after that first time, he has only come in his mouth or accidentally when fucked by a strap-on. This was so intense session type for him, that he came without permission quite a few times, before I got that in order by gradually increasing the corporal punishment but decreasing the punishment celibacy time. I divided the punishments into five individual sessions (for one unauthorized orgasm he finally got five fierce whipping sessions with my one of my more vicious whips, like dog whip - but only two weeks celibacy). After that he got himself back together, and I rejoiced in this new breakthrough: He comes in his own mouth but only when I commanded so. I rewarded him by keeping my promise and allowing him weekly orgasms for one whole month, before I ordered things back to normal, sucking his cock every few days, but not cumming (in his mouth or anywhere else) but once in two weeks.

This way we got a lot further in our relationship. I had really broken him and taken his self confidence and self-esteem totally. He was so humiliated he didn´t have any other worth than through servicing his Mistress. I decided to move forward quickly.

Bondage & Torture chair

He would get his own chair! I took out the seat of a chair and had him attach the seat back below the original level, at half way to the floor. Then he had to attach 20 blunt metal sticks to the seat so that when he sat on it, his buttocks were supported by the points of the protruding sticks only. That was of course not very comfortable, but he had to practice sitting there for certain periods, like an hour every now and then, hands tied to the back of the chair. He had been able to support himself also by his heels, but when I started to tie his ankles up to the frame his weight rested for the most part on these points. I added the slave helmet, and forced him to tilt his head back by tying a chain between the ring at the top of the helmet and the back of the chair. The boy was in for severe bondage training, and he had to spend three hours every Saturday and Sunday this way, looking at the ceiling in his slave hood without eye holes, while I took a nap. Eventually he had to add a base for a butt plug between the blunt points.

Hair removal

The stubble in his crotch and elsewhere made me take away his razors: he has to pluck his body hair with tweezers and an epilator. That sounds impossible, but it isn’t. In the early days it was wonderful torture to have him pluck all his hair one by one from his ball sac, penis, crotch and around the nipples, but eventually he got used to it: all this plucking made the hair soft, and the root hairs loose. With tweezers we avoid the stubble, and his crotch is smooth as the cheek of a baby. He is excused for such hair he cannot pluck through the cb2000.

A typical morning

After slavegirl moved in with me he spent his nights in the slave room or at the foot of my bed, on the floor, chained to the bed, according to my whim, if not being made to stand all night as a punishment. Because of the cock cage I made him sleep untied, in corset and stockings only. He wakes up by a siren sound in his earphone at 6:00, because he needs a lot of time for his eternal battle against body hair. He continues this until 7:15. Then he puts on the corset and stockings again (they have become a part of his identity), the 4” heeled shoes, and dons the apron. Then he prepares breakfasts for him and me according to his diet. On Saturdays his is 50gr from the dog food can, one smashed potato, 2dl of water, 1dl of milk and the juice from a grapefruit all mixed together in a homogenous mixture. I have cut him completely off from sweets, coffee or tea and alcohol even though he used to drink a lot of coffee.

He knows better than to offer my croissants or sweetrolls cold. He takes a lot of care to prepare for my breakfast. Then he wakes me up at 8:00 by kissing my hand. I have breakfast in the kitchen while he offers me a seat and serves me. The newspaper awaits me on the table fresh from the lawn. There is a pair of dog bowls in the corner of the kitchen. One holds water, which is never changed, only filled up when it´s empty. The other holds his feed. If my breakfast and his service are excellent, I command “eat”, which makes him start lapping the feed up with his tongue, joining his hands behind his back and raising his butt as high in the air as he can, like he has been taught.

It´s up to me to order him to “drink” if I want him to empty the water bowl instead. If the service is not excellent, or just if I´m on a bad mood, I may also order “fetch whip” and “Punishment pose” which causes him to fetch my riding crop, and stand with his legs slightly parted by my side facing the other direction. On his (or my) bad days he gets whipped before breakfast.


Punishments are very routine. He has to say:
-“Mistress, I am ready for your whip, Mistress” when he is in desired position. Then he has to start counting the strikes,
-“Mistress, one, second please, Mistress” etc. before each strike. Yelling for real pain is allowed, but shouting for just surprise or little pain may result in
-“Start over, slut” and when he has to say
-“Mistress, first please, Mistress” again. Moving out of position means the same. Usually I stop when he gets to ten, fifteen or twenty, but I may stop after 19 or 11 as well. He may not move from position until released by another command, and if I wish I may continue the punishment after a pause. During the pause I may read a book or eat the rest of my meal or change the instrument. My favourites are cane, crop and paddle.

My normal strikes don´t leave durable marks on his buttocks or thighs which are my usual targets. If he has done something really stupid, I tie him motionless and inflate a gag in his mouth. Then I use more force and mark him with stripes, welts and bruises that last for a week. Sometimes, for a change, I tie him the “Story of O” –style (in his corset and stockings) on his back, elbows behind his back or in a single-sleeve, legs raised, spread and tied each side of his head, and use a short single tail on his crack, asshole, insides of his thighs, crotch, and after releasing the cb2000, on his cock and a short cord whip on his balls, which is always so fun. Even tightly bound he tries to uselessly fight the inevitable ball beating. At the moment I train him take the ball beating silently and without motion. It´s quite easy. He knows now from own experience the ball beating is over in 80% less time and pain if he takes it with minimal motion and no fighting back. Instead I have encouraged him to cry and plead. He´s now doing very well, crying with every slash, but moving only a little any more. Later I will gradually extend the beatings back to the original length and when try using gradually more force.

On Saturdays we continue with the hair check. I seldom find any complaints. He continues to clean the toilets and bathrooms, making everything shine. Then he vacuums the rest of the morning in the all-revealing sexy maid outfit and prepares lunch, while I take my time to read the newspaper, read books, watch TV or a good video etc. I eat the lunch at 11:30. He is always standing when I eat, unless I order him to eat too. He stands at attention behind my left shoulder, ready to pour more wine or offer more food. Sometimes I take a few bites on his bare bottom too. He has also prepared his lunch, which is a big bowl full of oat meal, mixed with a little cod liver oil, and vinegar. A huge cauldron of this lunch mix is prepared only once week, so he eats it cold (like all his food except for some of my leftovers). He doesn´t eat too much. On the average he gets as much as he needs. Sometimes a lot more, sometimes a lot less. That is enough to keep him losing weight at a slow pace. I am gradually trimming his waist, he has now lost 4”, but I have a punishment corset, which laces him to minus 6”.

After lunch he may use the potty for the first time after 6:00. It´s no use and even forbidden for him trying to beg to get the potty before that, and he is used to this schedule already. I take the slavegirl out to pee every now and then, also during the winter. We still use the potty described earlier, but the hose only if we have some dog play, and undress him accordingly.

After lunch it´s nappy time. Therefore the dogboy gets to the bondage chair. S/he puts on the leather hood. According to my whim I open the zipper mouth so she can moisten the butt plug with her mouth or I don´t. Then she impales herself on the butt plug, and after a little squirming she sits finally on her full weight on the butt plug and the points are digging into her buttocks. Her wrists are attached to the back of the chair, and ankles raised from the floor to the frame. Finally I tug his head back and tie it so his blindfolded eyes target the ceiling. He meditates three hours like this. I take the nap more comfortably.

After I release my slave, he continues his chores. On Saturdays he dusts the carpets, washes the floors, takes care of the laundry, prepares a full 3 course dinner (takes 1½h) for me, serves it, eats his dinner (starters: dog bisquits, main course: cold plain pasta (also made only once a week) with 50gr from the dog can, dessert: 1 dl of milk mixed with a stuffed banana).

