Sunday, 27 December 2009

Penis punished

On Thursday i came home late after work. Mistress chooses me some leftovers to eat: potatoes and beans. i eat and clean up kitchen. Then She orders me to empty the washing machine. Next order is go saw up rest of timber for the shed. Now i am already doing well with that. As She is testing Mats who is reading for an exam, i’ll have to install Office CD into Mistress’s laptop. i check out some femdom sites while i’m at it, with my own pc.

I’m made to empty the dryer. i am allowed to watch little TV and eat sandwiches Lina’s made for U/us. Then kids are going to sleep. i’ll have to wash Mistress’s feet in the sink while Mats is still up. i must dry Her feet while She sits on the toilet bowl and pees, and changes Her pad. She drives me away and i go wait for Her kneeling in the bedroom while She tugs kids in. i kenel p looking attentive and eager as She enters the bedroom. i am made to grease Her feet and put socks on them. Then i have to read a long time aloud about architecture.

As i have put the book on the table She looks at me and then the clock. i have a premonition that She is going to have me masturbate for two minutes and i miscalculate by putting my hands ready for tugging down my pyjama pants. She notices it and asks if i consider Her an automate or something. i reply that i really think She is surprising and unforeseeable. She orders me to drop down my pants, put my ha nds behind my neck and kneel closer to Her. As i am near enough, She hits my penis with Her knitting needle so hard my hands automatically come down to protect my private parts. She is angry about that, i put my hands back. Next She lets me masturbate with a whole hand for 30 seconds, and then get Her a glass of water. Lights off!

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