Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Orgasm for Her only

On Saturday morning i wake up early, epilate well and pluck all the hair from my balls. i make porridge for breakfast, get the paper, clean up the kitchen, but don’t go to net, eben though no-one is still up yet. Mistress had said yesterday that i could examinen femdom material in the net, but She has to know about it.

Finally Mistress wakes up, i serve porridge and tea, pull a chair for Her. She is angry, because i have wasted morning time and not prepared to work with the shed project. It escalates so that She reused to order me out with Her, but i follow Her anyway. She finally orders me to go get more boards from the lumber store. Then W/we work on the project, it advances well, W/we work all the morning till lunch time. She sends me to prepare lunch. We eat fish in white wine sauce. We have a coffee break too, also i get some apple pie.

W/we continue with the shed project in the afternoon. It is heavier work now, but Mistress keeps us going well, except when She gets Lian back from a birthday party and i allows me a break. i check that the break is free time, and use it for looking at Femdom in the net. Then W/we continue until She decides to stop working at 6pm. We are really tired both. i’ll warm up the sauna. Mistress orders me to get a cd from Her study.

After sauna Mistress regains Her dominating role, but this time demanding and harsh. Lina hears her order yoghurt, and when i serve it, She taunts me with bringing it without a spoon, says She’s not going to eat it standing and lets me pull a chair for Her. i must prepare sandwiches and tea for her and serve them. i make supper also for children and i ask for a permission to eat a hot dog myself. i have got nothing after lunch.

Afted kids are tugged in, Mistress talks on the phone for at least 20 minutes. i wait on my knees. Then She rolls to Her side and says i may kiss Her ass. i kiss it and push my head to Her crack and start licking Her labia from behind. She gets audibly excited and orders to lock the door and get and put on a condom. She orders me to take off my pants and get on the bed on my back, settles on my penis and fucks me with energy as i just lay there. She orders me to sit up, remove my shirt and She removes Hers. Her bare breasts are now in front of my face. i suck them again in all possible ways and She orders me to fuck Her from below. Soon She orders me to move and settles down beside me facing away, and guides my penis into Her from behind as we lay on O/our sides. i squeeze Her breats (She orders not to touch Her neck) and i start fucking Her in accelerating tempo, which soon leads to Her successful orgasm. i was not even close. “Condom to waste bin, wash up, go to bed!”

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