Sunday, 31 January 2010

What is nicest in the D/s?

Wednesday evening Mistress and Mats are jogging as i get home, so i can browse some Femdom first. As T/they get home i get ordered to change my clothes and eat some. She has chosen for me some rice left from the weekend and the rest of the frozen vegs, it’s a veggie meal for me today. Then i am ordered around: piling up the laundry, cleaning up the kitchen, looking up facts for our Holiday next week from the net, (with occational peek into Femdom sites), making supper for the whole bunch.

i am allowed to post my writing and browse the net while She teaches Mats to make an essay. Then getting ready for the bed, getting the bedroom ready for Her. putting the kids to bed together. i wait at attention in the bathroom while She removes make-up, then She moves to bedroom, i follow Her there, and keep standing in position. i pick up the clothes She throws on the floor when undressing.

When i have helped Her into bed, She asks, what is nicest in O/our D/s. i say that these moments at bedtime when She keeps me on my knees by the bed, and i don’t know whether there’s masturbation, reading the book, making love to Her or just going to bed in store for me. She orders me to give Her book and masturbate for exactly 3 minutes without cumming. It’s funny, but the last minute seems somehow unnecessary :)

Thursday is used up with a meeting in the evening and going to the mall with the whole family. i must do all the queuing up and carrying the bags to the car, while following Her around with the cart otherwise.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Ironic assignment

On Tuesday i’m still attentive to her despite my orgasm. i wake up early to epilate, after i get home from work i ask her for orders. Casual clothes, eating oldest leftovers, cleaning up kitchen. Mistress is leaving for an exhibition, but is not intending to leave much free time for me. She orders me to warm up the sauna, and weed the strawberry rows during that, and bath with the kids. i do all this, and afterwards i go to net, write a text to the reader’s column in the paper and surf for some Femdom.

Mistress gets back, we eat all together. She accepts my piece of writing to be sent. She goes to tuck kids in, i slip to my pc, and as i hear her come down, i close the pc. She scolds me for not trailing Her any more. Then upstairs, bedroom ready, She undresses, i pick up Her clothes one by one from the floor or catch them mid air and put them in place. Then i wait kneeling as She chats with me, and makes me beg to be allowed to read her new book aloud – cultural history of the family. My second ty on begging sounds convincing and i may read Her about the overpowered status of the male in the 18th century family. It’s her wonderful irony, that i don’t even know how long i have to read this to Her. i start a paragraph after another, nearly an hour, until my knees hurt really bad. In the middle of one paragraph She orders me to stop and go to sleep.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

my first orgasm in 2 months

i go shop for groceries on my way home from work. As i get home, everybody else is kind of piled up in a big heap in a bed. i put the stuff in the fridge and cabinets, empty dishwasher, clean up the kitchen and eat. i ask Mistress for assignments, i just have to take out biowaste, and i have free time: Femdom and car safety. i am looking for a small, environment friendly car for myself. i am going to hand over my big Saab to Mistress.

At supper time i emerge from my study, and make myself a sandwich like everyone else. Mistress gets a call from Her mom, i get back to the pc, but as the call goes on, i go to tuck Lina in.

Mistress hangs up, tells me to clean up the kitchen and report. i do it and close the pc, and report at attention. W/we go upstairs, i dress up in a small sleeveless shir and pyjama pants, i take off my socks. i report in bedroom and arrange it a bit. Then She sits on the bed, as i stand at attention and then kneel up, as She rags me about having to read the end of the architecture book Herself etc.

Then Mistress surprisingly asks me to get the keys to the toy chest. She tells me to open it and takes stockings. i may take off Her socks and put stockings on Her. She takes the posture collar and a body harness consisting of straps and puts the collar on me. i have to put on the harness. She orders me to lock the door, put on a condom and lie on the bed, so that W/we can have a full body hug. i may kiss Her upper thighs and buttocks. Then She puts me on my back and sits on a riding position on my penis. She does the moving at first, then raises Herself a bit and pulls on my harness to signal me to start fucking from below. i develop a new style of hitting my buttocks on the surface of the bed so hard that i get a bounce for the next thrust. i get effective thrusts this way. My hands are by my sides, i can feel Her buttocks. She seems to like it. She starts to move Herself again, takes my hands to Her buttocks and i squeeze them against myself.

Mistress orders me on my side, settles by me on Her side facing away and guides me in from behind. i try to start slowly, so that i can speed up later, but She says i’m too slow. i speed up, and occasionally short thrusts deep inside Her to prevent me from cumming too early. She starts to cum, but oh no, i start to cum as well. i get my first orgasm in two months. The feeling is intoxicating, the orgasm is strong, a lot of semen spurts out, but right after orgasm i get strong pain in my prostrate that causes me to sob. In pain i take off the harness, collar and go sit in the toilet until the pain dies out. i have had this problem from time to time, most time the pain strikes after the orgasm. i have consulted a doctor, but he couldn't help, the prostate seemed normal. Weird.

Anyway, it was possible for me to withdraw from orgasm for two months based on will power only, as these days i didn’t have any chastity belt.