After dinner it´s play time. It still starts with tying him in the spreader bar and ball strap, tying his elbows and wrists behind his back, but I don´t bother to blindfold him any more. He licks my boots kneeling on the floor and then my toes and feet thoroughly after I take off the boot. Then my legs: first the soles, then up till the buttocks. Next I command him to settle on the bed on his back. I guide the cord from the ball strap up to a pulley at the ceiling, and down again so I have it handy. Then I settle my sex on his mouth and he licks me until I say no (after 1-3 orgasms) grinding the clothespins on his nipples round and round, and pulling on the cord so he has to arch his back to ease the pain in his balls. I may also put a lot of clothpegs on his ballsac. After this I pull his legs up and over his head, and fix his penis in his mouth, while I continue to fuck him in the ass with strap-on or my own fist. He tries not to come, and nearly always succeeds. When I take his legs down, and command his penis to soften. He thinks of the ball beating which would follow, and manages to get it such proportions I can stuck it inside the cb2000 for another day or two.

After sex I´m always a little hungry so I have him fetch me some snacks, but he gets nothing before I have had my breakfast the next morning. The rest of the evening he treads the treadmill in his high heels. He also does 50 exercises of kissing the cb-2000 by resting on the floor on his back, and lifting his legs in the air and his pelvis near his head. If he is not doing his exercises fast enough, I encourage him with a flick of the whip on his bare buttocks.


He had become my humble slave, ready to fulfill my every whim. I had only one thing left, taking on another slave. I had gone out with other men while I was dominating slavegirl. I had asked him not to visit me some evenings, and I had instead went to a night club, and brought home some good stallion to fuck me. Now I wanted to start cuckolding him in earnest.

I used a survey on men’s and women’s attitudes to forgiving partner’s adultery as a hobby horse to introduce the issue to slavegirl.
-“Hey, 37% of all men would forgive if they found out their wife has been cheating on them. What would you do, if had sex with someone else?”
-“Mistress, I wouldn’t like you to start another relationship, but if you just wanted to get good sex, I would forgive you. I could forgive you in advance, if you were planning to do so, Mistress.”
-“What is your opinion about you cheating me?
- [meekly] “Mistress, I would like to be fully under your authority, and not be allowed sex with anybody else, unless you wish, Mistress”
-“So you think I should require infidelity from you, even though I am free to go out and have sex with anybody I want.”
-“Mistress, Yes, Mistress”.
That was what I wanted to hear. We were of the same opinion on that, and his slavery had started to affect his mind like I wished.

I started by saying to slavegirl what I was going to do: get some one-night stands, getting fucked by other men, but continue to master him. He was a slave, I owned him, and he was there to do the chores, lick me and get controlled by me. That was his role, until I would decide otherwise. My slavegirl had to wait at home, in his bondage chair, which was in his slave room. Sometimes I chained him from the ballsac. I brought the boyfriends to my house at times, fucked with them, and while they slept, let slavegirl out of the chair, eat my fucked pussy and let him go the bed. Those mornings he was to stay quiet.

Taking on another slave, houseboy

I tested each of my guys for submissiveness. I was rough with them, making them undress fist, ordering them to lick my feet and legs, and if they got a hard-on, I went on, maybe introduced some SM toys, bound him to bed before fucking his mouth and penis. Finally I found a truly submissive guy Kim, whom I started dating regularly: a 30-year old guy with a PhD, who works as a researcher in a lab.

To fool him I finally bought my slavegirl the complete French maid´s uniform – short frilly dress that did cover his stocking tops like she wished.

When I started to make out with my new boyfriend at home, I told him that I have a real maid whom I also use as an assistant in sex play. He got quite excited, and I introduced him to slavegirl, whom he mistook for a genetic girl. Slavegirl undressed his clothes, and took off my panties, and I straddled my houseboy, and fucked him. Slavegirl had to suck Kim´s nipples while we fucked, and houseboy fondled my tits.

That´s how the first time went. Later slavegirl had to also suck Kim´s cock so that he got it erect again for a second ride. Acting jealous, I had forbidden houseboy to fuck the maid or even lift her dress, so maid’s secret was kept during the first few sessions.

One evening I was feeling bitchy and had slavegirl lick my boots while Kim was watching. I had sex with Kim, when ordered slavegirl to serve a drink for me and houseboy. Then I ordered her to roll the back of his skirt around a cord and tie the cord around her waist. His butt exposed I ordered him to the treadmill. This got Kim horny. I said to Kim maid has been without a man for a while, but that I wouldn´t allow him to fuck her. Instead I presented a strap-on, and he willingly tied that on top of his penis, and I allowed him to fuck her in the ass with that. I took care slavegirl´s genitals remained hidden while she was fucked.

Next time when Kim arrived I had slavegirl present himself without the dress, and told houseboy everything about our relationship, and if he was interested in staying with me, he would become another slave to me, though not a feminized one. He was embarrassed he had been fooled to fuck a guy in the ass, but I noticed him getting a hard-on. On my instruction “clothes off” he took off all clothes, when on “kneel and kiss my boot” he obeyed. Then he let slavegirl tie him up and blindfold him for our next fuck. He licked my sex first, when I fucked him from the top, while slavegirl again sucked his nipples, and I even instructed slavegirl to fool Kim by kissing him on the mouth. Kim thought it was me and kissed passionately.

Next time I bought Kim a slave harness and collar which he started to use permanently. He started to lick me into orgasms before we fucked. I started calling him houseboy.

Another time he also joined slavegirl licking me – slavegirl licking my asshole and houseboy my cunt. They had to try hard to fit their heads together between my legs while I knelt on the bed, but that was great. After that we let houseboy witness our session, which ended with me fucking slavegirl in the ass, him having his willy in his mouth, but allowed no orgasm. From now on also houseboy needed my permission to come.

Next time houseboy sucked me to 2 orgasms, but I didn´t let him fuck me, instead he fucked slavegirl in the ass, while I pinched houseboys nipples and butt. I granted him permission to shoot his load. That was in a way the first time slavegirl had what you can call real sex with someone – and he is hetero. Then I gave houseboy the strap-on, and had him fuck me with it.

Sometimes we didn´t want slavegirl to interfere in our lovemaking, but wanted him to hear everything, so we tied him to his bondage chair in the bedroom, or had him tread the treadmill. I also bought him a baby monitor, so he could listen to our sounds while ordered in the slave room.

Soon became the first time houseboy came without permission, and I “had to” put his head into leather helmet, tie it to ceiling, tie his wrists to his sides (his harness has a lot of rings), and give him his first punishment with the paddle. He liked being spanked, so I started as fore play also beat him with my narrow paddle “Story of O” style on crotch, cock and balls, and continue with heavy paddle, riding crop and leather whip on thighs and buttocks.

Humiliation is the name of the game, so I bought a double ended dildo gag, had my boys kneeling on all fours facing each other on my play room floor, had them insert one end in their mouth both, tied them together by the gag, and gave them a series of blows with my riding crop. Then I tied them from their collars taut to each the wall ring behind him, so they couldn’t move. I tied all their 4 wrists together and tied long spreader bars between their ankles. I left the light on so they could face their awkward situation for an hour and a half. After that I put houseboy on all fours on the bed, and slavegirl lying under him on his back facing his feet, and while I flogged houseboy´s ass, slavegirl sucked him into orgasm.

Then houseboy had to start shaving off his pubic hair. Later his first butt plug was inserted in his anus for the whole session.

Next time I had slavegirl lick me on all fours, while I sat on the edge of the bed and houseboy fucked him in the ass. Later houseboy fucked me with a strap-on.

