Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Kissing is hot when you're in chastity

i call Mistress from the way home. “May i disturb” is my usual opening line. Assumption is that it disturbs always, when a slave desires attention. She’s going cycling with Lina. i get instructions to warm up sauna and eat old tacos. i also clean up the kitchen according to standing orders, it was already quite messy. i dust the tablecloth outside. As i don’t have further orders and Mistress is out, i log into my laptop and check out my favourite Femdom sites.

They get back already. Mistress notes that i have not changes into casuals. i do that and make the bed as i go by the bedroom. We go to sauna, i take my pyjamas to change into. At the pool i do full water aerobics, O/others don’t join me. i like pyjamas. You feel meek walking about barefoot, trousers are in your ankles with one wrist movement, the apparel is simple like a Mao suit.

After making tea for Mistress i am allowed to pay bills in the net, and check why Her CV prints out wrongly. i glance furtively at BDSM sites. Mistress fetches me upstairs, we help Mats with his homework, i ready the bedroom. i ask Mistress to be allowed to try out exfoliating cream. i have earlier asked Mistress for permission to by the cheapest exfoliating cream, because epilating causes ingrown hair – today at work i scratched a couple of hairs out. i massage the coarse cream into the skin of my crotch and rinse it off. It makes the skin feel extra smooth.

Back upstairs Mistress orders me to ready the toothbrushes, Mats hears Her order me around. After brushing O/our teeth Mistress goes to toilet and orders me to wait for Her in the bedroom. i do some diary writing. i write this with my cellphone in Norwegian, translate it later to English.

Mistress gets to bedroom, i help the quilt on Her, stay on my knees by the bed, hopeful. She looks t me for a moment – and takes out the architecture book: “Read this”. She has me reading for Her a long time, orders me to stop. i put the book away and stay on my knees. She orders me into bed, no fun. But in bed She settles above me, to kiss me. i wait for it in excitement, hard-on. “Kissing is wonderful”, i say. These “substitutes” have gained similar status like sex had, like i was a teenager. i say the exfoliating made my crotch really silken smooth. “Don’t imagine i will try it out”. Then She says She is not so fond of the word Mistress. i suggest others, Goddess, Ruler, Master, Owner, Champion… when kids hear My Love, My Dear or Honey?

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