Saturday, 12 December 2009

Under Her skirt

Wednesday evening begins with me eating a collection of leftovers gathered on my plate by Mistress. After eating i rush out to find Mistress, and She orders me to saw wood for the shed. There are problems and our neighbour Karl is brought in by Mistress to sort it out. A little embarrassing for me, a little thrill also. We finish work and i may take a shower together with Mats. After that i do some outstanding work, deliver washed laundry to its place. Then i join others who are already eating supper. She heads upstrais soon, ordering me to make kitchen shine and change the tablecloth before i join Her. The kitchen was not so clean - am i starting to slip? Now i clean it out thoroughly and go upstairs a´where She orders me to brush my teeth.

She hints me She going to use me sexually today. No wonder She has been wearing Her red skirt today. First She orders me to red the architecture book aloud for a while. Then She orders me to lock the door, open O/our toy chest, take off my clothes (a huge erection revealed) and get Her black stockings and help them on. Then She stands up and i may take Her knickers off. She takes the collar and leash, settles in the bed and puts the collar on top of Her belly. i approach Her round the bed and put my neck on the collar. She fixes it on me and raises and lowers the collar and keeps doing it, i have to move my next in unison. Then She draws my head to Her crotch, i start licking He thighs and then the buttocks. She points the bed, meaning me to lie there on my back, sits on my chest with Her clothes (apart from knickers) still on, sits there and keeps talking on my subjugated position. She moves on top of my face. Her skirt blocks my view, and i start licking Her clit with quick horizontal licks. She starts enjoying it. She moves again on top of my chest and takes away Her blouse and bra.

She raises me by drawing on my collar so that i partially sit and can reach Her breasts. i suck Her nipples for a while, and then She leaves me waiting on my back as She gets the condom, puts it on, AND MASTURBATES ME FOR A WHILE. Then She takes off the skirt, and sits on my penis, raising Her after a while so that i can start fucking Her from below. i edge soon. She has put the condom on so that foreskin is back. i always put it on so that the foreskin is covering the glans, so that i can endure longer. She pushes her breasts down on me so that i can suck them again, and wants to continue doggy style.

i fuck her from behind like a pro, carefully, not to get too excited, and then She wants to continue on Her side from behind, which allows me to squeeze Her breast as i fuck. She gets on the edge but so do i, and just at the peak of Her orgasm i must keep a few seconds break to prevent me from cumming. i know immediately it has affected Her orgasm negatively. i start again, and i could go on for a longer time, but She doesn’t want to try another orgasm. She is annoyed at my bad performance. i suggest using two condoms but that doesn’t make her happy either. i am not allowed to masturbate further, just wash myself and get Her a glass of water. That’s becoming a standard procedure during Her period (because She takes painkillers). i note to Her that there is no cum in my condom. She is surprised. i guess that when fucking there is no intermediate alternatives, just a full orgasm or none at all.

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