I bought houseboy his own cb2000, and he put it on, as I promised he can have 2-3 supervised orgasms a week. Now I had two enslaved men in cb2000, so I tried to compete them against each other. The one who licked my foot better may lick my sex…

Houseboy moves in

Houseboy moved in with us as well. He works full time, so both boys are here in the evenings and on weekends. I have created very different profiles for my slaves. They have their assigned chores. Slavegirl is a maid who does the feminine work, cooking and cleaning, laundry (a lot of hand washing), ironing etc. Houseboy does all the work in the garden, lawn, cars etc.

Slavegirl has to lick me and houseboy. She may only come in her own mouth. I started putting estrogen hormones in her feed so that he now has grown nice B-cup breasts, a fat butt and only little hair growth. I enlarged his nipples with a snake bite kit so that he has permanently feminine erective nipples now. I like his nipples erect, not his penis. I had the nipples pierced and started connecting the rings with a taut chain. Sometimes I draw the rings together with his nose ring. I also have houseboy suck her breasts, and caress her stocking tops and ass, trying to stimulate her without touching her penis. She is fucked a lot with fist and strap-on and I decided to add to his standard costume a butt plug, which can be locked to his cb-2000 and a ring at the back of his corset with a chain. Her training now continues in the arts of being a waitress and 5 star cooking, which is ironically suitable for her as she only gets to gulp her feed quickly from bowls. I took away his privilege of using knee pads recently. Later the boys are going to get kneepads, that have studs inside. I am getting their pain tolerance up all the time.

Houseboy learns pony play

Houseboy has short cropped hair, he wears a leather harness, he is being trained like I did with slavegirl, but faster, and he is proceeding really well as he is a natural sub. He is allowed to cum only tied hanging upside down, slavegirl sucking him off, me whipping his ass. He had to take a tongue piercing, a frenum piercing and a nasal septum piercing like slavegirl. I trained him in puppy play and we also added a pony ritual, where he gets to pull me in a small cart. Two leashes connect the cart to his harness straps at the shoulderblades, and another to his cb-2000'd balls. The straps are adjusted so that unless he keeps his torso horizontal, all the weight is on his genitals. By lowering his upper body horizontal to the ground and arching his back so his genitals are as back as can be, he gets the weight on his shoulders, and partially off his balls. As I take hold of the reins, and pull on his bit, he must raise his head and look straight ahead. “Giddyup” gets him walking and pulling me. Then with a flick of the riding crop on his bare ass I get him running. It is so fun to have a big closet garden, where he can train on the yardway.

Toilet training

When I had trained houseboy I decided to introduce thorough toilet discipline for my two slaves. They have needed my permission to pee and poo all along. I started first denying them the plea to pee every now and then, having them serve me cross-legged. I said “No, but you may ask again in half an hour”. After half an hour, I gave them permission. Then I started not to always give permission after first waiting period, but iterated my answer. Then I extended these periods to one hour. Next I decided my slaves no longer use toilet when they have to go, but when I decide. Now it was time for complete toilet discipline.

In the morning when they wake up at 6am, they can pee, filmed by the surveillance camera. At work they can pee only at 2pm. Next pee time is 10-11pm according to my whim. At 11pm they get a posture collar, ball gag and head harness, and after that an enema, kneeling side by side, and get plugged by an inflatable butt plug

They have to hold in the enema for 45 minutes, while standing held by their nose ring fixed to the ceiling ring, and they know they are not getting away earlier. Nose rings also prevent them by standing bent over which they would do because of the cramps and the pressure in their now big bellies. I visit them many times during that to see their pained faces, and explain them why they are suffering, and that I love them more because they are willing to suffer so much for me.

At home, they need to watch the clock and precisely at the toilet or enema hour get down to Present position, and ask “Mistress, can I use the toilet, Mistress” or “Mistress, may I get an enema, Mistress”, in unison. Then I may give one of them the permission; have the other wait a bit longer, according to my whim. Being allowed, they thank me, curtsey/bow, they back off, and may use the toilet kneeling to pee, remove a possible plug from their ass, and reinsert it afterwards. I may come and watch the proceedings in the slave toilet myself. The smallest toilet in the house is the slave toilet, so at toilet time, where may be crowded and they need to take their turns on the toilet.

If you can pee every 8 hours, and poo every 24 hours, it is not very demanding. I was not intending to make my boys life as miserable as possible, only control them tightly. However, I plan to next give them 12 hours between pees, so it will become a bit more challenged.

Toilet discipline is a great way of gaining total control of the slave. For hours a day he has the need to go, but he must not urinate until he gets the permission. My control extends from sexual pleasures to their bodily functions. I get horny because of this, and they get horny too. Instead of giving them sexual pleasures as rewards, I can now reward them by allowing them to pee, or giving them lick a sugarcube or even eat a candy or an apple like you reward a horse, and as they are cross-legged and never get anything sweet, they are as happy of these rewards like they used to be from sexual pleasure. Now that I have two slaves, one reward is also to get to lick me.

Their possessions cease

Another way of extending my control to their everyday life and life outside my villa was next. They had to open new bank accounts, and order their salaries (slavegirl was now near graduation, and had a half time job as well) to these new accounts. Although they were on their name, I confiscated the bank cards and passwords to the net bank. I left about 100$ to their old bank accounts, which become allowance accounts they still could use. Houseboy’s car was sold, and I leased his apartment, and took the income. He was working some 12 km from my villa, and he has to start taking the bus to work, like slavegirl was using the bus as well. They needed my permission to all purchases, and they had to keep books and present to me all receipts of their purchases. We had triple income and a single consumption, so a lot of money was saved, and I had large stock investments soon.

Under their clothes, slavegirl wears a corset, and dark thick stockings, without any socks, so what people think are his socks are stockings. Both wear rubber pants which they have to fill with nettles under the recording surveillance camera as long as our garden produces enough (we cultivate nettles). The rubber pants are lockable, they lock them on before the camera. I have cut a hole for the cb-2000, so that they can urinate at 12am with the rubber pants on. They don’t have to use butt plug at work, I am a stern, but loving Mistress.

Slavegirl prepared them both lunch boxes, including oat meal, and dog food, if I didn’t order otherwise, so they wanted to eat alone in a park or somewhere. Slavegirl had to buy groceries on his way home so that she could make me all wonderful meals, and bring them back in the bus, and walking half a mile from the bus stop to the villa. At home I checked that he had not eaten anything as he put the foodstuff in cupboards, and I had surveillance cameras installed also in the kitchen, so he could not eat anything while he prepared my meals.

In the evenings, he needed to get in Present, and beg me to transfer money to the allowance account, if needed. Basicly the only chore for me was paying the bills and transferring money. Houseboy didn’t need much money. He needed money for a monthly bus ticket, and something for the flea market if he needed new clothing. He had to beg to get permission to buy clothes there of course. His work as a researcher didn’t require him to dress smart. In the summer I require houseboy and slavegirl to take the bike to work, so we save a few monthly bus tickets.

Most of the clothes money I used for them was slavegirl’s slave clothing. I bought him thick black, sheer red and white stockings, corsets of same colors, mostly lacable, so they could lace them not so tight for the day, and tighter for the evening, and even a red leather corset and red rubber stockings. I allow her to by something from the women’s department at the flea market for street clothes.

If they would find discarded food at work, I encourage them to bring it back home; I would allow them to divide it between themselves at their next meal. If they found money, they had to bring it to me.

While they cannot use a car for their own rides, houseboy has a chauffer outfit as well, and has to drive me and slavegirl sometimes to a café or do some shopping for me. Slavegirl has to carry everything for me, and open me doors in public.

