Monday, 28 December 2009

The whip test

On Friday i go from home to a dentist at 10am so i have time to make the bed, and She lets me epilate and pluck hairs well by Her while She makes up. i have my suit jacket and shirt on, trousers in my ankles as i epilate. She squeezes and grabs my naked buttocks. i say to Her that plucking pubic hair has started to produce direct pleasure to me, maybe because of little sexual activity. She makes me stop epilating and says i could spend enormous amounts of time working my crotch.

She sends me to laundry room, putting dried laundry to piles and carrying them back to place. She is in O/our bedroom putting clothes on as i take her clothes there, and She guides me where to put everything. i kneel before Her as She sits on the bed and i am allowed to hug and kiss Her neck and sweetly on the mouth. Then She lets me masturbate 2 minutes using only 2 fingertips! i use my watch to track time myself, and i presume i have time for two edgings. Result is zero, maybe because of the time of day or the number of fingers used. Well, up with your pants then, says Mistress, and get the biowaste out to compost. And reserve time from car repair shop to take a look at my central locking system. As i have done these, She makes me fetch Her knitting work from upstairs: being Her errand boy and kitchen maid is the nicest jobs i know.

As i get home i am happy because my professional work has been praised today. She is ill, and orders me to wear a tight tricot shirt, corduroy pants and come eat fajitas. Then i clean up the kitchen. She plans that W/we will work long hours tomorrow with the shed project, She chooses a lunch that i can prepare fast. i must even wash the potatoes in advance.

i take the kids to their joint hobby in good time and get back home eager and as fast as i can. First i must fetch Her lip balm and make Her warm black currant juice. She directs me upstairs, sits on the bed, orders me to disrobe, take all whips out and line them up. Then i must put on a posture collar, ankle and wrist straps. She connects my wrists bracelets to my collar and connects ankle bracelets as i kneel.

She orders me to turn around and place my forehead on the floor. She tries different tools on my behind, first a leather paddle, a bit soft, which gives a big sound but not so much impact. Next is a genuine ping-pong paddle, then a small leather penis whip, which She has made. i must assess the pain on the scale of 1-10. She does research. These won’t hurt much, i give figures 2-5. Then She orders me to move further away and turn a bit. i try to look at the floor and not Her through my legs. She tries a leather fly swatter type tool, leather and a wooden stick. It is also made by Her. It feels weird, i give 6. Then a riding crop, 8. Cat O’ Nine tales, 9. Finally She bites twice both buttocks, hard, 9½. She is bewildered at the results. i talk about perforated paddles, i would love one of them. Still She tries out my slingshot, but it is difficult to shoot with at least for Her. A few shots land on my back, but She orders the slingshot to be burned.

Next She orders me to masturbate with my whole hand to a ruined orgasm. i succeed well, i am warmed up. i edge quickly, i withdraw my hand, and in seconds two squirts land on the floor. When it is over i do one milking motion with my hand and a third drop joins the others. Next She orders me to wash the floor, i have been dropping precum all over, and when it dries it makes the floor slippery, She says. i must put on briefs to stop the dripping.

Next She presents me with a recipe for a mozzarella sandwich, and i rush in my briefs to make Her fried sandwiches dipped in egg, and make kids supper sandwiches. Colelcting the kids is my responsibility, i watch the time, and rush out to get my clothes upstairs at the right time and run to the car. She has time to knit peacefully.

As kids have eaten i wander off to watch some Femdom pictures. As She gets back from upstairs, She asks what i was doing. i confess, and i have to tell everything about my collections of Femdom pictures and texts on my PC. i offer to show them all to Her. She is angrier than ever having heard i look at pictures of other dominant women. i try to plead and apologize Her.

In the evening She keeps me on my knees for a long time, just looking at me angrily, not saying a word. She refuses to command me to bed, but i check Her, if i am allowed to.

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