Thursday, 31 December 2009

New way to masturbate

On Sunday i wake up at 8, but before Mistress wakes up i succeed in preparing porridge, laying the table, put coffee maker and tea ready, epilate, get the paper and calculate the lumber need for the rest of the shed using method invented by Mistress. She wakes up, i pour hot water on tea and switch on the coffee maker, we eat and i must go alone continue with the shed project, as W/we are lacking. i succeed well with new strength and fresh mind and Mistress joins to finish it up. She has set a tight deadline for the shed, Lina’s birthday.

We visit Her mother. On the way there Mistress decides W/we’ll stop at a cafe and at the way back She send me to a shop shouting that i may buy sweet for myself also. Kids hear it all. i aso ask her which route to take. As W/we talk with Her mother, i make a suggestion about my winter holiday, Mistress turns it down publicly, She wants to make the decision when i will use my holiday.

Back at home, She decides i will eat a bar of chocolate, and wants Herself wine and chocolate, i serve it. She has decided W/we will still saw the remaining boards in the evening.

Later i will be made to read the book on architecture aloud. Then Mistress asks whether i want to masturbate. She lets me masturbate with my fingertips for a long time. As the touch of my fingertips seems to be leading me nowhere, i try another grip. i put my thumb on top of my penis pointing towards the root, touching with the tip of my thumb and putting the four fingers on the bottom of the penis so that the palm of my hand hits the tip of my penis during each stroke. i still touch with fingertips only. This works better, and finally,a after long, sometimes intensive and sometimes staring eyed and panting masturbation on my knees i get wonderful feelings and i withdraw my fingers to ruin the orgasm, but the feeling dies, i don’t get even a ruined orgasm. Wash up and to bed!

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