Changes in sex life

I decided to balance the boys’ sexual pleasure with more discomfort. I got soon tired of slavegirl sucking himself and houseboy. Instead, every night, as the boys’ bladders are full, I have one of the boys change a 20cm chain between his ankles and put on high heel shoes. I tie his elbows and wrists together at the back, put a leather helmet with nostril openings and an open mouth in his head, take his cb-2000 off and order him in some uncomfortable position. Of course no furniture is used. My favorite is a wide squat: the boy spreads his legs so that the chain is taut, and then lowers his butt on his heels, keeping the soles of his high heeled shoes to the floor, or tiptoed, if he is bare legged. He has to spread his knees wide to allow easy access to his throbbing cock. He is in a strenuous position, with his balls near the floor, back straight.

Now I put the other boy to work, masturbating him. Intention is not to make him come, only edge him, as close to cumming as possible. He has to continuously cry out “Mistress, green, Mistress”, until he gets close to cumming, and then cry out “Mistress, yellow, Mistress”, so that his counterpart knows to stop masturbation to prevent him from cumming. If he gets rapidly very close to cumming, he needs to cry out “Red, Mistress” (sic) so that his masturbator knows to take his hand away immediately. If he would come, both would get an A-level punishment, which is now severe ass, breast, penis and ball whipping, which they fear to the utmost. The goal is milking the boy eventually, after a long enough time to the so called non-orgasm ejaculation or ruined orgasm, which is normally achieved with removing all stimulation to penis at the moment when orgasm would begin. It is not a real ejaculation anyway, just a little cum appearing from the penis or one small stream leaking out without any spurts. Also it does not feel like an orgasm, even though it is soothing and pleasurable. It does not ruin the erection for a moment, and does not affect sexual desires a bit, so the boy is as horny as ever after the leakage.

The masturbator that has succeeded in drawing a drop of cum only gets a reward, normally to suck on an sugarcube for a minute. As these leakages take care of the slaves’ semen flow, I have now cut out all their real orgasms. They get to play this divine sexual play every night, they don’t get release, but a little soothing every now and when by getting to leak some semen (which they need to eat), I would say they live a very sexually loaded life, and they are really happy with this arrangement, even though they never cum, never have intercourse, never get touched in the crotch by a woman, and may only by milked when and how I say, and not in a very easy way. If they behave badly, I take away this ruined orgasm privilege and they are taken care by a prostate massager for a month or so.

After 10-20 minutes depending of the level of discomfort caused by the pose, I ask the boy “Do you want to continue?” If the slave does, I attach clamps or clotherpegs to his ballsac, and the milking is continues. The slaves try to continue as long as possible. The limit comes when they can not accommodate the growing pain from the legs and clamps. Every 10-20 minutes I add a few clamps or clothespegs to his body: ballsac, nipples, foreskin (does not prevent masturbation!), earlobes, nose, tongue,… Before an hour he answers my question “Mistress, please not any more, Mistress”. Right away his cock is softened with ice cubes and put into the cb-2000 again. After that they change places.

The easiest position I use is just have the boy kneeling with his knees parted. In that position the boy can last this treatment for hours. Another favorite is the Present-position in its variations: Present-Cheek with his cheek flat against the floor, not his forehead and nose, and Present-Kiss, which means the boy presses his nose and jaw to the floor, so he can kiss the floor. At some point I may anyway order him into Present-Cheek and insert a vibrating butt plug and when put him back in the original position. Then he has to continue the ordeal clenching his butt muscles to keep the butt plug from falling out of him. I may also make him suck a dildo.

Sometimes, when I have the boy squatting, I have a bench, 30cm high, put behind him. To the bench I have attached two cushions, with an empty space between them. Then I order the boy to bend back and lay his upper back on the bench, until his head and part of his shoulders lay on the bench between the cushions. His feet remain on the floor in this position, but it is even more strenuous. I have the other boy put two steel brushes like this Swix steel racing brush under his buttocks because in this position his buttocks tend to slide to the floor: the times when they could lie comfortably in the bed under me are over.

I enjoy most when slavegirl licks my pussy and clit and houseboy sucks my nipples. I don’t enjoy multiple orgasms per day, but at least once a day I arrange a double-boy suck show. Sometimes I continue riding houseboy, either his own penis or a strap-on. Being a beta male was starting a surprising effect on houseboy. He had trouble maintaining his hard-on for me to fuck him. That was a good reason to stop using his penis. I have asked them about their favorite sex activities, and licking my pussy is #1 for them both.

Doggy play theme day

Sometimes we have a doggy training day, with both boys naked whole day, except for the posture collar for the houseboy, and a ladies’ collar for the slavegirl. I am of course dressed properly, with jeans and boots.

During the day we do a lot of usual doggy play tricks, fetching, rolling over, running naked in the garden on all fours. However, houseboy needs to be my pony for some time, and pull my special cart.  They get doggy treats for learning new tricks. This day culminates with me tying the dogs elbows behind their backs along with wrists, hogtying the dogs wrists to ankles, taking the cb-2000’s off the dogs, and letting them hump my boots, slavegirl the left one, and houseboy the right one, as I sit in my garden chair. The one that is quicker to rub himself off, gets an extremely rare orgasm, and will lick his semen from my boot and ground. The other will not be allowed to cum, maybe ever, maybe on some other rare occasion.

Open mouth

As a drastic contrast to the fact they can rarely speak, I ordered they have to keep their mouth open (Story of O –style) at all times whenever I am present, or they are filmed by the surveillance cameras. When we are at home, their mouths must form an “o”, publicly just keep the mouth open like you were a little stupid or surprised. If I see a closed mouth, it is a B-level punishment for that slave.

Brazilian in the Egyptian way

I ordered houseboy to start removing all his body hair like slavegirl does. Pulling all hair out with tweezers was a nuisance as it required too much time. I ventured into other methods of hair removal. I learned about an old Egyptian habit of cooking 1 cup water, 1 cup sugar and 1/2 a lemon into a kind of sugar wax clump, which sticks to hair, and can be used for waxing. When you pull away the sugar clump, it removes the hair including the root like a regular wax, but does not hurt that much, as it clings only to hair, not skin. I had the boys grow hair until it was long enough (5mm) for waxing. I commanded slavegirl to cook the sugar clump. As it lay ready on the kitchen counter, I had houseboy tie up slavegirl in cbt-position, which means tying his hands and elbows behind his back, putting a leather helmet on him, get him on his back on a table by a wall in the play room, his head next to the wall where I have rings attached, legs lifted and tied to the rings so his legs are spread to the maximum, and his crotch and crack is easily accessible and he cannot move, only wiggle a bit. Then I removed the cb-2000. I took the sticky brown clump, pressed it to a place above his penis, and pulled to the opposite direction of hair crotch, to his head. He wiggled as I did it, so it must have hurt. I was getting wet. Especially painful was the removal of ballsac hair and penis base hair, of course, and the hairs next to his asshole. He put up quite a fuss while I pulled out his ball hairs, and I had to be stern to him and order that any wiggling will cost an A-punishment in the form of ball beating which will be applied right after the waxing. After that he succeeded in keeping still, and letting me continue without disturbance.

I had houseboy continue, and get him sugared all over. It took like 3 hours plus another 2 hours. Next day I pulled off houseboy’s crotch hair and slavegirl continued after that.

How perfectly the sugaring suits slaves: cbt and skin care all in one, in a humiliating posture, with a substance they can cook themselves from cheap materials. It is cleansing them deeper than the surface. The result of waxing/sugaring is as adorable as the process. The skin is smooth, and stays smooth, and even when there is growth, it is not as disturbing as the normal male hair.

