Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Hard work, duct tape torture, little fun, no release

On Sunday i wake up late, make porridge for breakfast, clean up the kitchen, but cannot start epilating as Lina wakes up. Mistress wakes up too. i ask Her whether to get the paper, She says yes. i announce porridge and Her tea are ready. i get to push in Her chair, which is the highlight of the morning. Only when i notice i should put my own coffee dripping. As W/we are alone, Mistress notices my shirt is too buttoned up, orders me to open the uppermost button. i say the duct tape would be showing. She tries to rip it off. The pain is infernal and i yelp. She retires Her efforts and says it can apparently be opened and closed many times.

After breakfast She sends me off to cut down a tree, which i earlier on has defended vigorously against Her will to get rid of it. Now i must myself cut it down. i manage to do it, Mistress joins me outside and starts to supervise my working on the shed project. She is tenacious. i would like a break but i don’t dare suggest it. She makes me redo part of the work as She thinks my standards are not high enough. We continue until 1pm, as She sends me and Lina make a smoked salmon lunch and stays on painting the shed. Lin lays the table and cuts the tomatoes artistically i do the rest, talking to my old mum on the phone.

After tea and coffee Mistress tries to rip the tape off, with as loud results - and then out again, still drinking my coffee, to saw and nail. At 4pm i am near shooting my own knee with a nail gun, and She allows me a break which however is ruined by the fact that i get a call, and must fetch Mats who has been in the neighbouring town with his friend at judo championships.

Our work efficiency is up 100%. i say to Mistress that i would not think of doing this much not being a slave. i must continue with the shed project again until evening. After that i promise Mistress She can lay herself down, i will prepare the fajitas table. Well, Mistress anyway helps, and changes the cover of the kitchen table to cheer me up, as i have to spend so much time in the kitchen. She signals me She wants to kiss me, and i spread my legs to lower my head to level with Hers. She asks why i do that, so that She can kick me in the nuts. i agree, also for that.

i enclose sliced entrecote in the fajitas, it becomes delicious. i clean up the kitchen. Others go watch Tv, i join when after a long while, with tea that Mistress ordered. i ask permission to get a shower, after that i make the beds, brush my teeth by Her order, and go wait in the bedroom by Her order. She enters, i kneel up. She says Her period is nearly over.

“Get undressed”. i pile up my clothes and my wrist watch with an enormous erection. “Lock the door” – promising. “Get the gag and wrist and ankle restraints”. “Get on the bed on your back” “Put the gag in your mouth” It has a strap around the head, i buckle it up tightly. She joins my wrists restraints together through the top of the bed headboard, leaving my hands hanging in the air, beside my head. She locks my ankles together and sits on top of my penis, squashing it. She is topless, pushes Her nipples within my reach, i nibble at them. Then She removes them from my reach, and starts to rip the upper duct tape off. The pain is reckless again. Regardless of the gag i manage to emit a high-pitched, loud scream. She takes a pillow, presses it against my mouth while pulling again at the tape, no avail. Then She doubles the pillow up, presses it tightly against my mouth, and rips. The tape comes off. She shows it to me, it is full of hair. Then She warns that She will start work with the more sensitive region around my belly button, where the other tape resides. She shuts me up with the doubled gag again, and rips the tape right off, with a bunch of hair this time too.

Then She removes my hands, and lets me masturbate with full hand. i look in her eyes, as She lays down beside me. The steel loops in my restraints make noise, She orders me to be silent. i grab the loop in my right manacle with my left hand, the noise dies. i am excited, and edge soon, i switch to massaging the glans only. “That’s enough, take off the restraints and get dressed” i obey and thank Her.

It is a bit awkward to have to thank for a chance to masturbate for 1 or 2 minutes without a release, as i was a few months earlier masturbating without limits. This awkwardness is however the route to the deepest pleasure. She orders me to join her in bed and hands me the architecture book to read. i still get a good night kiss, and surprisingly get to suck Her nipples again. When your climaxes are limited, even sucking nipples has become a wonderfully erotic activity.

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