PS. All the posts i have made until now are based on my diary during these 2 months, couple of years ago (mostly one post per day)

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Telling Her mother of my "attitude change"

On Sunday morning, after epilating and cleaning up the hairs, like always, i make porridge according to Mistress’s orders and wash up the kettle. Mistress wakes up and gives me tasks: blow the leaves from garden, empty the boat, i do them with care, get praised. Then paying the bills in net bank, until the guests arrive. It’s Lina’s birthday party for relatives. i help with serving, clear up all the dishes. As the guests leave, Mistress wants to take a walk with me, Lina joins us. i get an urge to pee during the trip and mention that to Her. She chooses a secluded part of forest by the road and sends me to pee there. Lina is surprised. Mistress has praised my “attitude change” to Her mom also.

i take a shower and use exfoliating cream on my buttocks. In the evening i agree with Mistress i use my allowance, 5 minutes of fun to eye my new Femdom favourite pics masturbating. Result is only very little to lick up this time. Then to bedroom where Mistress is already. She says She’s troubled by my newfound oversexuality. She orders me to read my book beside Her for a while.

Friday, 15 January 2010

masturbation privileges

On Friday i copy a book for Mats after work and shop for groceries ac cording to a list compiled by Mistress. Her mother is on a visit, but She orders me around pretty openly. Clothes, food, cleaning up kitchen, taking kids to swimming rehearsals. Laying the table for supper. Later i get an assignment to find facts for our next holiday in the net, and again i use the opportunity to also visit some Femdom sites.

Mistress tells me to go to sleep, but as i arrive in the bedroom She sends me for a two minutes masturbation in the bathroom. i go to the laptop again, set a clock on the table, and start masturbating. i have time for two ruined orgasms, some semen dribbles on the floor. i lick it off the floor, wash up and to sleep.

On Saturday i make porridge first, then get some wine from the spirit store. We go to a long Spanish lesson with Mistress. W/we have started to brush up our Spanish skills together. As W/we get home, Mistress’s mom has made a meal, W/we eat, i clear the table and clean up the kitchen and She sends me to mow the lawn. i must also saw some logs, we have felled some trees. After that taking laundry to cabinets, doing some written assignments (+peeping into Femdom sites), preparing sandwiches for supper.

W/we eat, and as Mistress goes to tuck kids in without giving me orders, i slink to my laptop again. i stop that as Mistress and Her mom start watching TV, i prepare the bedroom, and do some plucking of my ball hair in the bathroom. As She arrives upstairs She thinks i have arranged some fun of my own, but says i am allowed to use 5 minutes tomorrow for masturbating. i must find time for that during my chores. Then i wait on my knees until She has finished reading Her architecture book, and to sleep W/we go.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Sleeping punishment

On Thursday i return from work a little before the Lina’s birthday party begins. i ask Mistress and with Lina hearing i get precise instructions what to wear and what to do. She later checks out and approves the set i chose. i am allowed to eat a sandwich provided i clean up everything again before the first guest arrives. Then i must do a certain written assignment while little kid guests party and swim in the pool without disturbing them.

i ask if i can do some porn surfing after that if i have time, and Mistress wonders what do i think, with the house full of little kids, but She does allow it, and actually even comes to watch the pics while girls are swimming. i may show Her one of my favourite pics (men in pain) of a youngish boy wearing a head harness with a red ball gag, kneeling up legs and hands spread wide, steel clamps in ball sac with chains hanging from them, and a chain between clamps in nipples. Mistress comments of the whiteness of his skin, and says pics like that don’t make Her excited.

The girls leave and i hear the family in the kitchen and join to clear it up and have something to eat myself. She doesn’t give me new orders and i got so hooked up on Femdom porn that i find my way back to the laptop and dive into the wonderful world of D/s for maybe an hour more.

Then Mistress walks in really furious, and condemns me for unauthorized viewing of porn into sleeping next night on the floor. i must say that though the porn ban was really hard for me to obey, i never indulged in masturbation those days even though i got into a chastity belt only much later.

Mistress continues by dealing out commands: i must clean up kitchen after supper, put out candles in the garden, get 4 dahlia flowers from the garden to a vase. i complete the chores, report to Mistress, and as i don’t get new orders, i stay by Her. She does things around the house, and i follow Her around. She only once asks me to bring Her knitting work, no other orders. Instead of ordering me to change into pyjamas She spits out ‘Are you going to sleep in that?’. Then She settles in bed, but doesn’t want me to read aloud to Her. She reads it Herself, with me standing at attention opposite to Her. As i try to say something, She orders me to stay silent. She orders me to inform Her when Mats has switched off his lights, and visits him then. As She returns, She orders me to get a mattress, put a sheet on it, and continue waiting on my knees until She stops reading Her book after a long while.