The process can only be repeated every 5 weeks, as it takes that long for the hair to grow to 5 mm. The torture effect is at its best the first time, as this procedure makes the hair go weaker and lighter, and it comes off more easily when the skin is routinely waxed.

Afterwards we returned to the use of an epilator which they now use every morning to pluck out all the hairs that have emerged through their skin during the previous day. An epilator can pull out even shorter hair, and keeps the slaves skin smooth all the time.

A normal working day

Well, you would now probably want to get a climpse of a typical day in our lives? Let me give you an example from yesterday. In the morning the boys woke up at 6am, gave each other enemas, emptied their colons, epilated, helping each other with backside, slavegirl dressed in corset and stockings. They ate from the bowls cold uncooked outmeal mixed with water (with egg timer they had to set up themselves giving them 2 minutes for that), all recorded by the surveillance cameras. Houseboy collected nettles from the garden, slavegirl made them a lunchbox full of oatmeal and made the breakfast ready for me: fried eggs and bacon, salmon sandwich, coffee in a thermos, a muffin, like I had ordered from the breakfast menu in the evening. Both put on their rubber shorts which they filled with fresh nettle leaves carefully arranging stinging sides towards their skin, and locked the shorts in place with the self-locking locks. Slavegirl dressed up in a filmy women’s shirt, which show through his small breasts and women’s trousers, from the flea market, houseboy in men’s casual flea market clothes.

Next they hurried away to catch the bus to their respective offices. They sat in the bus with their cheap clothes and lunchboxes, nettles burning their butts, but strangely turned on by the turn their lives had taken. At 12am they empty their bladders and go have the not so tasty lunch in the park, trying to find some discarded food to bring back home.

After work they take the bus home. I am home then, reading a book in the living room in my regular summer dress and stockings, when slavegirl arrives first, walks swiftly to me eyes lowered, like he has been taught, curtseys about 3m from me, and presents himself in Present-position before me, fully clothed, kissing my feet. I jump over hair check and say “OK, change to your costume, and bring the big ribbed one” The big ribbed one refers to the Big Swirl Top, which is a big, ribbed butt plug with remote vibrating control.

I also have the Small Swirl Top, which is similar but smaller, and it is fun to have him keep it in his ass only by clenching his butt cheeks, without any help. Of course we have also smooth ones of different sizes. He has to wear the butt plugs without a locking chain, unless I decide otherwise. If a butt plug would fall out, e.g. while being tortured, a A-class punishment is meted out. When he has to wait on me and keep that plug in his ass by squeezing his muscles only, he sways his butt more.

“Mistress, Thank you, Mistress” He curtseys, takes his clothes off at the spot, including his underpants - tight rubber shorts filled with nettle leaves - until he is in stockings and corset which he was wearing all the day. He piles the clothes neatly. He removes the leaves with his bare hand from the shorts, and puts them on the floor to show them to me, then takes them to garbage bin. He takes the pile of nettles, and backs facing me all the time, according to his training. Then he goes to slave room which he now shares with houseboy – they have a bunk bed. There he puts on the slave apron, which is a very small round and frilly apron, which covers only the belly, not the cb-2000. Next comes a wide ladies leather collar with leash hanging at the back, nipple rings with connecting chain, the new 5” shoes, ladylike ankle and wrist cuffs and he attaches a 30cm chain between his ankles and attaches his wrist cuffs to the collar with 40cm chains so he cannot straighten his hands. So he is constantly reminded by his modest and restricted status while he is serving me. He applies lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, puts on heart shaped cheap earrings and puts his hair into a tight ponytail.

He rummages in dildo chest and fills the anal douche and hurries back remembering to sway his ass like always, curtseying while 3 m from me, looking down. First he puts the butt plug, anal douche, a tube of Vaseline, a locking chain and plastic gloves on the table before me. Next he finds a suitable free space by me, kneels in Present, pressing his face to the floor, head near my right foot, knees spread, heels pointing up, 30 cm chain between ankles taut, hands put behind his back as far as they go. “Mistress, slave ready for anal douche, Mistress” “OK, go for it” He takes the douche, draws his head to his knees, to be able reach to his behind with the anal douche, when he squirts the contents to his asshole, and waits. He has to take time from the wall clock, and after 5 minutes ask: “Mistress, can I use the toilet, Mistess?” He gets back soon, curtseys, still holding on to the anal plug, puts it on the coffee table in front of me with a tube of Vaseline.

He takes the Present-position again, this time sideways from me, so his ass is in front of me, putting his empty hands behind his back as far as they go, face to the floor. He is waiting to be plugged, which can be a pleasure for him, if I use Vaseline or pain if I choose not to. This time he knows he is getting a big ribbed plug, so without Vaseline it would be a lot of pain. There are also the plastic gloves, if I decide to probe his anal entrance with my hands. And finally a locking chain if I decide to lock the butt plug in place, which I rarely do. His ass is red and hot from the nettles and rubber pants he has been wearing.

He gets sexually excited now because of the humiliation, thoughts of me looking at his naked ass, anticipation of the penetration, an intimate act between him and the woman he loves and adores. Going fourth week without release, any touches to his crotch drive him wild with desire, especially as he has no control whatsoever over how I do it and how long. His penis drips more inside the chastity belt, but unfortunately for him, that dribble doesn’t moist his "pussy".

I put just a little Vaseline at the tip and have him wait for a few minutes.
- “Hmm. Who wants something in her pussy, huh?”
-“Mistress, I want, mistress”, he answers but the floor is muddling his voice .
-“I can’t here you” He lifts his head a bit,
-“Mistress, I want, mistress” he says loudly.
-“What do you want?”
-“Mistress, I want a big plug in my pussy, Mistress”. I bend down a bit, take a look at the shaved white inviting-looking crotch, and shove the bulky rubber plug slowly but steadily in his asshole, as he grunts his mouth touching the floor again. The grease helps the plug go in, but as the bulkier part reaches his anus, the grease does not help, and I have to pull back a bit, and forcefully push it all the way in. The ribs are multiplying the feeling.
-“Mistress, thank you, Mistress”, I hear from the floor.

Coffee seremony

-Bring the coffee menu”.
-“Mistress, Yes, Mistress” He takes the unused anal instruments, backs away, as normally he is not allowed to turn his back on me. Slavegirl is trained to be a waitress, and he has had to make a coffee menu, a breakfast menu, a lunch menu and a dinner menu, which has hors appetizers, main courses and desserts, as well as a drinks list. He is liable that we have supplies for all the items, so he is the one to do the shopping for groceries as well, dressed as a girl with a short tight frilly frock that ends below the buttocks, and sheer leggings. She brings the menu swaying his ass, curtseys and kneels as he offers it to me, looking down.

I choose café au lait and a chocolate muffin, and he curtseys, answers politely, backs away, makes the coffee for me, and warms a muffin, puts everything including pots of coffee and hot milk, napkins on a tray, puts table linen over his arm, checks everything again, brings it to me swaying his butt, curtseys, kneels at the coffee table facing me, puts the linen on the table with one hand while balancing the tray with another. Puts everything on the linen, my cup and saucer in front of me, backs off to take the tray to a side table. He kneels again by my side, offers me a suede napkin on the backs of his hands, keeping his eyes lowered. I put it in my lap watching my slave intently.

Next he pours the coffee in the cup, adds hot milk like I want it, takes the coffeecup by the plate and offers it to me holding his hand, while he puts the warm muffin with his other hand on the bigger plate, and offers that in his other hand. He needs to hold them both out for me in his hands to allow me easiest possible access to the offerings. That is one of his hardest chores. If I’m watching a movie, he is normally kneeling by me, facing me, not the TV, holding out a plate of nibbles for me, keeping his eyes lowered, even for two hours. This is interrupted by moments when he needs to refill my glass which he needs to do when I have taken a couple of sips. Even though that seems monotonous, he needs to be really alert all the time. So I sip my coffee, put the cup back on the plate my slave holds on the balm of his hand, take a bite from the muffin. My slave does not get anything to eat, but he has to suffer on his knees, straining his arms. Such is slavery.

“Dismissed”. When I use dismissed, he has to get back to his preprogrammed routine, which I stop when and if I wish. He collected the things, went to his chores, which mean today vacuuming until 4pm and after that preparing me the 3-course dinner I choose from the menu. He has to vacuum the other rooms first, and last the one where I reside, so I got to see him wriggling his ass, after an hour as all the other rooms were ready and he started to vacuum the living room.

He has to bend over a lot, but when vacuuming he is allowed to do so freely even in my presence. He is actually not allowed to bend on the knees, he has to bend at the waist, or crouch if he needs to get to the floor level. As she bends over, I see the base of the butt plug she is holding in. His ass is a bit bony, but the tight corset makes it stick out sexily. I still like to watch his butt sway, and while he gets near me, I grab him by the corset, and bend him over my knee and take a big bite of his tight ass, which makes him cry out. I also fondle his groin around the cb-2000 a bit, and twist the butt plug around and pull it out and back in the ribs making the sensation bigger for him and making him hold breath.

After dismissing him, I but the vibration of the butt plug on in the middle speed with the remote and watch my slave try to concentrate to work with the plug slowly massages his prostate and makes him even wetter. If he is dripping streams on the floor, of course he has to lick it clean. He is in a catch-22. He knows I will check the cleaning results so he cannot cheat, but he has a tight schedule as well, and will be punished for laziness if all the tasks are not completed. He has to concentrate on many things at a time: swaying his butt, vacuuming, being swift, not missing anything, clenching his buttocks, the buzzing in his butt, my orders – being a slave is not intended to be easy.

He finishes vacuuming of the 300 square meter house at quarter to 4pm and approaches me, curtseys, and kneels up in front of me, looking down. “Mistress, may I speak, Mistress”. He must ask permission to speak if it is not a scheduled issue. I don’t chat normally with my slaves, I invite my friends over for that. I have a few female friends who are not into D/s, whom I have disclosed my way of life, and who are confortable with my slaves being around here. Slaves can speak to me only when they are spoken to, or if I have instructed them so in my training, or if they have spare time. They get a B-level punishment for speaking out of turn even if they ask for a permission. If there is a big crises of sorts, they are allowed to speak after I have given them permission, but it is up to me to judge whether they get punishment or not. It is forbidden to ask to use the toilet, to be allowed to eat or drink anything. There are schedules for these issues.

-“You may”
-“Mistress, I have finished vacuuming, and still have 15 minutes time, Mistress”
-“Fetch me a glass of house wine”.
-“Mistress, Yes, Mistress” I turn his vibrator off. Again he backs out, then brings the tray with the wine bottle, wine glass, napkins and necessities, curtseys, kneels facing me, puts the linen on the table with the tray in another. He puts the things on the linen, puts my glass in front of me touching only the stem of the glass, backs off to take the tray to a side table. He kneels again by my side, and offers me a napkin. Next he shows me the wine etiquette, pours the sample wine in the glass touching the neck of the bottle only with a napkin. I take the glass and sample it, when he asks
-“Mistress, may I pour the wine, Mistress”
-“You may”. When he pours again similarly, being careful not to spill a drop, as it would nowadays mean an A-level punishment. Next he puts the bottle into wine chiller which he had also provided and put at the corner of the table, etiquette facing me, and puts a linen napkin over the bottle like in fancy restaurants.
-“Dismissed” For the remaining 10 minutes he knows he has to kneel up in the slave room corner, nose touching the corner, hands back as far as they go, and meditate.

At 4pm he is back as planned, curtseying with the dinner menu.
-“Mistress, excuse me, here’s the dinner menu, Mistress” I carefully read the menu, think about different choices, most of them meaning he has to melt something from the freezer. I choose shrimp salad, fish soup with three types of fish and chocolate mouche.
-“Mistress, Yes, Mistress”, he curtseys and disappears in the kitchen, where he prepares a 5 star dinner for me, which is served at half past 5. It takes him 1½ hours every day to prepare dinner. If he has spare time during this, he will clean the kitchen.

Houseboy getting home

At 5 pm houseboy gets home from work, and he has to first greet me like slavegirl did. He knocks, waits for my signal, bows deep 3 meters from me, and takes Present-position kissing my feet. I have been waiting for some action, so I order
-“Hair check” He removes and piles neatly his clothing, including the nettles filled rubber pants, and resumes the Present, legs spread. I notice his butt is also red from the nettles, but hairless, including anus and crack.
-“Legs” I order, he lies face up, raises his straight legs in the air, until they are horizontal above his body, slightly parted. Again I cannot find any hair, boys have been working hard with epilators all morning.
-“Chest” He stands up, in X-position, hands clasped behind his neck, so I can examine his hairless chest, armpits and stomach.
-“Back” He turns around. I find some tiny hairs in the small of his back where it is difficult for him to reach.
-“You worthless slut, you have missed some hair here, get the tweezers.”
-“Mistress, Yes, Mistress” He runs to find them, brings them back, remembering to bow. I plug the hairs off his back. I am going to punish him harsh for such insolence.

Rape rack

-“To the rape rack” The rape rack is in the play room: three fixed bars in U-form, waist high while standing, with four legs. One of the top bars is “missing” and replaced with a harsh, flexible cloth and houseboy walks to the missing bar.
-“Bend over” Some orders are so fun to say and hear so I want to give them each time we do these rituals, even though it would be easy to train the sluts to bend over and spread their legs with a snap of my fingers. He lowers his body to the harsh cloth. This rack holds the slave’s buttocks nicely inviting and high for the dildo, penis or whip.
-“Spread your legs” He spreads his legs so that the cloth holds his weight, and his legs are at least 1m apart, close to the legs of the rack and only his toes touch the floor. This way his ankles could be tied to the rings in the legs of the rack that are positioned so that victim must be on his tiptoes or on high heels. I don’t fix houseboys legs, I want him to show obedience, staying still while being whipped. Instead I fix his hands to the opposite corners of the rack.

On the opposite wall there is a mirror where the slave and the Mistress can see each other during the session, and even have eye contact, which is compulsory for the slave on the rack during the beating. This is the only place and situation when they can meet my eye, and this makes them love being beaten. There’s a nice selection of instruments hanging also here in the play room, even though we have a dungeon in the cellar. He must look down until the session starts, so he doesn’t see from the mirror what whips I have chosen.

I start with a heavy paddle and bring it down on his butt as hard as I can. A loud thud is heard and houseboy yelps, and starts to look me in the eyes.
-“Mistress, second please Mistress” He starts counting now, as he learned he is in for a punishment not ass fuck or cbt. I bring down another lash, and he lets out a moan and continues counting. The strokes are so hard he has a tough time keeping still. I laid down the paddle as hard as I could, the flexible cloth let the ass bounce off a little and then bounce back so it was ready again for next slap. After 11th I gave him the 12th on the same spot so fast he was still in the middle of saying
-“Mistress, 12th, please Mistress”. “Please” turned into a cry midsentence, but he managed to rephrase it, even though he was sobbing. I brought the paddle to his butt with all my might, and noticed he couldn’t keep perfectly still. The legs were still spread but the ass was wiggling up and down, like it was trying to shed the pain away. I continued with full strength, getting his butt in good swing each time I hit it. Then I said
-“I now you can take it. You can. You can become a good slave. I know it, but you must try hard.”
- “Mistress, Yes, Mistress” The next blows were as hard, but it seemed like he was concentrating better, and didn’t wiggle.
-“OK, now you can have a rest, and we’ll continue later with the actual punishment.”