During the night W/we wake Lina up at the moment of Her exact birth time with O/our presents. In the morning i have to wake up early and take the mattress away before others wake up.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Performing for Her

Tuesday night, as i’m again kneeling by my Wife’s bed, She asks what special or peculiar i could do/perform. As an example She mentions sucking Her toes. i can’t think of anything right away so i am ordered to read architecture book for Her for (at least) half an hour on my knees. Then i mention i have not brushed my teeth. She says angrily, didn’t i order to do all bedtime duties. Se did. i jump up, ask if She wants me to do it now, and dash to the bathroom. There i think about the performance issue again. i come up with: attaching all the clothespegs in our toy chest to my balls, or a lot of them to my foreskin, standing with some weight on my nose that is leaning against the corner of the room, or sit “toilet bowl”, and old exercise done in some sports rehearsals. She asks me to demonstrate that. i lower myself to a sitting position without a chair with my back to the wall, so that i can get support from only the wall behind me. My thighs are horizontal and my legs are vertical. Like sitting without a chair.

After the demonstration Mistress wonders why all the tricks were torture-inspired though She didn’t say that, and orders me to sit “toilet bowl” again. The position is very demanding, and i try to cope by moving a little fro time to time, moving up along the wall with my back a little, or moving my butt from the wall and back. Those seem to help momentarily, then i start sliding down again. She gives me permission to stop, i fall down immediately to the floor. Then She makes me do 2 push ups, it goes easily, i say aloud 5, 10, 15 and finally full 25. Then She orders me to sit toilet bowl again. i put my legs now a little closer to the wall, so that they are not vertical, and i last nearly as long. i ask permission to stop and She grants it. She lets me rest a bit and 25 push ups again. She tells me after that i will have to do toilet bowl once more. Abdominals are easy but the toilet bowl hurts thighs badly, but i last some time also on third time. Lights off, to sleep.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Mistress checks out my epilated crotch

On Monday i call Mistress from a bakery. She gets me permission to buy cheap pastries. At home She orders me to change to garden clothes, eat and go finish the shed off wearing plastic as it’s raining. Today i get it ready. i have to take a break before that and get Lina home from her friend wearing the same plastic outfit.

Mistress offers a glass of wine to U/us as the long project is finished. i make supper for me and Mistress, then i motion to the laptop, but She shakes Her head, the first net ban. So i clean up the kitchen, pour more wine to Mistress, wait for new orders by Her. She orders U/us to sleep early, switch off the lights. i must return from upstairs to take care of small tasks, fill washing machine, then to take Mistress’s wine glass to dishwasher. Mistress tucks Lina in, i wait by. i must put toothpaste (everyone’s got his/her own) ready to all toothbrushes.

Mistress comes to observe me as i change to pyjamas. She strokes my smooth epilated skin down on top of my penis. She is happy the exfoliating cream has recovered my skin.

i get scolded in bedroom as i have not turned the lights on. She disrobes. i collect Her clothes from the floor to laundry piles. i wait at attention for Her to come. She makes me read the architecture book sitting on the bed. No sex, though i get a hard on just for seeing Her naked body.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Monday night fuck

On Monday i came home from work early, talking on a conference call. A kiss, work clothes, tortilla (i only eat one, stop right when i’m not hungry any more – i’m losing weight, though i’m slender), then out to work with the shed. It starts raining, W/we put on full set of rain clothes (plastic coat, plastic trousers, kitchen rubber gloves).

Inside, take a shower, permission for using exfoliating cream on my pubes. Pyjamas on. Mistress is emptying the dishwasher, lets me take over, fill it again and clean up kitchen. i also wash the walls, because yesterday She noticed some stains on them. Then supper things out and tea for Mistress.

Mistress starts testing Mats who is having a biology exam tomorrow. i say i could go to net and pay the bills, and look at Mistress, who doesn’t interfere. i pay the bills, but i also browse Femdom sites, even a long time, as testing takes even two hours.

Then upstairs, preparing bedroom, collecting and piling Mistress’s clothes as She undresses, washing teeth, tucking Mats in. i have to make a few trips downstairs: check cat’s dry food bowl, fetch flu medicine (Mistress is still having flu, though W/we kiss like always). i tuck Mistress in and come to Her on my knees, we hug and kiss. She opens Her shirt, i may suck Her breasts. i flick the tip of my tongue quickly over Her nipple. She seems to enjoy that especially. She wants Her thick, striped stockings, and with them on, i may lick Her thighs, and then pussy, though She is a bit shy as She has not washed up. And yippee: “Lock up the door, get a condom, close the curtains”.

Groping because of happiness, with a sudden hard-on i complete the orders and kneel in my pyjamas, a condom in my hand. i may put it on, and drop my pants. “Get here” She’s sitting on the edge of the bed, i move kneeling forward, my dick meets Her pussy directly. i am allowed to start fucking on my knees, She raises Her legs but doesn’t rest them on my shoulders. Then She wants the doggy position, and next from behind on O/our sides, which renders Her an orgasm as i speed up gradually. i don’t get orgasm, nor masturbation afterwards.

We talk in bed. She couldn’t have imagined this a year earlier: eager sex on offer every day, me doing much of the housework, She having Her say in all matters.