I was getting warmed up, so I left him tied up, wondering and fearing for the worst, took a riding crop with me and went to the kitchen, as the dinner time was nearing. The slavegirl was surprised, but continued to wash the table, and dare not meet my eye.
-“Punishment posture!” Without question he approaches me, turns around, and spreads his legs so the chain is taut, lowers his upper body, arches his back to expose his buttocks better, crosses his fingers behind his neck and looks straight ahead. I switch the vibrator on full strength, and bring the crop down on his right buttock with some force but not breaking the skin.
-“Mistress, second please, Mistress”, she utters. I let the other blow land on the left buttock.
-“Mistress, third please, Mistress”.
-“Tit punishment” She turns around, kneels one meter from me, hands still behind the neck, elbows back, back straight and knees together. Her left tit gets the third blow, the last goes to his right tit. This kind of attention is all he needs to get his precum dripping after all this mundane work in the kitchen.

-“You slut, is the dinner ready?” She answers politely:
-“Mistress, Yes, Mistress”
-“Let’s have it then!”
I let him back off and escort me to the dining room, where he settles my chair under me. The table was ready with plates and accessories ready. He settles the linen napkin in my lap kneeling.
-Mistress, what would you like drink, Mistress” he says offering me the drinks list (of wines and other drinks we currently have in the house). I toss it aside and say
-“House white wine, you slut of a waitress”. She brings the white wine, and we go through the wine sampling ritual again. Then she brings in the meals like a real waitress, curtseying every time she approaches me, eyes lowered at all times. She puts the food on my plate from the tray, and then waits standing demurely in the corner while I eat. When I have sipped twice from my glass, she carefully pours me more and gets back to his stance. Then she approaches me,
-“Mistress, are you finished, Mistress”, and takes away the starters plate and brings me the next dish. When I have finished the dessert and coffee, I let him clear the dishes, and go take care of houseboy.

Houseboy’s butt winces a little when I enter the play room where he has been waiting for the rest of his punishment for having body hair. I put on my sheer leather gloves and squeeze his butt and cup his cb-2000 in my hand. I whisper to his ear:
-“Did your butt cool down too much, honey?”
-“Mistress, no, Mistress”, is the hesitating answer. To most questions there is only one right answer, my slaves have to try and figure out what it is.
-“I think we need to do to warming up again”, I threaten, and start whacking his butt anew with another heavy studded and perforated paddle. This time I leave it at four strokes, and change into my rattan cane complete with an antique sterling handle. The cane gives his buttocks lasting purple stripes, and I stripe his buttocks horizontally changing the spot a little with every stroke. With every cut he cries loud before counting, and after the third blow he bends at the knees, and wiggles his ass, but does not move away from position.
-“You have fared well houseboy, but I know you can take more from your Mistress. You suffer for me, and I love the way you control yourself and take my cane. You are a good slave, and you can become even better. You can take much more and you can suffer more, and I like you more because of that.”
-“Mistress, thank you, Mistress” I knew my words spurred him take a few more blows from me and handle the shuddering pain my cane causes him. I continued with steady rhythm and strength, and gave him three more stripes on the lower parts of his buttocks.
-“I knew you can handle that. It wasn’t so difficult, was it?”
-“Mistress, no, Thank you, Mistress” he said with a faint voice. I caressed the welts which meant more agony to him and his crotch, which meant pleasure.

I let houseboy free, and hurry to get his harness on, with similar chains and leash like slavegirl has, with a posture collar, and bells hanging from his nose ring and heavy little bells from the nipple rings. He must move silently, without the bells making sound. When he got back, I blew my whistle which gets both my slaves approach me running, the female curtseying, the male bowing before me, and, still within seconds, in Present-position, faces to the floor in front of me.
-“Oh you darling sluts have not seen each other yet, houseboy, give slavegirl a good kiss.”
They rise keeping their legs spread, and face each other. A good kiss means that houseboy has to French kiss slavegirl until I tell him to stop, while both boys keep their hands behind their back. After all, even though neither of them is gay, and both are hopelessly in love with me, I allow them to have sex only between themselves, in awkward sessions orchestrated by me. They get turned on even by this kiss - it is the combination of humiliation and lip stimulation that do the trick.

Now it was feeding time at the zoo.
-“You poor bastards must be starving. Slavegirl, go prepare your bowls.”
They separate, say loudly
-“Mistress, thank you, Mistress” and slavegirl continues
-“Mistress, yes, thank you, Mistress”, thanking me because I am catering to their needs. She backs away, and sways her hips swiftly towards kitchen. Houseboy presses his forehead again to the floor before me in Present, as he doesn’t know what happens to him next.

They have a rotating dinner menu. It reads:
1. day: plain pasta, cheapest sort
2. day potatoes
3. day beans

Pasta and potatoes are cooked for 6 days at a time, and beans are directly from the can, so they get bad and cold – not fresh, and not even heated. Dog food is always added for protein. The only sauce is cod liver oil, the daily dose for an adult, and a taste of vinegar only to make it taste unpleasant foul slave feed. They get variety in their diet, as leftovers of my food, coffee and drinks are always emptied into a pig bucket, and later mixed into their feed. They are always hungry when they get to eat, so they have been able to swallow all their meals.

I looked at the houseboy’s naked butt still sticking out in front of me.
-“You must be happy to carry my whipmarks, slaveboy”
-“Mistress, yes, it is an honour Mistress”
-“But it must be sore. You need something to take your mind away from your buttocks. Fetch wireless vibrating nipple clamps and 10cm chains.”

He backed away, brought the silvery cylinders, all 6 we have.
-“Tit punishment” I ordered, making him kneel up in front of my chair, and fixed two to his nipples. I squeezed the screws two rounds, until the expression on his face became first pained and then horrified. When I tossed him the cb-2000 key
-“Open it, and remove the hand chains”. He opened his cb-2000 with trembling hands, and then his hands. He was momentarily free, he had been denied pleasure for a week, and his cock sprang to erection. Thoughts of masturbation filled his mind. I wanted to show him I control him with or without fetters.
-“Hands”. He kneels up, offering his wrists to me. I fix 10cm chains to his wrist cuffs, fixing the other ends to his posture collar. The momentum is over, he is captive again.
-“Chest” He stands up, spreading his legs, hands clasped behind his neck, chains taut. His erect penis points obscenely towards me.
-“Fetch my leather gloves”. He backs away swiftly, runs with his hobble when he is out of the room, gets the gloves from the play room, which is not so easy with that short chains that tie his hands at his neck. He gets back, bows deep, kneels offering the gloves by leaning his upper body towards me, I take them.
-“Resume” He stands up again in Chest, his penis still offending me with a hardon. I put on the gloves, and smack his penis a few times with my hand. I don’t touch my slave’s genitals with my bare hands. I then grab him by the balls and draw them towards me so he has to bring his hips along. I take another clamp, and fix it in his ball sac, then another. Then I put fifth clamp with a small weight to his foreskin. The weight draws the penis into a downward ankle.

In the mean time slavegirl took portions of oat meal from the fridge, put a lot in two large bowls, added dog food from a can and poured in the leftover of the fish soup. Some leftover salad items that I had discarded from my plate were floating on the surface. He pours leftover coffee in so that the liquid turns brown. Next he beats everything together into a more homogenous pig food type of mixture, and places two bowls in the middle of a tiled laundry room adjacent to the kitchen. Two water bowls are there already. He hurries back to me (and houseboy who is squirming with his clamps), knocks, waits for being summoned in, curtseys, kneels, speaks
-“Mistress, slave feed is ready, Mistress”, eyes lowered.
-“Tit punishment” I order, and as she kneels up, I attach two sets of vibrating clamps to his erect nipples, squeeze them tight, and switch off all vibrators.

-“Heel”, I commanded. Slavegirl heels always to my left foot, houseboy the right one. I took their leashes, and started walking to the laundry room. There I removed the hand chains, and houseboy’s glasses. I commanded “
-Present-eat” so they take Present, grabbing their ankles between their legs, facing the bowls. They cannot move about in this position, so they have to take care that they position their knees close enough to the bowl so that the face gets exactly into the bowl, otherwise it will be difficult. Chains were pulled taut between two sets of ankles, butts were raised and showing off side by side, one framed by suspenders, corset and stockings, with a penis cage hanging below, and a butt plug base sticking in the ass, slavegirl’s muscles still clenching to it to keep it in place. The other had a leather strap along the crack, with a large steel ring surrounding the anus, and two straps continuing from that, either side of the ballsac from which two steel clamps were hanging, and a penis that was carrying a weight.

I put all the vibrators on full force, and commanded “Eat” and take a look at my watch. I decided I will allow them 4 minutes to eat their dinner. Eating with vibrated ass is their biggest regular pleasure nowadays, along with using the toilet. (I nice curiosity: when I had sex with houseboy, I used to remove his glasses before sex, so eating without glasses reminds him every time of our sex nights). I want to balance the pleasure with pain. It is difficult for them, because they need to concentrate all the time on the ankle chain, which slacks so easily and hits the floor. It is a punishable offense, like eating too long (even though they don’t know how long time they have) and not licking the bowl clean. Besides they always wear nipple clamps while eating, and sometimes I spank their butts, because they look so helpless and inviting as they eat. I may fuck them with their butt plugs. I use cbt like hang weights from balls or clamps. They have got so much exercise in eating from bowls, that they don’t need to rest their cheek or shoulder on the floor any more during eating, so I have banned that.

After about 6 minutes, both boys had eaten, licked their bowl clean, clanked it and each forehead rests in the respective bowl. I commanded
-“heel”, making them turn, move to me, turn again and heel my boots again. I switched off the vibrators.
-“Drink” Now it was time for the boys to lap their water bowls empty. I didn’t want them to dry out and wanted to make their need to pee more urgent. I went to kitchen and read the newspaper by the kitchen table.

Both boys had sucked and licked everything, and their heads rested in the water bowls as I came back half an hour later. I intentionally frustrate and keep them in subspace by hurrying them, and then having them wait long periods. I just snapped my fingers. They kneel up, and first houseboy licks slavegirl’s nose and chin clean, then vice versa. Now that I have two slaves, they can lick each others face clean. I got so turned on by my slaves licking act and earlier kiss I wanted to see more forced homoerotic action. Before they had time to grab their bowls and come to me to present them for my approval, I say
-“houseboy, French kiss slavegirl”
As they continue in a deep penetrating kiss, I walk over to them.
-“houseboy, look to the ceiling”
The poor boy tilts his head, his mouth open as always. I collect my spit, and let it flow in his mouth.
As their kiss divides my spit in their mouths, I connect their hands back to their collars.
-“You sluts were terribly slow again. 2 minutes overtime. That means you are in trouble again. Slavegirl, take care of the rest”.
-“Mistress, yes, Mistress”
She hurried to put the remaining feed in a box to freezer, to be eaten at the next day’s lunch.

I went to the living room and shouted “follow” to houseboy, who followed demurely trying not to ring his bells. I sat down in my easy chair and commanded
-“ice cubes and cb-2000, houseboy“
-“Mistress, Yes, Mistress”
He stood up, backed off, returning to kitchen to fetch ice from we keep in the ice box and the cb. He brought back a small bag full of them, bowed, offered it to me kneeling. I took the cb-2000 and removed his hand chains.
-“Put genitals in the bag” He iced his own balls, and penis, we waited for a while, then ordered
-“Balls”. He raised himself so he was offering me an easy access to his balls, standing his loins arched forward.
- “Remove the bag”
-“Mistress, Yes, Mistress” His penis was small and wrinkled. I closed it inside cb-2000 and locked it with My lock.
-“Tits” He offered now his chest to me, kneeling up. I removed the tit clamps, leaving the ball clamps.
-“Hands” He offered his hands, and I relocked them into his collar with 30cm chains.
-“houseboy Dismissed”, I said. That meant he was to back off, bow down, go to slave room, face the corner, and just kneel where until he is needed, with the clamps slowly digging into him.

After slavegirl was ready, she knocked, when allowed she approached me, curtseyed, knelt in position, and said
-“Mistress, slavegirl at your disposal, Mistress”.
-“Good, now you’ll get your punishment for eating lazily.” “Houseboy”, I shouted. He rushed in and presented next to slavegirl. I raised from my easy chair and circled my boys, tracing their buttocks with my crop and grabbing their leashes.
-“Heel”. I marched quickly to the dungeon, and
-“Stand under the ceiling chain.” There are two chains hanging from the ceiling there. They are at such heights I can attach both boys’ nose rings as they are standing straight, tilting their head up with no need to stand tip toed. There are now two pairs of footprints painted in the floor, and the rule still is they need to have their feet back in the footprints in 10 sec after each lash. Now I had them stand facing each other, their bodies lightly touching each other, and houseboy’s (who is taller) mouth very close to slavegirl’s nosering. They are not restricted apart from the hand chains.
-“houseboy’s ball clamps stay as he is also punished for hairs”
I was nice enough to warm each boy up with a heavy perforated paddle first: 10 hits each made them bounce against each other. Having the other slave by you to bounce to makes it easier for them to hold the position.

I wanted to try out slavegirl’s skills in cumming with only nipple and ass manipulation. I grabbed her leash, and had him heel me to the play room.
-“Present-cheek at the table”. He hurriedly climbed on the wooden table which I also use for waxing slaves, spread her legs as far as the chains allow, and pressed her cheek to the surface. Then I grabbed her penis cage from behind, and opened the chastity belt, letting his penis become erect from humiliation and balls hang free for a moment. I grabbed his balls, making him hot, but just attached the two vibrating clamps to his ballsac. I sat down in a thronelike chair nearby with the remotes.

I switched on the butt plug. His ass quivered a bit, then settled down. I slowly upped the strength from my remote, and the buzzing sound grew loud, and I knew his anus and prostate were getting strongly massaged, a strong feeling he could now concentrate in, besides the growing need to pee. He had to cling to the butt plug with his muscles. I continued this for some time, but no, she still couldn’t get off this way.

Next I ordered houseboy on the punishment chair and slavegirl to tread the treadmill and had them switch places later. After that I joined their heads with a double ended dildo gag and tied a spreader bar between the legs of both of them, tied their hands behind their backs, and drew their hands back and up so far I could so that they had to lean forward, and tied the wrist strap to a ring behind their backs, but not very high, as I intended to keep them in this position for the rest of the evening (I had a place for this in the small slave room). Then I went on my date I turned on vibrating butt plugs they both wear. I took a new guy home and fucked him while my slaves still waited like this in the next room, watching each other in the eyes, backs arched. After the guy left, slavegirl had to prepare me supper and houseboy got the creampie and made my bed ready for a good night’s sleep.